M38 RX Manual - Rubbermaid Healthcare

M38 RX Manual - Rubbermaid Healthcare
M38 RX Mobile Medication Cart
SUMMARY OF WARNINGS ........................................................................................... 2 INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................. 3 Key Features on M38 RX Sku’s .................................................................................... 3 START-UP ...................................................................................................................... 3 GENERAL OVERVIEW .................................................................................................. 6 Reference Software File: M39 Cart Interface Installation & Control Board Manual . 7 KEYLESS ENTRY OPERATION .................................................................................... 7 BATTERY REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT ............................................................... 9 Troubleshooting .......................................................................................................... 11 WARRANTY & SERVICE OVERVIEW ......................................................................... 12 REPLACEMENT PARTS AND/OR TO REQUEST SERVICE ...................................... 13 This manual is supplemental
to the M38 Mobile Computer
Cart Operating Manual.
Please review both manuals
prior to operating the cart.
Revised March 25, 2013
The power system is designed for power cart mounted equipment only. Do not connect equipment that is not
mounted on the cart into the power system outlets. Do not connect cart mounted equipment directly into a power
source that is not mounted to the cart.
Where the integrity of the external PROTECTIVE EARTH CONDUCTOR arrangement is in doubt, the equipment
shall be operated from its internal electrical power source (battery).
The supplied spiral cord is rated for medical use. Connecting the cord to an outlet that is not medical grade
(indicated with a green dot) will not ensure grounding protection.
Spiral cord, power system and cart are for INDOOR use only. DO NOT OPERATE OUTDOORS.
Keep spiral cord away from water. DO NOT PLUG CORD INTO OUTLET IF WET.
DO NOT OPERATE POWER SYSTEM IF WET. If your cart becomes wet, unplug it immediately, wipe off any
excess liquid, and allow it to dry before using again.
Breaking the seal on the battery to add water will damage the battery and could cause injury.
EQUIPMENT not suitable for use in the presence of a FLAMMABLE ANESTHETIC FIXTURE WITH AIR, or WITH
Inspect spiral cord before each use. DO NOT USE CORD IF DAMAGED.
Fully insert spiral cord plug into outlet. DO NOT unplug by pulling on cord. DO NOT remove, bend or modify any
metal prongs or pins of spiral cart cord.
DO NOT use excessive force to make connections.
DO NOT drive, drag or place objects over spiral cord. Do not stand or walk on spiral cord.
Only authorized personnel, experienced in servicing electrical equipment should open the power system.
Do not use an electrical extension cord with your cart.
Do not use a flammable cleaner on the station as it can result in fire or explosion.
Do not adjust lift mechanism until cart has been outfitted with technology. Failure to do so may cause
shuttle and work surface to rise rapidly when actuator is released potentially causing personal injury or
damage to the cart.
Signal Word
Level of Hazard
Indicates a situation that does not present any
hazard but is very important in maintaining a
well functioning cart.
Consult accompanying document to avoid a
potentially hazardous situation which may
result in minor or moderate injury.
Indicates an impending electrical hazard which,
if not avoided, may result in personal injury, fire
and/or death.
Dispose of this cart according to
local guidelines and regulations
for waste. Contact Rubbermaid
Customer Service for more
information: 1-888-859-8294
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
Care should be taken to transport
and store this system within a
temperature range of 32º F to 90º F
(0º C to 32º C); Pressure 500 hPa
to 1060 hPa; Humidity 20% RH to
95% RH non-condensing
Rubbermaid M38 RX Mobile Medication carts combine a compact, lightweight design, superior
ergonomics and a comprehensive set of nursing features making them ideal for point of care applications.
This manual serves as a supplement to the M38 Mobile Computer Cart Operationg Manual and covers
the following three configurations:
1. AC Powered M38 RX cart has the capablity to
operate a LCD monitor with a small form factor
CPU that can be stored under the work
surface or on the rear of the column.
a. Mounting a CPU on the column
requires wiring and brackets that must
be ordered at the time of purchase.
AC Powered Cart
with LCD Monitor
DC Powered Cart with
2. DC Powered M38 RX cart has the capability to
DC LCD Monitor
operate a DC powered LCD monitor with a
small form factor CPU stored under the work
3. Non-Powered Computer Cart with Medication
Expansion pack utilizes the ablity of devices
that are self powered such as notebooks and
tablet PC’s. These carts have an on-board
battery to operate the keyless entry system.
Non-Powered Cart
with Laptop
Key Features on M38 RX Sku’s
Keypad with LCD Display
a. See Pg 4 for full instruction
2. Configurable drawers
3. Security Shelf for Medication Drawers
4. Small Drawer
5. Medium Drawer
6. Large Drawer
7. Double Deep Medium Drawer
8. Double Deep Large Drawer
9. Cart Power Button (AC Powered Cart)
10. Cart Power Switch (Laptop Cart)
11. Locking Caster
Components Not Shown:
Drawer Label Cover
Control Boards
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
Start-up instructions are detailed below. Identify the cart configuration you have at the top of the
table then follow to the applicable these guidelines::
1. Steps that span both columns apply to Non-Powered and Powered versions of the carts
2. When the table is split into multiple columns only follow the instructions listed under your
cart configuration.
Tools Required
 4mm or 5/32” Security Hex tool (included)
 11/16” Socket and Ratchet
 Ball End Metric Allen Key Set
 Wire ties or Velcro for Cable Management
Assembly Notices & Warnings
FASTENERS: Do not over tighten screws. In addition to damaging the screw, components may be damaged.
NOTICE - “RIGHT” and “LEFT” are your right and left when facing the front of the cart.
Non-Powered Cart
8. Turning on Cart
Non-Powered/Laptop Carts Only To operate the
laptop cart drawer control system, the battery cutout
switch must be switched on.
On non-powered carts manufactured after October,
2009, the battery cutout switch is located in the battery
enclosure as shown.
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
AC Powered RX Medication Carts
8. Turning on Cart
To turn on the unit, press and hold the power button on
the keypad for approximately 2 seconds. The power
system will beep and the LCD will turn on and indicate
the charge level of the battery. At this point, all powered
devices connected to the outlet strip should power up.
The battery cutout switch can be accessed by either
removing the base cover or through the openings at the
bottom of the cart as shown below.
On units manufactured
before October, 2009, the
battery cutoff switch is
located on the rear, at the
base of the column, and can
be turned on by pressing the
switch to the upward
9. Charging Unit
a) Plug the cord into a medical grade outlet. The battery is fully charged when the battery indicator is full and battery
charge level has stopped scrolling.
The battery must be fully charged prior to the cart being deployed for the first time.
If you have not already done so, turn cart power on as described
in step 8.
1. Check light by depressing button. Light should toggle
ON/OFF with each press and time out after 60 seconds.
2. Check keyless entry by entering 8034 and opening
drawers. Press lock or wait 120 seconds to see if locking
system is functioning correctly
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
Multipurpose bins:
Removable for emptying
or cleaning. To remove,
grab outside edge of bin
and lift up.
Document Cover: Accommodates
reference materials as large as legal
size paper. Cover can be removed
for cleaning by pulling up on back
corners until pins release.
Height Adjustment: Automated
Height Adjustment up or down.
Keyboard Tray: Tray can
be pulled out 8”. Left and
right mouse pads rotate out
with mouse storage on the
Secure Drawers: Accessed by
keyless entry system. Drawers are
fully removable. Drawers
automatically lock after a set time
(default 120 Seconds).
Drawer Label Covers: Accepts
labels up to 4” w x 1” h.
Spiral Cord: Always
plug cart in when not in
use or if power levels
reach low levels. Hang
cord on rear handle
when not in use.
Reconfigurable drawers: Multiple
drawer sizes can be used on the
unit. Drawer sizes can be changed
on the go without any modification to
*Please contact your sales representative to order additional drawer
the cart to make multiple
Keypad Overview
Lift Lock: Release
the lift lock by
pressing the Lock
Adjust height of button and the Down
cart by pressing arrow.
and holding the
up or down
Message Center:
Indicates status of
locking system and
LCD Contrast:
Adjustable by
pressing the
Power Button: Press and hold
shut off cart power. This should
be done only if the cart will not be
arrows at the plugged in or used for an
same time.
extended period of time or the
first time the cart is used.
Battery Level
Indicator: Battery
indicator will sound at
20% remaining life.
Immediately plug in cart
when indicator alarm
Lock Button:
Locks medication
Mute Button: Press to mute
alarm. If battery reaches
10% remaining battery
charge, mute will not work.
Cart must be plugged in to
re-charge the battery.
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
Clear Button:
Clears entry if
mistake is made
when entering
Keyboard Light:
Automatically turns
off after a preset
time (default 120
Reference Software File: M39 Cart Interface Installation & Control Board Manual
For full operating instructions on the following features:
Updating LCD Panel with Cart Name
Keyless Entry System Auditing
Asset ID/Tagging
Battery Indication
LCD Panel on Keypad
Keyboard Light
Keyless entry includes a numeric keypad on the top of the user interface containing the digits 09 for user entry into the drawers. Each time a number is pressed, a corresponding * will appear
on the
LCD display verifying that a number has been pressed. Upon entry of a correct code, the unit
will unlock the drawers and the message “DRAWERS UNLOCKED” will appear on the LCD
If an invalid code is entered, the message “ERROR INVALID CODE” will appear.
The unit will automatically relock the drawers according to a preset time ranging from 1-255
seconds. Default time is set at 120 seconds. This auto lock-down time can be set using the
control board software (see Control Board Software Manual)
LOCK allows the user to lock the drawers before the automatic relock occurs. CLEAR button is
provided to allow the user to clear the numeric entry if he or she enters or starts to enter an
incorrect code.
Keyless entry models can be programmed with up to 128 access codes.
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
Drawers are designed so that they can be removed from the unit. The unit will still re-lock the
remaining drawers when drawers are removed. Drawers can be reinserted into a locked unit
without unlocking the unit. Once the drawer is fully inserted into a locked cart, the newly inserted
drawer(s) will be locked. A security shelf between drawers deters unauthorized access when
one or more drawers have been removed from the top row. The keyless entry feature will only
function when the unit and the battery are charged to an operating level.
The keyless entry system is equipped with a redundant manual lock on the back of the cart.
This manual lock allows unlocking of drawers if the unit is used until low voltage shutdown. The
hard lock is located on the rear panel of mobile medication (see illustration on pg 2). The hard
lock is a rotary latch and has two positions. The key is included in the extra parts kit
Position 1 is the unlocked position. This position unlocks the drawers. The key cannot be
Position 2 is the normal operating position. It enables the keyless entry system to
SETTING CODES – see Control Board Software Manual
Default code = 8034
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
Only use batteries specified by Rubbermaid Medical. Failure to do so will void power system
warranty. Call customer service for details.
Do not replace battery in oxygen rich environments as it is possible for sparking to occur.
Always unplug the power cord from the wall outlet when removing the battery.
There are two conditions when a battery should be disconnected:
1. When the battery needs replacing.
2. When the cart will be placed into long-term storage (more than 60 days without use).
Tools Required
Ball End Metric Allen Key Set
Phillips Screwdriver or 10 mm Wrench (for disconnecting battery)
1. Power Down System
a) Turn off any components plugged into cart
(example – PC, Monitor)
b) Turn off Power System by Holding On/Off
switch for 2 seconds.
2. Long-term Storage (greater than 2 months)
WARNING: If cart will not be used for more than 2
months, turn off the cart by holding the on/off button. The
battery will need to be recharged every 30 days to prevent
damage to the battery.
If you wish to store the battery separate from the cart,
Store battery in a cool dry location.
3. Unplug Power Cord from Wall Outlet
4. Remove Battery Access Panel and Battery Retainer Strap
a) Unplug power cord from battery access panel
b) Using 4mm hex key to remove two fasteners on lower rear
panel of battery access panel and place aside.
c) Remove Battery Retainer Strap by depressing the tab on the
clasp and unthreading strap from buckle.
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
5. Disconnect Battery Cables from Battery
a) Remove black boot from terminal
b) Use wrench or screwdriver to remove bolt from battery
WARNING: Do not allow any metal objects or tools to
contact both a terminal and other metal parts (including
the other battery terminal) at the same time.
c) Remove red boot from terminal.
d) Use wrench or screwdriver to remove bolt from battery
e) Place disconnected cables off to side.
f) Grasp handles on battery and slowly pull out.
6. Place Battery Back in Cart
a) With the bottom of the battery facing the cart, slide the
battery into the cart. The terminal ends should be pointing
out towards the back of the cart.
7. Connect Battery Leads to Battery
WARNING: Always connect the Red (+) terminal first. To
avoid risk of shock, do not allow any metal objects or tools
to contact both a terminal and other metal parts (including
the other battery terminal) at the same time.
a) Fasten Red Connector to Red (+) Terminal using terminal
bolt. A harmless spark may occur when connector
touches terminal. Quickly tap terminal connector to
terminal to diminish effect.
b) Cover terminal bolt with protective red boot.
c) Fasten Black Connector to Black (-) Terminal using
terminal bolt.
d) Cover terminal bolt with protective black boot. Tuck
excess battery cable into battery cavity. Avoid pinching
battery cable.
e) Place Battery Access Panel back on cart and tighten
fasteners with Allen Key.
f) Reconnect power cord to Battery Access Panel.
Check Battery Level and Charge
Plug cart into wall. LCD Interface will indicate Battery Charge Level or battery indicator will be scrolling the
charge level bars.
b) The battery is fully charged when the charge level bars are not scrolling inside the battery on the LCD.
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
Cart Won’t Power Up:
 Plug power cord into a working medical grade outlet.
 Check to ensure power cord is plugged securely into back of cart.
 Check to see if the LCD Interface is charging when plugged in.
 If the charge level is critically low LCD will display “Battery Low Recharge.”
 If the cart does not start, check to see if the cables to the PSI are securely plugged in.
Cart Won’t Charge:
 Check to ensure external spiral cord is plugged into base of cart.
 Ensure outlet the cart is plug into is functionally operational
 Plug the power cord into a working hospital grade outlet.
 Check to make sure the power cord is plugged securely into the back of the cart.
 Check to see if the LCD display indicates the station is charging when plugged in.
 If the charge level is critically low LCD will display battery low recharge.
 If the cart still does not charge, check cable connections.
Audible Alarm will Not Turn Off
 When the battery reaches approximately 10% of capacity remaining, the audible alarm will
sound. The alarm may be muted for 1 minute. Until the cart is plugged in to charge the audible
alarm will continue to sound every minute.
 If alarm fails to shut off after plugging in cart for several minutes, turn off the unit by holding
on/off button for 2 seconds.
Cart Is Hard To Push:
 Check that the caster locks are in the unlocked (up) position.
 Examine casters for debris.
Computer Does Not Work Properly:
 Check that computer has power.
 Check the battery charge. If at 0%, recharge the battery by plugging in the power cord into a
working medical grade outlet.
 If problem persists, plug computer into another cart to check functionality.
Keyless Entry System Does Not Work
 Check the battery charge. If less than 50%, charge the battery by plugging in the power cord
into a working medical grade outlet.
 Verify the code that you are entering is the proper access code.
 If problems persist, file a service request with RMS Customer Service at
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
Service Level Commitment
Rubbermaid Healthcare is committed to providing best-in-class service. This document details
our standard warranty and instructions on how to request service using our customer support
Rubbermaid Healthcare (RHC) is pleased to offer a three year warranty on durable
components and a two year warranty on electronic components (commencing on the date of
receipt by client). Battery performance is warranted for three months from the date of receipt
of product.
If during the warranty period this RHC product proves defective in materials or workmanship
under normal use by the original purchaser, please contact RHC technical support at
www.rubbermaidmedical.com/service (please be sure to complete all information, including
product serial number, description of the issue and full contact information). RHC will
determine, in its sole discretion, how to best address your warranty issue, which may include
sending you a replacement part or providing on site technical assistance. RHC reserves the
right to require proof of purchase prior to honoring any warranty request. This warranty does
not cover product abuse, modification, failure to adhere to product instructions, improper
INCIDENTAL DAMAGES WHATSOEVER. Some states do not allow the exclusion or
limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may
not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights
which vary from state to state or country to country.
An extended warranty may be available for this product. Should you wish to purchase an
extended warranty, please contact your RHC sales representative.
Service Details:
Components generally requiring on-site technical assistance may include, but are not limited
to: cart electronics, lift mechanism, power system, locking mechanism and structural failures.
Components that generally do not warrant on-site technical assistance may include, but are
not limited to: scanner holder, power cord, drawers, battery replacement and casters.
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
Please visit our website at: www.rubbermaidhealthcare.com/suppport
Statement of Use:
Rubbermaid healthcare is dedicated to providing innovative
quality products. Our goal is to increase the capacity to care by
improving productivity, ergonomics and compliance, while
enhancing your facility image.
RMS mobile carts are designed for safe use in general patient
areas for the purpose of clinical data entry and retrieval. These
carts have acceptable interference potential electromagnetic or
other interference risks when operated according to guidelines
covered in this instruction manual.
Tested to comply with:
• EN 60601-1:2003–
Medical Electrical Equipment, Part 1:
General Requirements for Safety –
Collateral Standard: Electromagnetic
Compatibility – Requirements and Tests
• FCC PART 15, Subpart B, Class A –
Unintentional Radiators
This product is classified as:
Class 1/ internally powered device with no applied parts.
This equipment is designed for continuous operation.
Class A, Group 1 ISM Equipment
This device is classified IPXO for water ingress
Input 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 5.1A
Contact Us
Customer Service:
Rubbermaid Healthcare
16905 Northcross Drive, Suite 120
Huntersville, NC 28078
Phone: 1-888-859-8294
Fax: 1-888-859-8297
Filename: M38 Manual 9M38-RX-xxx V8.doc
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