Model UVB1-CP Component Video Active Balun

Model UVB1-CP Component Video Active Balun
Model UVB1-CP
Component Video Active Balun
Extension Kit
User’s Manual
Boost & Send Standard or HDTV
Component Video (YPbPr)
on Cat5 Cable up to 1000 feet away
Order toll-free in the U.S. 800-959-6439
FREE technical support, Call 714-641-6607 or fax 714-641-6698
Mail order: Hall Research, 1163 Warner Ave., Tustin, CA 92780
Web site:
E-mail: info@
UMA1134 Rev B
UVB1-CP User's Manual
1.0 Introduction
Thank you for purchasing the Hall Research Model UVB1-CP. This device
can be used to extend SD or HDTV Component Video (YPbPr) over UTP
(unshielded twisted pair) cables such as Cat5e or Cat6.
Unlike other passive Baluns this device is active and boosts the signal using
wide bandwidth (450 MHz) differential (balanced) amplifiers for an
unprecedented sharp and clean image.
The unit provides Ground-loop Isolation (GLI) and RFI (radio frequency
interference) immunity to prevent 60 cycle video hum or distortion. Most
competing Baluns provide no common mode rejection at low frequencies
and are subject to facility grounding issues and noise pickup.
The active design matches the impedance of the UTP cable perfectly at all
frequencies so that there is no image ghosting. Ghosting is a major issue
with competing passive Baluns transmitting HD signals.
Only one power supply is needed for the setup and it can be plugged at
either the sending or the receiving end, whichever convenient.
2.0 Package Contents
Your kit includes all the items that you should normally need for the setup
(minus the Cat5 cable). The package includes a sender, receiver, a 9v DC
power supply and two high quality Component Video cables and this user’s
manual. Please take a moment to inventory the contents at this time and if
any item is missing, contact your vendor immediately.
Component Video Active Balun
3.0 Installation
1. Start by making sure that the power is off on your video source and the
2. Find the “Sender” Balun and connect it using one
of the supplied 3-RCA cables to your video source
(e.g. DVD player or Satellite receiver).
3. Connect the Sender’s RJ45 port to the receiver
using straight-through UTP or STP cable directly
to the Receiver. You cannot connect the Cat5
cable to any other manufacture’s device or
network equipment.
4. Connect the “Receiver” to the display device (e.g.
LCD TV or Projector). Make sure to match the
colors of the YPbPr cables to your display’s input
5. Connect the supplied power adapter to the power
input connector on either of the units. Note that
only one power adapter is used to power both the
sender and receiver. It can be plugged into either
of them.
6. Power up the source and destination equipment and check for an
4.0 Recommended Maximum Cable length
We recommend that you limit the length of the CAT5 cable as listed in the
table below based on the video signal resolution.
Exceeding the recommended cable lengths may degrade the video signal
depending on the resolution and the cable type used.
Max Distance
480i or 576i
1000 ft
480p or 576p
750 ft
720p, or 1080i
500 ft
300 ft
Table 4.1
UVB1-CP User's Manual
5.0 Troubleshooting
Most common problems are caused by the following:
• You have confused the Sender and the Receiver
• You have mismatched the RGB colors on the cable connections to
the box and equipment
• You are using a Cat5 cable that is too long or is not straight
• You have not connected the power supply, or it is not powered
• Your Monitor does not support the resolution that you are sending
it (in which case you should check operation without the Balun first)
5.1 Contacting Hall Research and Shipping/Packaging
Contact the Hall Research Technical Support Department at 714-6416607 or via email or web. Before you do, make a record of the history of the
problem. We will be able to provide more efficient and accurate assistance
if you have a complete description. If you need to ship your converter for
repair, make sure to get a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number
6.0 Specifications
Analog Component Video YPbPr or RGB signals with
All Standard TV and HDTV from 480i to 1080p
Video Level
1.0 volt p-p on Y and 0.7 v p-p on Pb and Pr
20 Hz to 450 MHz
Common Mode
Noise Rejection
100 dB @ 60 Hz, 70 dB @ 1 MHz, 50 db @ 10 MHz
Max Distance
Up to 1000 ft. (305 meters) - See table 4.1 for details
Operating: 32 to 122 Deg F (0 to 50 Deg C);
Storage: -40 to +185 Deg F (-40 to +85 Deg C)
Black Plastic ABS-94VO, UL File#56070
100,000 hours (calculated estimate)
Via the included power adapter. Voltage: 9v DC CenterPositive. Average Power Consumption: 850 milliwatts
1.1” H x 2.6” W x 2.6” D Each Device
Size (H x W x D)
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