Blackboard DR4100 Hybrid Door Reader
DR4100 Hybrid
Door Reader
The Blackboard DR4100 Hybrid Door Reader
provides the ultimate in versatility for access control,
incorporating both contactless and magnetic stripe
reader capabilities, ideal for campuses transitioning
to a contactless campus.
Why contactless?
The payment industry is rapidly migrating to contactless
card technology for its increased benefits over magnetic
stripe cards. Because of these benefits, the contactless
smart card market is expected to grow 33% over the next
three years.
Contactless card technology offers multiple advantages
over magnetic stripe:
• Encrypted keys provide a higher level of data security
• Cards are not as easily duplicated as magnetic stripe cards
• Use of contactless cards virtually eliminates reader wear and tear, as the card does not need to physically touch the reader
Model Number:
Physical Size:
2 1/2” W x 4 1/2” H x 1 1/8” D
.30 pounds
Input Power:
5-24VDC 1.2W Maximum
-35 to +66 degrees Celsius
•Relative Humidity
0 to 85%, non-condensing
0 to 20,000 feet
Contactless Technology from Blackboard
Contactless technology from Blackboard enables consumers to wave their card over a smart
reader at the point of acceptance.
• High security smart card credential
• Transmission security and encryption
• Near zero vulnerability points for identity theft and fraud
• Fast data transfer rate, 212Kbps
Sony FeliCa™ contactless, ISO 18092 compliant (NFC standard)
3-Track HiCo mag stripe read head
Device comes pre-configured. A smart card based configuration tool is used to change the
Wiegand output.
For more information on the DR4100 Blackboard Hybrid Door Reader, contact your
Blackboard sales representative or call 800.424.9299, ext. 4.
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