Recessed Back Box Installation
Recessed Back Box Installation
Important Safeguards
When using electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the
Read and Follow All Safety Instructions
1. Do Not use outdoors.
2. Do not let power cords touch hot surfaces
3. Do not mount near gas or electric heaters.
4. Equipment should be mounted in locations and at heights where it will not readily be subjected to tampering by unauthorized
5. The use of accessory equipment not recommended by the manufacturer may cause and unsafe condition and may void your
6. Do not use this equipment for other than intended use.
7. Servicing of this equipment should be performed by qualif ed service personnel.
8. All back boxes are constructed of 20 gauge galvanized steel.
Backbox is designed for recessed mounting in gypsum board or plaster
wall or ceiling. When used in plaster wall or ceiling, install plaster
trim option.
1. Securely fasten back box to stud, joist or blocking material
using tabs at top and bottom of backbox with screws (not
Charger Board
2. For Wall Mounting – Mount with knockouts at top end.
3. For Ceiling Mounting – Mount with opening of backbox
Plaster Trim Mounting Detail
Note: Plaster trim is only
needed for actual plaster
material installation.
Backbox Interior
Slide plaster trim into
back box opening
Back Box
Side View
Plaster Trim
Concealite Life Safety Products
Clip Here
4. Route branch circuiting
in metallic raceway. Securely
terminate into enclosure by
KO’s provided.
Fixture Head
Battery Section
(length will vary)
5. Install tinnerman clips
over oblong holes in sides of
6. Insert the Tinnerman clips after back
boxes are installed just prior to installing
the fixture head, this way there is less chance the clips
will fall off prior to inserting heads, and less chance the roto
zip will knock them off or damage them at the drywall stage.
Tinnerman clips are shipped with the fixture heads. When
back boxes ship out early, Tinnerman clips are not included in
the initial back box shipment but will be shipped with the
fixture heads.
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