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The LA Audio Compact24 is a small format high performance sound reinforcement system designed
for high quality foreground and background music applications. The Compact24 is designed for
both indoor and outdoor applications where music and speech reinforcement is specified. The
system is ideal for use in restaurants, retail environments, bars, hotels, and other applications
where high quality music systems are specified.
The Compact24 utilized a two element array of high output 4 inch (101.6mm) woofers. The
horn loaded high frequency wave guide is positioned between the two element array to insure
coherent and balanced high frequency response. Polar lobing is controlled by this geometry and
produces a properly aimed response at the crossover frequency.
The Compact24 features a standard multi-tap transformer input that is switchable from a maximum
of 50 watts of input power in essentially 3dB steps. The available taps are 50 watts, 25 watts,
12 watts and 5 watts. The Compact24 may also be easily configured for a standard low impe-
dance direct input.
The system also features a standard mounting bracket designed for flexible aiming and easy
installation. The small physical size and unique appearance of the Gallardo-4 make it an ideal
installation product. It is very versatile and combines great sound with great looks.
Features and Benefits
e High Sensitivity e Multi-Tap Matching Transformer Standard
Rigging & Fitting e Indoor/Outdoor Weather Resistant e Mounting Bracket Included
e Magnetically Shielded e Neodymium Based High Frequency Driver
e Two Element Low Frequency Array
4 x M5 both for mounting bracket GENERAL SPECIFICATION
Type 3 Way Full Range Passive Bass Reflex
Power 50 Watt
Lon Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
Sensitivity (1WE1M) 89 dB
Frequency Response 80Hz - 18kHz
Dimension (H x W x D) 303mm x 157mm x 267mm
(11.9" x 6.2" x 10.5" )
Finish Color Black or White
Type Isolate 12.5, 25,50 Watt / 100 V
Direct 8 Ohm (Switchable)
: Montenenlatt LF Component 2 x 4" (101.6 mm) Cone Speaker
Mounting Mor plate © " pan .
HF Component 1x 1" (25.4 mm) Titanium Diaphragm
1) Unscrew one of the two hexagon socket screws (1, 2),remove the Construction Injection Molded High Impact
corresponding mounting plate, and tighten it at the desired place of the Polycarbonate
wall or ceiling with screws and dowels of sufficient size (for the Grill Powder Coated Steel Mesh
dimensions of the fixing holes see figure 2). The mounting place must be Connector 1 x Push Terminal
of sufficient stability. Co О
2) Fix the other mounting plate of the support at the cabinet of the speaker. Rigging / Fitting Pan and Tilt (Induded)
3) Join the two parts of the support again, re-insert the screw which was Standard Packing 2 Pcs / Pack
removed, and tighten it after aligning the speaker. Unit Weight 5 kg (11.0 Ibs)
4) To turn the speaker around the other axis,release the second hexagon Shipping Weight 11.2 kg (24.6 Ibs)
socket screw, and re-tighten it after aligning the speaker. Check the fixing Packing Dimension HXWxD (mm) 350 x 465 x 305
at regular intervals for tight fit and retighten the screws (1, 2), if required.
13.8" x 18.3" x 12.0" (1.75 cu.ft)
, 80
ID 70
vob vire 60
20 100 1K 10K 20K
Frequency Response
Audient Group / LA Audio
Aspect House Herriard Hampshire RG25 2PN
United Kingdom
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