CasaTunes® CT-3 Music Systems

CasaTunes® CT-3 Music Systems
CT-3 Music Systems
A compact multi-room music solution for smaller homes or for any home that was not
pre-wired for music. This system has 3 streams of music and can send music to five
rooms that have AirPlay® Speakers or other AirPlay devices. The CT-3 has 3 stereo wired
room outputs. Any room can listen to any of the three streams - CasaTunes enables
everyone to listen to the songs they love and achieve the atmosphere they desire.
Always find something to listen to.
These compact systems offer three sources of streaming music and, optionally, one
external source!
• Listen to songs from existing Mac or PC iTunes® libraries or your Microsoft®
Windows® Media Player library – including Windows-protected music. Includes 320
GB storage.
• Catch new releases or old favorites on Internet radio using Tidal™, Pandora™, Spotify™,
SiriusXM™, SHOUTcast™, TuneIn™,™, and many more. (Some services
require subscriptions)
• Use external tuners to listen to Satellite Radio, HD and traditional AM/FM radio.
• Listen to music from iPod touches, iPhones, iPads or iTunes on Macs or PCs in any
room(s) wirelessly via CasaTunes, using CasaTunes Air.
• Listen to music from uPNP/DLNA media servers and other DLNA devices..
Controlling what you want to listen to has never been easier.
CasaTunes offers a number of ways to easily listen to your music. Whether you need to
quickly change the volume in a room or turn off all the rooms in the house. Pick music or
search for your favorite. Use these apps to quickly get you there:
• Free iPad, iPhone, and Android Tablet and Phone Apps.
• Use a browser on any computer in your house..
• Choose an optional CasaTunes Keypad for quick, local control.
Also, drivers are avalable for easy integration into Control4, RTI, URC, Compass Control,
On Controls and Roomie control systems.
*Wireless rooms cannot play music from external sources plugged into your current system
music by the roomful
CasaTunes CT-3 Music System model specifications
Stereo outputs
Three stereo analog outputs for wired rooms, requires amplifier and speakers. Five wireless rooms,
requires AirPlay speakers, Apple TV, AirPort Express or other AirPlay enabled devices. All CD quality
lossless stereo
Built-in music players
Three. Can be switched to any rooms or groups of rooms. Each can play any available Music Services
Local Music
iTunes running on any Mac and/or any PC in the network, Windows Media Player and uPNP/DLNA
Internet Music Services
and more plus custom user added stations
Add up to five wireless rooms using AirPlay speakers, Airport Expresses, Apple TVs and other AirPlay
compatible devices, such as AV Receivers with built in AirPlay support.
Send music from any music app on iPhones, iPads or iPod touches to any room(s), even your wired
rooms, via CasaTunes.
Home Control Drivers
Compass Control
On Controls, Roomie and others
Control methods
iPad and iPhone Apps
Android Tablet and Phone App
CasaTunes Keypads
Browser UI
3.9”H x 13.8”W x 8.1”D [99mm x 350mm x 205mm)
Frequency response
+/- 0.5 dB, 20 to 20 khz
Total harmonic distortion
0.05% or less
Intermodulation (IMD)
0.03% or less
Output level
3.2 V p-p, max
Local storage
320 GB
Wired Network
10/100/1G Ethernet
Included accessories
3 audio cables, Quick Install Guide
110 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. Isolated ground for low audio noise. 22 Watts, typical.
CasaTunes reserves the right to change specifications at any time
music by the roomful
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