High-Fidelity Weatherproof Loudspeakers

High-Fidelity Weatherproof Loudspeakers
High-Fidelity Weatherproof Loudspeakers
MX Series High-Fidelity
Weatherproof Loudspeakers
The Quest Engineering MX Series are the first audio
installation loudspeakers to meet the highest environmental
ingress and audio fidelity standards whilst being available
at an affordable commercial audio cost. Designed to
integrate into any architectural commercial environment, its
exceptional audio quality and componentry ensures a long
performance service life.
Available in Back (MX601 / MX801)
or white (MX601W / MX801W).
Designed to Fit in
Big Sound for a Little Speaker
The rectangular speaker casing features subtly curved
surfaces finished with a non reflective material.
This combination blends well into both heritage and
contemporary designed spaces. The high fidelity audio
delivers exceptional performance allowing architects and
venue designers to create a seamless full range audio
Keeping a compact form allowed the MX Series to integrate
into interior environments easily and simplify installation.
Fit for any Environment
Designed and built from the ground up, the MX
Series delivers an exceptional audio and environmental
performance without compromise. The result is an IP67*
rated professional audio loudspeaker capable of living in
the harshest of outdoor environments whilst delivering
outstanding audio performance.
*IP67 Rated when used with IPMX1 kit (IP56 without)
Keeping it Simple
The MX Series was designed to enable hi-fi performance
audio to be achieved without the need for sophisticated
electronics. The plug and play series allows fast installation
and delivery of high fidelity sound without additional hidden
Keeping it Safe
The MX Series not only delivers high level outputs but
integrates system safeguards that protect from extreme
levels ensuring a long service life.
Q-Mount Mounting Systems
The Q-Mount UB1 wall mount and UB2 ceiling mount are
revolutionary installation systems for pro-audio speakers.
The patent pending innovation delivers full articulation
with replicable positioning accuracy, exceptional weight
carrying capacity and easy user installation in a simple,
lightweight compact form.
A Heavy Lifter
Reducing Installation Time & Cost
The Q-Mount’s patented interlock system uses the latest
in polymer composite technology providing the required
stiffness with an exceptional holding strength. This enables
excellent load lifting capacity while minimizing the visible
footprint of the bracket.
The Q-Mount enables a single installer to safely mount,
locate and accurately position the speaker without the need
for additional tools.
Fast & Accurate Positioning
By delivering high level functionality with simplified
componentry, the Q-Mount delivers a system with the
smallest visible footprint possible. Functional elements
are positioned on the speaker side of the system leaving
the wall plate as the only visible presence to the mounting
systems existence. Just about a minimal as you can get.
The Q-Mount allows for quick and easy repositioning
within multiple array configurations. Each speaker can be
accurately positioned time and time again with a simple
turn of the locking handle. The speaker can also be quickly
moved from portrait to landscape modes by simply pivoting
the locking pin.
A Hidden Powerhouse
UB2 Ceiling mount pan/tilt
installation bracket.
Full articulation enables +/- 30° horizontal and vertical
axis movement in portrait and landscape orientations.
Leading the way in architectural audio
Technical Parameters
MX601 / MX601W
MX801 / MX801W
Max SPL *calculated
108 dB
112 dB
Sensitivity *5-band average
91 dB
93 dB
80Hz – 20kHz ±2dB
75Hz – 20kHz ±2dB
Frequency Response
Transformer Taping
Amplifier Power
100V: 10w/20w/30w/40w
70V: 5w/10w/15w/20w
Peak 150W
RMS: 100W
Peak : 200W
HF: 25mm Titanium
Dome Tweeter
LF: 6” High Performance
Polypropylene Woofer
HF: 25mm Titanium
Dome Tweeter
LF: 8” High Performance
Polypropylene Woofer
150° x 120° -10dB
Dimensions *H x W x D
70V: 10w/15w/20w/30w
Directivity *H x V
Environmental Ingress Rating
100V: 20w/30w/40w/60w
Captive Screw Terminal Plug (In/Thru)
Speaker Cabinet IP56 (IP67 when used with IPMX1 kit)
303 x 184 x 175mm
345 x 202 x 243mm
Net Weight
3.5 kg
4.3 kg
Shipping Weight
5.4 kg
6.0 kg
* Quest Engineering reserves the right to make changes in specifications, or products without prior notice.
The figures shown above are ‘real world’, usable specifications and are conservative as a result. Quest Engineering does not believe in portraying
misleading or exaggerated specifications.
130-140 Melrose Drive
Tullamarine VIC 3043 Australia
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