ConX Wall
ConX Wall
Multi-Stream HD Video Conferencing
& Data Visualization
ConX Wall
Multi-Stream HD Video Conferencing & Data Visualization
Empowered critical communications
and decision-making
Making the right decisions for your organization requires
accurate information and real-time access to your key employees and partners. With ConX from InFocus there’s now an easy,
instantaneous way to view and interact with all of your most
important information sources at once.
ConX Wall facilitates the large scale visualization of people, data
and ideas, making multiple streams of information intelligible and
actionable on a video wall with up to 96 displays. Integrating
advanced video and information-sharing technologies, ConX Wall
enables a level of communication, collaboration, and mission
critical decision-making never before possible.
Configure Your Meetings in Real-Time
ConX Wall adapts to any conference room configuration and
offers dynamic control of the multi-panel presentation and layout.
Use the ConX Wall Unified Control Panel, a touch-based web app,
to easily select and arrange all of the content required in your
meeting. Change the layout of your video call or data feeds
from equal size windows to mix of large and small windows, or
change your viewable inputs on the fly.
Seamless Collaboration
By combining multi-party HD video calling with multi-platform
data sharing, ConX Wall brings together essential people and
information, allowing you to make informed decisions and
accomplish more, faster.
• Display and interact with video conferencing participants and
video data sources simultaneously
• Conduct business-grade video calls with multiple participants
from all types of SIP or H.323 endpoints, including Mondopads,
ConX Phones, or systems from Polycom, Cisco, and more
• Join a conference from desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile
devices with a free, full-featured web browser client or mobile app
• Connect with InFocus and 3rd party endpoints via InFocus’
cloud-based ConX Video Meeting service
• Full Mondopad integration for dynamic interaction with live,
user-created data
Enhanced Content Sharing
Present & share information from wired & mobile devices.
• Wirelessly cast content from Windows, Apple, Chrome, iOS,
and Android devices onto the wall and into the conference
• Multiple HDMI inputs for dedicated video data sources
• Compatible with Mondopad and BigConnect applications to
display, share, and annotate presentations
Rich Collaboration for Groups of Any Size
ConX Wall is designed to meet a range of high performance needs, from executive suites and boardrooms to training rooms and
operations centers. Customizable to almost any size or unique need, ConX Wall enables you to display all of your data sources and HD
video conferencing feeds on a wall of up to 96 screens. Whether your situation demands global video conferencing, sharing information
simultaneously with remote participants and people in the room, or large-scale critical communications and operations, a ConX visualization system is the solution.
See the Big Picture
A Size for Smaller Spaces
Create a visualization system of unparalleled scale with ConX
Wall. Comprised of up to 96 HD screens, your ConX Wall can
display any combination of up to 20 remote video participants,
108 video data feeds, and making information more intelligible
and actionable than ever before.
Designed for deployment in executive offices, huddle spaces,
and small to mid-size conference rooms, ConX Exec adds the
power of business-grade video conferencing to a video wall with
up to 9 screens. Eight full resolution HDMI capture ports make
ConX Exec is a powerful yet simple way to deploy a
visualization system.
ConX Wall
ConX Exec
Large conference rooms, operations centers, command centers, training rooms
Executive suites, small conference rooms, huddle rooms
Up to 96 screens
Up to 9 screens
Up to 8 video call local inputs
Up to 54 video wall data inputs
Optional Quad HD Decoder Cards support up to 108 video inputs
Up to 8 video call local inputs
Up to 20 video call participants
Up to 10 video call participants
Customizable set of accessories may include:
MondoCenter, Thunder Speakerphone, PTZ camera, Apple TV*, Miracast*,
LiteShow 4, TesiraForte CI
Comes with Thunder Speakerphone and PTZ camera
Available in rack-mounted server configuration
Available in tower PC or rack-mounted server configuration
*Not sold through InFocus
ConX Wall MCU
Video Conferencing
Video Codec Native
H.264 AVC, H.263, H.263++, DSV
Audio Codec Native
G.711, G.722, G.729
Signaling Protocols Native
SIP, H.323
Encryption Native
Live Resolutions (Transmitted) Native
1080p30, 720p30
Via InFocus Connect
720p30, 4CIF, 4SIF, CIF, SIF, QCIF
Live Resolutions (Received) Native
1080p30, 720p30, 480p30
Via InFocus Connect
720p30, 4CIF, 4SIF, CIF, SIF, QCIF
Data Rate (Transmitted) Minimum
1Mbps at 720p 30fps, up to 4Mbps at 1080p 30fps
Data Rate (Received) Minimum
1Mbps at 720p 30fps, up to 4Mbps at 1080p 30fps
48Mbps in multiple video streams
Content Sharing Content In
DVI-D (digital only), over IP
Broadband IP WAN link (QoS not required)
MCU Video Output
Mini DisplayPort Output
Up to 16x Mini DisplayPort (DVI adaptors included) – max of four 4x cards per system
Remote Display
Scales shared content from remote participants up to 4K@10fps
MCU Content Input
Camera In
Up to 3x DVI
Camera Control
1x RS-232P
Local Content Share In
1x DVI
Audio Inputs/Outputs
1x USB
HDMI Inputs
Up to 8 inputs supports real-time decoding of HD or SD streams; supports most popular IP cameras and encoders - max of two
4x cards per system
IR remote control, optional RF remote with full QWERTY keyboard, web based control, and remote control API
Network Interface
Gigabit Ethernet: Supports 10BASE-T, 1000BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T, RJ45 output
Power Supply
1x1000, 100-240V, 3A, 50-60A
Recommended Audio/Camera
For the list of recommended devices, see:
4RU, 19 x 21.6 x 7 in. / 483 x 550 x 176 mm
40 lbs / 18.1 kg
Shipping Weight
60 lbs / 27.2 kg
Operating Range
Operating Temperature Range
10 to 35˚ C (50 to 95˚ F)
Non-Operating Temperature Range
-40 to 65˚ C (-40 to 149˚ F)
Operating Humidity Range
20% to 80% (non-condensing)
Non-Operating Humidity Range
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
USA: TUV certified; Canada: TUV certified; Europe: TUV certified; China: CCC Certification
RoHS compliant
*Product specifications, terms, and offerings are preliminary and subject to change at any time without notice.
Fusion Catalyst 4500
PCI Express 2.0 chassis with 7 slots for input or output cards
Quad HD Decoder Input Card (Optional)
Up to 108 inputs in 1 CPU Chassis + 4 Expansion Chassis
1 GigE connection, shared across 4 decoders Supports real-time decoding
of HD or SD streams Supports most popular IP cameras and encoders
Dual DVI/RGB/HD Input Card (Optional)
Up to 54 inputs with HDCP support in 1 CPU Chassis + 4 Expansion Chassis
Dual-Link DVI up to 2560x1600, Single-Link DVI up to 2048x1200, progressive scan component HD (480p, 720p, 1080p), and
analog RGB with any sync type (composite, separate, sync on green) up to 2048x1200
Pixel Rate
Digital: Up to 270 MHz Analog: Up to 210 MHz
Pixel Format
32 bits per pixel
4 destination windows per card
Octal SD Video Input Card (Optional)
Up to 216 inputs in 1 CPU Chassis + 4 Expansion Chassis
Input Format
16 destination windows per card
Octal Video Connection Mode
Dual BNC-F connectors support S-Video or Composite on 1RU 19” rack mount panel with 2 BNC sub-panels Each sub-panel has 16
BNC connectors for 8 Composite or 8 S-Video signals
Fusion Catalyst 4500 Output Card
Up to 96 outputs with HDCP support in 1 CPU Chassis + 4 Expansion Chassis
Digital: 640x480 to 1920x1080 pixels per output
Color Depth
32 bits per pixel
Output Signal
DVI-D single-link connector or HDMI connector, depending on configuration
Rack mount CPU Chassis & Expansion Chassis
3RU - 5.25 x 19 x 25.5 in. / 13.3 x 48.3 x 64.8 cm (H/W/D)
53 lbs / 24.1 kg
Shipping Weight
75 lbs / 34.1 kg
Operating Range
Operating: 32°F – 104°F (0°C – 40°C) Non-operating: 14°F – 150°F (-10°C – 66°C)
10-90% non-condensing
Up to 10,000 ft / 3,048.0 m
Redundant Power Supplies
High efficiency (94%) with PMBus and I2C
Input Voltage
100-240 VAC, auto-ranging power supply
Line Frequency
50-60 Hz
Power Consumption
500 Watts nominal per chassis
United States
UL 60950 listed, FCC Class A
cUL CSA C22.2, No. 60950
CE Mark, CB Certificate, IEC 60950, CCC, VCCI
*Product specifications, terms, and offerings are preliminary and subject to change at any time without notice.
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