Quick Reference for Lync 2013 on the iPhone

Quick Reference for Lync 2013 on the iPhone
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Join a Lync Meeting
Lync 2013 on the iPhone
To join a Lync Meeting, from
the Meetings tab, select the
meeting you want to join and
then tap Join Meeting.
Sign in and get
If you have a data plan, or
your phone is connected to a
Wi-Fi network, signing in is
On your phone, start the Lync
app. On the sign-in screen,
enter your credentials, and
then tap Sign In.
See who’s in the
To view the participants list
when you’re in a meeting,
tap the Actions icon, and
then tap See Participants.
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Change your status
or sign out
From the My Info screen, do
one of the following:
To change your status,
tap Status, and then
select your status.
To sign out, tap Sign Out.
Search for a contact
Add audio to an IM
Tap Contacts, and from the Lync
When you’re in an IM and
tab, start typing a person’s name
you want to call the
in the search box. Your search
contact, tap the Phone icon
results will appear below the box.
and then click one of the
You can also scroll through your
call buttons.
Lync Contacts group to find the
person you’re looking for.
Send an instant
When you find the person
you’re looking for, tap their
name, and then tap the IM
icon to send an instant
Note If you want to call them,
tap the Phone icon.
Type a message, and then
tap Send.
Add video to an IM or
To add video to an IM or audio
conversation, tap the Video icon,
and then tap Start My Video.
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