Congratulations to your new Jomox eurorack module! You can

Congratulations to your new Jomox eurorack module! You can
Congratulations to your new Jomox eurorack module!
You can download the full operating manual on the following links:
In order to save the environment we want to minimize the use of paper
because most people read only on their digital mobile devices in the internet
anyway. We hope for your understanding!
Here you can find the quick installation guide which is part of the operating
manual too. Have fun with the module!
Your Jomox team
1. Installation
Please turn off the euro rack prior to the wiring! On the backside of the TRackonizer module you can find these connections:
1.1. Installation in the eurorack
Please connect the supplied ribbon cable to the eurorack system bus rails as
shown on the pictures. The module needs +/-12 Volts at a supply current of
maximum 130mA on +12V and about 70mA on -12 Volts. The optional 5
Volts and the CV/Gate on the A-100 Doepfer bus are both not wired inside
the Jomox module and not needed.
Other 10 pin systems may be used as well if only the lower part of the 16
pin connector is connected.
Please pay attention for the position of the voltages and the ground pins!
The printed voltages must match, please check the wires again and
make sure no pin is left or bent.
There are protection diodes inside the modules but please take extra care to
protect the rack and the module!
A-100 Doepfer bus. (The
Doepfer GmbH
enterprise and all of their
shown products are
registered trademarks.
With friendly approval of
Doepfer Musikelektronik
Jomox T-Rackonizer euro rack supply connector. Please connect the power
supply of the eurorack system bus here.
Attention: DO NOT connect, under any circumstances, the power
supply cable to the Jomox Inter-D-module bus!!! The rack power
supply and the module could get seriously damadged!
Then please mount the module on the rack rails using the supplied metric
M3 screws.
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