Storage capacity jumps to 1.6TB in
LTO Ultrium 4th generation data cartridge
Performance breakthrough: *1.6TB compressed capacity
with *240MB/s transfer speed
By further developing new tape materials, coating technology and a surface-smoothing technology,
Sony LTO4 offers a breakthrough in performance with a massive 800GB native and *1.6TB compressed
maximum recording capacity.
Reduced backup time and improved operating efficiency with
*240MB/s maximum transfer speed
For quicker backup and improved operating efficiency, LTO4 offers high-speed 120MB/s native
and *240MB/s compressed data transfer.
High-performance data cartridge
To accommodate the LTO4 tape’s thinness and long length, the reel accuracy has been improved.
Optimized hub roundness contributes to stable operation and a new flange shape protects the tape
edges. As in LTO1, LTO2 and LTO3, the LTO4 cartridge incorporates a robust non-contact 8KB IC
memory with twice the capacity of previous generations.
*Compression ratio 2:1.
High-density recording with low error rate
To correspond with further high-density recording by shortening the recording wavelength,
LTO4 adopts newly developed fine magnetic particles. Further optimizing the dispersing
technology for LTO4, Sony realized high dispersion and high packing density on newly
developed fine magnetic particles that are approx. 70% the volume of LTO3. By introducing
newly-developed tape surface-smoothing technology. Sony improved the tape surface while
also realizing noise reduction and boosting output in the high frequency range.
LTX800G Rewritable
High stability of base film against elongation and shrinkage
LTO4 realized high recording capacity by utilizing thinner tape (LTO3: 8.0µm–LTO4: 6.6µm)
to allow a longer tape length (LTO3: 680m–LTO4: 820M). Due to the increased number of
data tracks (LTO3: 704 – LTO4: 896) and narrowed track width, higher stability of the base
film against elongation and shrinkage is required. By optimizing the strength balance
of the base film and adopting newly-developed high accuracy cutting technology,
Sony LTO4 realizes high stability under various operating conditions.
Reduced tracking errors
LTX800G Rewritable
Since LTO4 has very thin magnetic layer, a decrease of servo signal output recorded on
tape was a concern. Despite thin magnetic layer (approx. 0.1 µm) Sony realized high
stable servo signal output by employing bias recording theory to optimize servo
recording signal control. With the increase of the number of data tracks, more accurate
tracking technology is required. Sony realized stable operation on the thin (6.6µm)
and smooth tape with a servo writer corresponding to high-density tracking that Sony
developed for LTO4 format, achieving high-quality magnetic servo signal writing.
The result is significantly improved data writing and reading accuracy.
Recording Capacity
100GB (*200GB)
200GB (*400GB)
400GB (*800GB)
800GB (*1.6TB)
1.6TB (*3.2TB)
Maximum Data transfer Rate
*Compression ratio 2:1.
Please note that LTO-5 values on the above chart are based on projections by the three companies, HP, IBM and Quantum. These represent desired targets.
Mechanical Characteristics
Recording Capacity
Maximum Data Transfer Rate (*Compressed)
Tape Width (mm)
800GB (*1.6TB)
Coercivity (kA/m)
120MB/s (*240MB/s)
Electric Resistivity (Magnetic Coating: /sq)
1 x 10 6
Electric Resistivity (Backcoating: /sq)
1 x 10 4
Tape Thickness (µm)
Built-in IC Memory (Byte)
Tape Length (m)
Number of Data Tracks
Magnetic Material
Metal Particle (MP)
Dimensions & Weight
*Compression ratio 2:1.
Environmental Requirements
Cartridge Dimensions (mm): 102.0 x 105.4 x 21.5
Operation Conditions: (°F(°C);%RH) : 50~113 (10~45);10~80*
Weight (g) : 207.8 (Cartridge)
Storage Conditions: (°F(°C);%RH) : 60~90 (16~32);20~80*
Transportation Conditions: (°F(°C);%RH) : -9~120 (-23~49);5~80*
*Maximum wet bulb temperature: 79°F(26°C) at no condensation.
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