Microsoft SQL Server Solution Brief
Impressive Results: SQL Server 2012 and OpenText
Email Monitoring and Records Management
Partner Profile
OpenText is a global leader in developing
content and process management
solutions for the Microsoft ecosystem,
offering solutions that span archival,
governance, document capture, faxing,
records management, business-process
management, case management, and
more. OpenText and Microsoft work
together to help enterprise customers
improve security, boost innovation, and
gain a competitive advantage. A Microsoft
Gold Certified partner, OpenText has won
numerous Microsoft partner awards,
including 2011 ISV Partner of the Year.
Product Information
OPENTEXT ECM SUITE, the flagship product
from OpenText, is designed to help
customers create value from content by
empowering people, fostering process
agility, and controlling the risk and cost of
content. OpenText ECM Suite drives
efficiency, creates innovation, and enables
compliance through its unique focus on
people, process, and content.
SQL SERVER 2012 sets a new standard for
mission-critical performance capabilities
and industry-required high availability at a
leading total cost of ownership (TCO).
SQL Server 2012 delivers tremendous
value through built-in, scalable business
intelligence (BI), and self-service analytics
tools—all backed by credible, consistent
data and highly scalable data warehousing
With features such as AlwaysOn to provide
the required uptime, user-defined server
roles to support organizational
compliance, and data protection and
ColumnStore indexes for dramatic
performance gains, SQL Server 2012
provides mission-critical confidence and
breakthrough insight at a leading TCO.
In February 2012, OpenText and Microsoft
conducted performance and scalability testing on
the email-monitoring and records-management
components of the OpenText ECM Suite running
on the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 datamanagement software.
The benchmark testing was very successful, with a
peak ingestion of 995,000 email messages in a
single hour, 14.8 million messages in a 24-hour
period, and 171 messages a second―up to 15
times the typical ingestion volume. These results
confirm that OpenText email-monitoring and
records-management solutions can perform at
record rates when combined with SQL Server 2012.
The OpenText/Microsoft Alliance
Through their strategic alliance, OpenText and
Microsoft collaborate to provide business solutions
that combine the power of SQL Server with
OpenText’s deep understanding of information
governance and business-process management.
Running OpenText solutions on SQL Server helps
organizations scale their database operations with
confidence and improve IT and developer
efficiency―all at a lower total cost of ownership
(TCO) than competitive solutions. OpenText and
Microsoft deliver solutions that extend the
Microsoft platform, including Microsoft Office,
SharePoint, Exchange, Windows Azure, and
SQL Server, with industry-specific content
OpenText Email Monitoring
Email has transformed the way that companies do
business. But despite its unparalleled utility, the
potential for mismanagement of email, paired with
its rampant and insurmountable growth, can make
it a staggering liability for all corporations. Email
messages and attachments can represent business
records that organizations must retain and manage
securely to support regulatory compliance, avoid
legal fines or litigation costs, and satisfy auditing
Analysts predict that the number of regulations
governing email—along with the sheer number of
email messages transmitted throughout
organizations—will continue to increase.
Organizations need an end-to-end solution for
email that includes capturing, managing the
lifecycle, and streamlining discovery processes for
all regulated email communications.
The OpenText Email Monitoring solution helps
organizations archive, retrieve, and classify all email
content that is sent or received by specific
accounts within an organization, helping to ensure
that the complete range of electronic
communications of specific users and groups is
fully archived and auditable.
OpenText Email Monitoring and other OpenText
ECM Suite components are built on a shared
services foundation, which provides a common
integration layer and access to content that
originates in third-party enterprise resource
planning (ERP), email, file system, and productivity
applications, such as SharePoint.
Benefits of SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2012 provides a reliable, cost-effective,
low-maintenance database framework for
OpenText solutions that can support the largest
and most process-intensive deployments.
OpenText customers can protect their missioncritical databases from downtime and data loss
with six nines (99.9999 percent) of uptime
availability. The list price of SQL Server is a third
of the largest competitors; in addition, SQL Server
includes major database-related features, such as
high availability, remote disaster recovery, and data
compression. Competitors’ licensing models add
costs for options and add-ins. SQL Server
database administrators can typically manage four
times as many physical databases as those of the
largest competitor, leading to an estimated 460
percent difference in annual cost of administration
per database.
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Validating Performance and Scalability
Table 2. Highlights of benchmark testing
As part of their strategic alliance, OpenText and Microsoft ran
―real-world‖ benchmarking tests at the Microsoft Platform
Adoption Center (PAC) in Redmond, Washington. The goal of
the testing was to evaluate the performance and scalability of
the email monitoring and records management components of
the OpenText ECM Suite running on SQL Server 2012. The tests
measured the peak ingestion of email messages, in addition to
the throughput when ingestion and dispositions of email
Peak email
Concurrent email
dispositions and
messages were running concurrently.
 171 messages/second
 995,000 messages/hour
 14.8 million messages in 24 hours
 82 messages/second sustained ingestion
 96 messages/second sustained disposition
 7.1 million messages ingested and 8.3 million
messages destroyed in 24 hours
Figure 2 shows the sustained throughput for a 24-hour period
Test Environment Details
in messages per second.
Figure 1 shows the benchmark testing configuration.
Journal Test Clients
Journal Bridge Servers
Content Server
Archive Server
SQL Server
Figure 1. Benchmarking test configuration
Table 1 lists details of the servers used in the benchmark
Table 1. Servers used in benchmark testing
Journal test clients
Generated more than 150
million emails
Servers running
Microsoft Exchange
Figure 2. Sustained throughput for 24 hours (in messages/second)
8 x 256 GB datastores
A typical message ingestion volume for large organizations is
Journal bridge servers
80 journal services
testing results are up to 15 times higher. In addition, a typical
Content server
1.8 terabyte (TB) database
Archive server
10 TB email, 200 GB database
Database server running
SQL Server
2 TB database
Search/index server
1 TB index
OpenText and Microsoft work together to integrate OpenText
between 1–1.5 million messages per day; the benchmark
email disposition rate for large organizations can be
approximately 170,000 per 24-hour period; the test results
from this study are 48 times higher.
software with Microsoft products and technologies. Benchmark
Benchmark Testing Results
testing and product optimizations are part of this joint effort.
The benchmark testing results were impressive, with a peak
The results of the email monitoring and records management
ingestion of 995,000 email messages in a single hour, 14.8
components of the OpenText ECM Suite running on SQL Server
million messages in a 24-hour period, or 171 messages per
2012 demonstrate that the system can provide the
second. These throughputs show that the OpenText solutions,
performance and scalability to meet the needs of even the
when supported by the SQL Server 2012 data-management
largest enterprise customers. OpenText customers can select
software, can support a massive number of concurrent
SQL Server 2012 with confidence.
Table 2 shows the highlights of the benchmark testing results.
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