M60 Mk. II User Guide April 1993 - meridian

M60 Mk. II User Guide April 1993  - meridian
 a RG TA 2am
er a
Digital Gramophone and Wireless Ltd
14 Clifton Road
Cambs. PE18 7EJ
Tel (0) 480 52144
Telex 32577 (MERIDN)
Fax (0) 480 459934
Digital Gramophone and Wireless Ltd.
Copyright 21 April 1993 (c)
Author, Andrew M. Samalionis BEng (Hons)
1 Introduction
The Meridian MB0 Mkll integrates with
pr er and of course is Не
su to other ‘an products and M
: tions ь ultiroom
In purchasing a pair of Meridian M50 МК!
have acquired refined equipment which No.
tinue to bring you listening pleasure for many
years. This manual will enable you to get the most
from a 4
If you have any queries regarding the M6
member that your Meridian dealer is selected e
his expertise and you should refer to him in the
first instance.
2 General description
The M60 Mill is part of the current line of Meridian
Active loudspeakers. Active loudspeakers use
builtin power amplifiers specifically designed for
the cabinet and drive units giving a perfectly
matched system. This superior approach to the
design of high-fidelity loudspeaker systems has
been a speciality of Meridian for over ten years.
Each M60 Mkll has a two inputs unbalanced
and balanced, an electronic crossover and three
65W power amplifiers, one for each of the drive
units. The drive units are:
2 % 160mm polypropylene bass and bass/mid
1 x 25mm aluminium dome tweeter
The Meridian custom tweeter has a number of fea-
tures: ;
« silver voice coil
"semi hom loading (for improved sensitivity and
dispersion characteristics)
1 fero-fluid damping
= correctly aligned rear enclosure.
3 Unpacking
Be sure to retain the packaging for possible future
WARNING Take great care when unpacking or
repacking the M60 that you do not put any pres-
sure on the front area of the loudspeaker. The
tweeter dome is very close to the grille cloth and
will be damaged if pressed. Hold the cabinets
only by the sides or top and bottom. When re-
Packing make sure that the packing material that
protects the tweeter dome is placed against the
NOTE Do not hold the display or rear port-tube
when moving the loudspeaker.
To unpack the M60s:
" Remove the speaker from it's outer packing
= Stand the speaker in it's inner packing with the
label 'OPEN THIS END' upwards and open this
The bottom of the speaker should be visible with
four inserts to take the spikes.
* Assemble each spike with a lock-nut about
2mm away from the end of the thread.
Screw each spike into the |
nserns on the bat-
tom of each |
ТМА cabinet but do nat fully tighten at
Until the speakers are in ion |
: position it is best to fi
the plasti vt
aba E C covers that act as feet for safety rea-
When all four feet are fitted
J ‚ carefull |
MBO upright and in their playing Oita dx
Remove the inner packing.
In the two packs you should find:
2 MB0 MkII Actives speakers com ith di
play panels and grilles E
8 screws-In spikes and wrench.
8 plastic covers
8 lock-nuts
MEQ Mkll User Manual
2 phono-phono analogue audio leads
2 power cords suitable for your territory
Hex wrench 3mm |
4 Getting going
IMPORTANT: Before connecting to the AC
supply check that the unit has been manufac-
tured to the correct voltage for your supply.
Note Do NOT make any connections or insart or
remove plugs while the units are connected to the
AC supply and switched on.
To get going:
Use the audio cables supplied to connect the
preamplifier outputs to the unbalanced inputs
of each speaker.
Switch on the power to the source but start
from a low volume level.
Connect the M60's to AC power with the cords
Switch on the M60s at the bottom left were the
AC power cord connects. À green light should
come on at the front of the speaker and you
should be able to play music.
If you cannot hear any sound refer to section 10.1
5 Installation
This section deals with h
an M60 installation. The f
ow to get the best out oi
ollowing sections cover
the features of the M60 MklII and important points
for achieving good sound.
5.1 Connections
AC power connects to the M60 at the ve
the speaker. Where possible connect the o
to a grounded (earthed) I.&. three-pin so
using an appropriate aps arate AG power out-
se re
Mate Ну 9 Te ba of adapter units 15
for each
dame at best they degrade the sound
La is on a single phono.
nbalanced audio input
us can be connected to
analogue preamplifier. You may us
preamplifier like 201, 208 or 601.
the output of any
a a Meridian
MBO Mkll Page |
nced audio input is on a XLR. This can be
3 В to the balanced output of your
preamplifier, if it has one. You may use a
Meridian 601 which has a balanced output.
Connection to the XLR
1. Shield and ground or common
: 2. Signal phase positive
3 3. Signal phase negative
5.2 Use of spikes
use the spikes pull the plastic covers off the
La The a allow the M60s to rest firmly on
the floor. The spikes pass through carpet to the
wood or concrete below and do less damage than
a wide foot.
The best sound will only be obtained if the
M60s are firmly mounted and cannot rock at all. If
the finish of the floor prevents the use of spikes
leave the plastic covers on but adjust the feet to
the floor so that the M60s are vertical and show no
tendency to rock.
5.3 Positioning
M60s must be placed in suitable positions to get
the best acoustic results.
For stereo ideally the two speakers are placed
equidistant from the main listening position, and
the same distance apart.
M60 has good treble dispersion and it will
usually be located for best appearances per-
pendicular to a back wall. For best sound try to
* most acoustically absorbent wall behind the
speakers. This could be an open bookcase,
curtained window or each side of a bow-
window, де
Speaker positioning at least 50cm from a
comer and at least 20cm from the back wall.
listening position so that your head is at least
60cm from the wall behind you (unless it is
acoustically absorbent).
Also consider the following practical points:
« It possible locate the MB0s so that the electron-
о (back) of the speaker are not subjected to
ong-term strong sunshine. When idling the
ha plates should be cool (less than hand
Do not, if possible, locate the M60s with their
backs lo any heat source e.g. central heating
6 Operation
The power switch is at the back of the M80 ad-
jacent to the power inlet. Normally the M60 should
be left switched on, even when the unit is not in
use. The sound quality of the unit is at its best
when the temperatures of the components have
reached normal working levels; this takes about
one hour.
The electronics in the M60 use the very latest
techniques to ensure that the idle power con-
sumption of the power amplifiers is very low. This
ensures long periods of cool running and low en-
ergy consumption.
You should however switch off all audio equip-
ment if you expect to be away from the house for
an extended period,
7 Maintenance
Note There are no user-serviceable parts inside
the M60.
One or two days after installation check the tight-
ness of the screws retaining the drivers. These
screws may loosen in shipping or with extremes
of temperature or humidity, and the speaker will
not sound at its best if these are loose. Care and
common sense must be employed when tighten-
ing these to ensure that they are not over
tightened. These screws should be checked
every few months particularly if the speakers are
played loud for extended periods of time. No
routine maintenance of the electronics is required.
The audio sockets are gold plated, and where
gold-plated phono plugs are used there should be
no need for cleaning of the contacts. For non
gold-plated phono plugs, it is good practice to un-
plug and re-plug them at least once a year. Some
proprietary contact cleaners may be used to ad-
vantage, but you should seek your dealer's ad-
7.1 Cleaning
Disconnect the power cord before cleaning.
The top of the front of the MEO is glass set in a
plastic frame. To clean the plastic do not use
abrasive cleaners or solvents. A barely damp
chamois leather is recommended. |
The cabinet has a fine veneer coated in a thin
layer of polyurethane. You may protect and treat
this wooden finish in the normal ways with polish
ar wax. Do not oil this surface. |
The grille should not be cleaned. If it becomes
sty a ve ently vacuum cleaning is recom-
ed ari the grille hold it in the centre
of each side and gently pull away from the cabi-
net. It may help to ease it off the restraints.
DO NOT pull the grille away from the top ог и
may break!
far Th ;
8 Service
Note There are no user-serviceable parts inside
the M60.
Should the unit need service, contact the dealer
who supplied it, or in case of difficulty write to:
Inthe UK:
Digital Gramophone & Wireless Ltd
14 Clifton Road, Huntingdon,
Cambridgeshire, PE18 TEJ.
Tel 0480 52144
« Inthe USA:
Meridian America Inc
3800 Camp Creek Parkway,
Building 2400 Suite 112,
Atlanta GA 30331
Tel (404) 3447111, Fax (404) 3447111
» Outside the UK, contact the importing agent for
the territory. A list of Meridian agents abroad is
available from the above addresses.
The owner is responsible for the product during
transit therefore we recommend that you retain
the original packing.
9 Guarantee
The M60 MkII is guaranteed against defects in
material and workmanship for 12 months from the
date of purchase.
The guarantee is void if the product has been
subject to misuse, accident or negligence, or has
been in any way modified without Digital
Gramophone & Wireless Ltd. written authorisation.
Attempted servicing by unauthorised people may
result in loss of guarantee.
Labour and carriage charges are not covered
unless by local agreement.
When seeking service under guarantee, it is
necessary to produce dated proof of purchase.
Qutside the UK local warranty liability is
restricted to equipment purchased within the terri
tory. Our agents abroad are only under con-
tractual obligation to service under guarantee
equipment sold through them. They are entitled to
make a nonrefundable charge for any service
carried out on equipment not supplied through
This guarantee does not limit your statutory
rights within the UK.
10 Help!
10.1 No sound
= A the AC power supply to M60 - indicated
y the [. ] display in the window.
оо AC supply to other units of system.
heck correct source is selected and that the
source itself is running and producing music.
10.2 Sound from one channel only
=" Check interconnects and speaker wirin
« Check balance control (if any), ;
10.3 M60s go silent when played hard
M60 has a temperature sensing system on board
that prevents overheating of the electronics. The
sound will continue when the speaker has cooled.
11 Specification
35Hz-20kHz + 3dB
Audio inputs
Balanced 775mV (nominal)
Unbalanced 3Vrms max.
Outputs й
Pompe pons. 65W mean power
a 65W mean power
— 65W mean power
Acoustic, typically >115dB sp! @ 1m
Below clipping e. thd
<110d8 CCIR
E <20dBspl @ 1m
400 Hz, first order
2.6 kHz, double Butterworth
2 x 160mm polypropylene bass and bass/mid
1 x 25mm BSL aluminium dome, tweeter
Constructed from 18mm (25mm front baffle) MDF
with wood veneer finish. Display window glass.
Power required
Voltage 100-125V AC or:
200-250V AC
Frequency 20-60Hz
Consumption 10VA idle
200VA max.
210mm x 800mm x 295mm, WxHxD
31kg each
M6o 50097 A/R
ELA fe 5 2017716
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