active star hub

active star hub
Run flexible UTP cable instead of twinaxial in
your AS/400 5250 PC emulation.
Key Features
Proven interoperability with 5250
Standards-based 5250
“star” hub distribution
allows greater
flexibility for adds,
moves, and changes.
Meets or exceeds
EIA/TIA wiring
Advanced noise
filtering and signal
he IBM 5250 Express protocol,
capable of TCP/IP support, is
quickly becoming the “de facto”
standard for AS/400 PC
emulation. With the Active Star
Hub from Black Box, you’re
guaranteed an upgrade path (via
firmware) to the new protocol for
far less cost than completely
replacing the hub.
The Hub is a state-of-the-art
dual active star that has two host
port connections and 14 device
port connections. It was designed
with protocol-transparent criteria
and is available with either RJ-11
or RJ-45 connectors. This
standards-based, flexible UTP
star solution is a low-cost
alternative to expensive and rigid
twinaxial daisychain cabling.
Each device port is isolated,
assuring that problems won’t be
transmitted throughout the entire
network. Digital Phase Lock Loop
and signal conditioning, noise
suppression, and proven
interoperability assure reliable
and transparent connections with
IBM AS/400, 3X and compatible
terminals, printers, emulation
cards, and remote controllers.
Other Hub features include:
• The Hub is polarity
insensitive as long as host and
device polarities are the same.
• Advanced noise filtering and
signal conditioning means that
the Hub will work with lessergrade cabling systems.
Guaranteed firmware
upgrade path to the
new IBM 5250 Express
Document Number 24631
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Each device in the
diagram at right is
on a dedicated
cable offering
complete isolation
from other
devices. A single
device problem
cannot affect other
CAT5 350-MHz
Patch Cable
Mini Twinax to
Twisted Pair Baluns
Why Buy From Black Box? Exceptional
Value. Exceptional Tech Support.
Recognise any of these
• You wait more than 30
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• The so-called “tech” can’t
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• You don’t have a purchase
order number and the tech
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According to a recent survey
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magazine, 90% of network
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even though network managers
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certainly isn’t worth what they
At Black Box, we guarantee
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Don’t waste time and
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Number of Host Ports: 2
Number of Device Ports: 14
Data Rate: 1 Mbps
Protocol: IBM 5250
Indicators: (17) LEDs: (1) Power,
(2) Host Port Activity, (14) Device
Port Activity
Connectors: IC207A: (16) RJ-11;
IC208A: (16) RJ-45
Temperature Tolerance: Operating:
0 to 40°C(32 to 104°F); Storage:0
to 85°C ( 32 to 185°F)
Humidity: 95% noncondensing
Power: 100 to 240 VAC, +5 VDC
external power supply
Size:4.4H x 48.3W x 15.2D cm
(1.75"H (1U) x 19"W x 6"D)
Weight: 2.9 kg (6.3 lb.)
Active Pair: Configurable
Maximum Distance: Controller to
Hub: Up to 609.6 m (2000 ft.);
Hub to Device: Up to 670.6 m
(2200 ft.)
What the Package Includes
• Active Star Hub RJ-11 (IC207A) or Active Star Hub RJ-45 (IC208A)
• 100-240 VAC input external power supply (attached to Hub)
• Users’ manual
Ordering Information
Active Star Hub
RJ-11 ............................................................................IC207A
RJ-45 ............................................................................IC208A
Document Number 24631
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