Submit MDS-RCA to Maine MDS Submission Management System

Submit MDS-RCA to Maine MDS Submission Management System
Hi‐Tech Software (207) 474‐7122 Submit MDS­RCA to Maine MDS Submission Management System Starting January 1, 2012 you will no longer submit MDS-RCA records on CD or diskette.
Instead, you will upload the file to a secure MaineCare website.
Please use the following instructions to create and submit your RCA Submission File.
1. Complete and print the RCA Records using normal procedures.
2. When ready to submit the records, select
RCA / Service Plans > RCA Submission > Select RCA Records. Create the RCA submission file.
3. Copy Selected Records. During this step, the screen will display the location of the MDSRCA
submission file; Example: C:\DATA\MDSSUB. Make a note of this location.
(If the screen does not display the file’s location, call Hi-Tech for assistance.)
4. On the internet, go to
5. Scroll down to: Residential Care Facility Links
SMS: Maine MDS Submission Management System.
Click Go to Log-in Page
NOTE: Click SMS Training Presentation for more information on the submission process.
6. Enter your User Name and Password and click the Log In button.
7. 7. When you are logged in, click the Browse button. Locate the MDSSUB folder
(i.e. C:\DATA\MDSSUB) and select the MDSRCA file (see Step 3 above).
Click Upload button.
Note: The MDSRCA file is already a Text type file and you do not need to rename it.
8. The screen will list the file when it has been uploaded successfully.
If you have trouble uploading your file, see the trouble shooting instructions under
SMS: Maine MDS Submission Management System > SMS Training Presentation.
The end of this presentation includes Muskie Contacts who can assist you.
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