iPad Getting Started Guide - Township High School District 214

iPad Getting Started Guide - Township High School District 214
iPad Getting
Started Guide
Follow this guide to help you setup and configure your iPad for school. The
expectation will be that your iPad is configured and ready for use on the first day
of school. If at any time you need assistance, please contact or visit the
Technology Help Desk at your school. Please read each step carefully! You will
need a computer with Internet access to complete Part 2. DO NOT proceed to
use the iPad until Part 2 has been completed first!!!
Incoming freshmen & new students to the district begin with Part I
All current students begin with Part 2
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PART 1 – 214NetID (Freshmen & New Students Only)
If you are an incoming freshman or new student to the district, your 214NetID is the
username you will use to log into computers, email, and other school web sites. Before you
continue on with this guide, you will need to learn your 214NetID. Follow the example
below and write down your 214NetID on a sheet of paper. See the example below on how
your 214NetID is created.
Example Student: John Smith
Name: John Smith ID: 211247
Birthday: April 5, 1999
Naming scheme: First initial of first name + last name + last four digits of ID.
Note: Last names that cause the NetID to go over 20 characters (including the last four digits of the ID)
will be cut off so that the NetID does not exceed 20 characters total
Your initial login password for freshmen & new students is your birthday. The birthday will be
in the following format: MMDDYY
Example birthday: April 5, 1999
Your school email address will be your 214NetID with “@stu.d214.org” added to the end of
your 214NetID.
Example email address for John Smith: jsmith1247@stu.d214.org
Go to the last page of this guide to write down your information.
PART 2 – Changing your 214NetID Password
For Part 2 – You will register & change your password. You will need a computer with
Internet access. **If you already setup answers to security questions, you can skip this
Open a web browser and go to the following link: https://password.d214.org
Enter your first initial and last name – click “Search” (Select your name if prompted from
the list)
Click “Register with Password Manager”
Enter your existing password, or if you are a freshman / new student in the district, your
birthday (MMDDYY) – click “Next”
Provide answers to the security questions that you will be able to answer
Note: Answers must be a minimum of 4 characters long
Click “Finish” and on the following screen click “Go to home page”
Now click “Manage My Passwords” and enter in your existing password - click “Next”
Create a new password. New passwords MUST include the following:
A minimum length of 8 characters
A capital letter and a lower case letter
A special (non-alphanumeric) character (!@#$%^&*()
A number (0-9)
Not contain 3 identical, consecutive characters (ex. 111)
Click "Finish"
Close the password manager webpage
Login to your school email account and verify that you are able to login successfully with
your new password – accept terms if prompted. The link to access email is:
Remember your login to email is your 214NetID
Example Student:
John Smith ID: 211247
Go to the last page of this guide to write down your information.
*Please contact your school’s Help Desk if you are unsuccessful and need assistance. Contact
information is on Page 8.*
PART 3 – iPad Setup & Configuration
For Part 3 – You will begin to setup and configure your iPad. Please make sure you have wireless
Internet access to complete this section.
1. Turn the iPad on by holding down the top right button
2. The iPad should display a screen that displays “Hello”
3. Slide the bottom arrow to the right where it says “slide to set up”
4. Select “English” for the language and “United States” for the Country/Region
5. Select your wireless network. ***Use the “214Enroll” wireless network if you are setting up the
iPad at school*** - tap "Next" if needed
6. Select “Enable Location Services” - you will be directed to a message indicating that “Township
High School Dist 214 will automatically configure your iPad” - tap “Next”
7. Enter your NetID & password created in Part II (Example NetID: jsmith1247) - tap “Next”
8. Select “Sign In with Your Apple ID”
9. Enter your Apple ID and password on the following screen and tap “Next” to continue. Your Apple
ID is your school email address. Changeme.1 is the initial password if this is your first school
issued iPad, otherwise use the Apple ID password that you created last year.
10. Tap “Agree” (bottom right) to accept the Terms and Conditions and then Tap “Agree” again in the
dialogue box that appears
11. Select “Use iCloud”
12. Select “Use Find My iPad”
13. Create a Passcode, if prompted, using 4 numbers "0-9". Re-type the Passcode on the next screen.
Choose "Set Up Later" for iCloud Keychain
14. Tap "Next" to Register with Apple
15. Select “Get Started”
16. Tap “Dismiss” when the "Edit Home Screen" message appears
17. Tap on the “Mail” application located on the bottom dock
18. Select “Google” to add your school email account to the iPad. Enter in the requested information:
Enter your full name
Enter your complete school email address
Enter your NetID password
In the Description, delete "Gmail" and type in “School Email”
Tap “Next” - Check marks will appear next to each field if all the information you
entered is correct
19. Tap “Save” in the next screen to complete the process
20. Press the “Home” button to return to the main screen
21. Tap on the “Settings” application
22. Tap “iCloud” from the left hand side
23. Tap “Storage & Backup”
24. Tap “Back Up Now”. This will run an initial backup of your iPad to iCloud
(iCloud automatically backs up all your data on your iPad to Apple's cloud servers).
iCloud will run automatically as long as your iPad is:
plugged in
screen locked
connected over Wi-Fi
25. Tap "Manage Storage"
26. Tap "This iPad"
27. Tap the slider to turn off the Camera Roll backup and tap "Delete" when prompted
28. Tap on "< Manage Storage" at the top to go back one screen
29. Tap “General” in the left column
30. Tap “About”
31. Tap “Name” and tap "X" in the right corner of the box
32. You will now rename your iPad according to the following naming scheme (all lowercase)
The first portion of the name identifies what school you go to
The second portion identifies the device on the network as an iPad
The third portion is your 214NetID
When you combine all three together with dashes, you create the name of your iPad.
Buffalo Grove HS:
Elk Grove HS:
The Academy at Forest View:
John Hersey HS:
Prospect HS:
p-ipad- jsmith1247
Rolling Meadows HS:
Wheeling HS:
33. Tap "Done"
Go to the last page of this guide to write down your information.
PART 4 – iTunes App Store Agreement & Changing
your Apple ID Password
1. Press the “Home” button to return to the main screen
2. Launch the “App Store” by tapping the “App Store” icon from the Home screen
3. You may be presented with a list of Apps to download - tap “Download All”
4. Sign-In using your “Existing Apple ID” password whenever prompted
5. Scroll down and tap “Apple ID” in the bottom left on the App Store screen
6. Tap “View Apple ID”
7. Tap “Apple ID”
8. Backspace over the dots in the “Password” and “Verify” sections – enter the password created in
Part 2 (your NetID password)
9. Tap “Done” and then “Done” again
10. If any apps prompt you for your Apple ID password, enter your new Apple ID password
11. Press the “Home” button to return to the main screen
12. Tap on the “Settings” App
13. On the left-side, tap on “iTunes & App Store”
14. Toggle the “Apps” slider to turn on “Automatically download new purchases…” – tap “OK” and enter
your Apple ID password if prompted
Go to the last page of this guide to write down your information.
*** Note ***
After you have configured your device, please leave it turned ON and near a wireless network for a
period of 24 hours. During this time commonly used Apps may be downloaded onto your device.
This step is required to download and install Apps that are required for specific courses.
1. You will receive the following notification: "Allow App and Book
2. Tap “Continue”
3. Tap “Agree” to accept the Terms and Conditions and the Apple
Privacy Policy, then tap “Agree” again
4. Tap “OK”
PART 5 – Pairing Your Bluetooth Keyboard
** Note **
The pairing instructions below are for the Belkin keyboard case. If you were issued a
Kensington keyboard case, the instructions are similar. If you received a brand new keyboard
case, use the instructions provided with the new case.
Need Help?
If you need assistance or have a question regarding the setup of your iPad, please contact your
school’s Technology Help Desk. The tech staff will be monitoring emails daily during the
summer. Please include your full name and student ID in the email.
Technology Help Desk email addresses:
Buffalo Grove High School:
Elk Grove High School:
John Hersey High School:
Prospect High School:
Rolling Meadows High School:
Wheeling High School:
My Information:
Part 1:
My NetID is: _________________________________________________________________
My school email address is: _______________________________________@stu.d214.org
Part 2:
What is your favorite sport: ____________________________________________________
What is your favorite teacher's last name: ________________________________________
What is your favorite color: ____________________________________________________
Answer to question #4: _______________________________________________________
My new NetID password is: ____________________________________________________
Part 3:
My Passcode to unlock the screen is: ___________________________________________
Part 4:
My Apple ID is (school email address): ______________________________@stu.d214.org
My Apple ID password is: _____________________________________________________
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