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1. Introduction
Congratulations, and thank you for choosing the Bluetooth
Stereo Headphone. This manual will help you operate the
Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, but you should first
familiarize yourself with the Bluetooth functionality of your
mobile phone or other devices before using the Bluetooth
Stereo Headphone
Safety Rules
1\ Please follow the rules depicted in this manual closely
to ensure your safety. Before using this Bluetooth
Stereo Headphone, we would strongly encourage you
to read
through this user manual.
2\ Be more wary of any edges, uneven surfaces, metal
parts, accessories and its packaging so as to prevent
any possible injury or damage.
3\ Do not modify, repair or dismantle this Bluetooth
Stereo Headphone. Doing so may result in fires, electric
shocks, complete breakdown of this Bluetooth Stereo
Headphone, etc. All of which, are not covered under
4\ Do not use any diluents or volatile liquid to clean the
Bluetooth Stereo Headphone.
5\ Do not use the Bluetooth Stereo Headphone in a
hazardous location.
2.Kit Contents
1X Bluetooth Headset
3.Connection Diagram
Volume up
Volume down
Turn on/
Enter ! the pairing mode/
Play / pause/
Turn off /
Answer call/
End call/
Reject call/
Transfer call voice/
Last number redial
Fast forward
Fast backward
4.Howto use
4.1.General Functions
Desired Result Required Action
Press the “™ " button for 3 seconds when
Turn on the device is off. (Red LED slowly flashes
and a tone voice beep)
In power off mode Press the “™'" button
Enter the pairing | and hold on for 6 seconds. (Blue LED and
mode Red LED quickly flash alternately with two
beep tone voice).
In pairing Mode use a Bluetooth function
ais mobile phone or other Bluetooth Master
Pairing Device and to perform pairing action
(detail refer to the chapter about pairing)
Press» to play when the device is pausing
Desired Result Required Action
Previous Press < is for previous music.
Next Press > is for next music.
Press the ““"" button for 3 seconds when
Turn off the device is on.(a tone voice beep and
all LED is off)
Low battery warning | The red LED flash
Plug the charger to port of the device.
(Red LED is on)
Press the “™ ” button for 1second while
the call coming
End call Press the ** " button for 1second to end call
Double click the “ *"" button
to transfer the callvoice i the mobile
phone and device when on going call
Press the “™ " button for 2seconds to
reject call when the call is ringing
Double click the “ =” button In the
connected state or there is music
Press the “<"button don't loose
Press the “>"button don't loose
Answer call
Transfer call voice
Reject call
Last number redial
Fast backward
Fast forward
In pairing mode, short click the “ » " to
Multi-point connection | enable the multipoint and ps click the
* »1” to disable the Multipoint
Under the pairing mode pn ress “si”
and"-" button for 5 second at the same time .
Factory reset
4.2. Pairing to Mobile phone or other device
e Search your Bluetooth devices onyour phone by following the
phone's instructions. Refer to your phone's user manual for
more information.
* After a few second the phone will list the device as a discover
“GV-BT200" Select it and your phone Will confirm this pairing.
* Then your phone will request a passkey or PIN, enter 0000 as
your PIN or passkey.
* You can play music; watch TV/movie and play game with
your phone, then your can hear all the sound or music
form the device. Also you can control the player by
operating the device. Example, volume up and next music.
Pairing to a computer and Entertainment:
e |f there is no Bluetooth function supported by your computer, a
Bluetooth adapter is necessary. Fix the adapter with your
computer and ensure its Bluetooth function is activated.
* Turn on the device go to the paring mode.
* Open the Bluetooth software (such as BlueSoleil) installed on
our computer, and selects “Search your Bluetooth devices”
unction. Refer to user manual of the Bluetooth software for
more information.
e After a few second the “ device name” will list in Bluetooth
software of your computer as a discover device.
Select this icon and click right button of mouse to select
“pairing” item,then select “connect with audio device”
with same operation.
* Open your media player soft to play music, watch TV/move
and play game, then all the sound will be playback on
your device.
your device is full charged for at least 6 hours before initial
use. Insert one terminal of your charger to AC main or USB
port of PC and other terminal to Micro USB. While charging,
he red LED light constantly. When charging is completed,
the red LED turns off and blue LED turn on.
* You must select a qualified charger from a regular
e You must charge the Bluetooth Headset if it has been
not used for more than 12 months.
5.Technical specification
Parameter Value
Bluetooth Profile | A2DP1.2/AVRCP1.4/HSP1.2/HFP1.6
Bluetooth 4.0
RF Range 10m
Response 80Hz-20KHz
Speaker rated
Signal-To-Noise | >90dB
Charging Time About 2.5 hours
Dimension (LxWxH) 156.9x163.5x49mm
Weight 135g
6.Service and Support
If your device is not performing as it should,please take it to
your local service providers or dealer for service.
7. FAQ
11 Why is vine no power even when the Stereo Headphone
is power
Ans: Ensure the Satie is being charged up to 6 hours for
first time using. The LED is lighted when it starts
2\There is no sound when playback.
Ans: Check the connection between your device with
phone or computer, if the connection is not
established, pleasereconnect again. Make sure the
Stereo Headphone device is paired and connected
target phone or other master device.
3\How can | know the Bluetooth Stereo Headphone has
been fully charged?
Ans: When the indicator LED turns red to blue when it is
charging, it has been fully charged.
4 Why the headset cannot connect to second phone
Ans: Please set the headset to pairing mode and short press
the “»" to enable multipoint mode Connect the
headset to phone A, Restart the headset to pairing mode
and connect the Headset to phone B, and then use phone
A paired device list to reconnect to the headset
TO Play / pause and press» to pause when the device is To use your Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, you must first pair
1X User Manual playing. : ,
your Stereo Headphone with a phone or a computer. Once
Volume up Press + is for volume up your Bluetooth Stereo Headphone is paired to a specific
- mobile phone, they will remain paired and automatically
Volume down Press - is for volume down recognize each other whenever they are within range.
1 2 3
Pairing to a phone and Entertainment: 4.3. Charging your device Parameter Value 8.Battery Removal/Disposal
* Turn on your phone and ensure its Bluetooth function
is activated The device is convenient to connect to AC charger or a USB THD+N =1.0% Your product contains batteries which cannot be disposed with
* Turn on the Bluetooth Stereo Headphonego to the paring mode. charger with Micro USB port marked with.Make sure that Talking time About 12 hours normal household waste. Doing so may harm the environment.
Please inform yourself about the local rules on separate collection of
batteries because correct disposal helps to prevent negative
consequences for the environmental and human health. Should your
product develop a fault and your battery needs replacing, or for
further advice and information on how to safely remove your battery,
please visit our website at www.groov-e.co.uk You can contact us via
email: info@groov-e.co.uk, or via post: Groov-e, Unit J, Braintree
Industrial Estate, Braintree Road, Ruislip, HA4 0EJ, UK
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