Aruba S3500 Series Fan Tray

Aruba S3500 Series Fan Tray
Aruba S3500 Series Fan Tray
Installation Guide
The S3500 is equipped with a field-replaceable, hot-swappable fan tray. Each fan tray features four
individual fans that pull air through the chassis from the front and sides through to the rear. Each fan tray
can tolerate the failure of a single fan while maintaining a safe operating temperature for the mobility
access switch.
Hot Swapping
Hot swapping allows you to replace a failed fan tray, making it unnecessary to shut down the S3500 during
the replacement procedure.
Figure 1 Fan Tray
Table 1 Fan Tray Components
Left Latch
Used to secure the left side of the fan tray to the chassis.
Right Latch
Used to secure the right side of the fan tray to the chassis.
Used to insert and remove the fan tray from the chassis.
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Figure 2 shows the airflow pattern for the S3500. The blue arrows show cool air being pulled into the device
and the red arrows show warm air being forced out by the fan tray module. When installing your S3500,
ensure that you leave sufficient space around the device for proper airflow.
Figure 2 Airflow Pattern
Installing and Removing a Fan Tray
Use standard ESD precautions when installing or removing a fan tray module.
The fan tray is field-replaceable and hot-swappable. Hot-swapping allows you to replace the fan tray
without having to power down the S3500.
1. Remove the old fan tray.
a. Using a Phillips Head screwdriver, turn the hinged captive screws counter-clockwise until loose
(they cannot be removed completely).
b. Firmly grasp both of the hinged captive screws and pull the spring loaded hinge down until you are
sure the hinges are disengaged. Use the fan tray handle to pull the fan out.
2. Align the new fan tray module with opening in the mobility access switch, as shown in Figure 3.
Ensure that fan tray module is correctly aligned with the opening on the S3500. Failure to do so can result in
damage to the fan tray module.
3. Pull down the hinged captive screws on the new fan tray module and align its tabs with the slots on
either side of the opening.
4. Slide the fan tray module into the mobility access switch.
5. Lift both the hinged captive screws into the lock position then secure the fan tray module by tightening
the captive screws.
Aruba S3500 Series Fan Tray | Installation Guide
Figure 3 Installing a Fan Tray
Aruba S3500 Series Fan Tray | Installation Guide
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Aruba S3500 Series Fan Tray | Installation Guide
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