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QR X900 Quick Start Guide
1.0 Important Statement
2.0 Get to know your QR X900
3.0 Get to know your DEVO F12E Radio (black version)
4.0 Aircraft specifications
5.0 Attention before flight
6.0 Charge the battery
7.0 Assemble
7.1 Install skid landing
7.2 Install aircraft arm
7.3 Connect brushless motor line
7.4 Install the propeller
7.5 Install the parachute (if equipped with this device)
7.6 Install the battery
8.0 Ready for flight
8.1 Binding of the QR X900
8.2 Compass Calibration
8.3 GPS indicator lights
8.4 Motor Unlock / Lock
9.0 Operation Instruction
10.0 End flight
11.0 Additional remark
11.1 DEVO F12E (Black version) settings
11.2 Power board instruction
11.3 FCS-RX705 Main Controller Guideline
11.4 Methods for transferring QR X900 from 6-axis to 4-axis (as needed)
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
1.0 Important Statement
Thank you for purchasing the QR X900. Please read it carefully before you use it. Once used,
it shall be deemed to have approved and recognized the entire contents.
This drone is provided to those adults who have the experience on operating the model planes.
the users should fly the drone within the legal and safe place. our company will not responsible
for the accidents that caused by wrong operation and or improper control after the drones sold.
The installation instruction should be followed strictly. Otherwise the Walkera will not bear any loss
and legal responsibility due to the improper operation, assembling and modification.
2.0 Get to know your QR X900
e OR X900 is a level 900, professional 6-axis drone for aerial photo.
e The new industrial and structure design, retractable landing gear, folding arm and GPS folding seat can
bring you excellent portability and user experiences.
e The propellers, arm fixed-tube and skid landing supporting tube are used with carbon fiber composite
material, which is superior toughness and rigidity.
e Module circuit design and intelligent monitor system could inspected automatically the circuit, control signal,
GPS, compass, barometer
During the flight, if any of the motors stopped and the drone could land safely with stable and reliable flight
control appliance.
Retractable landing gear, a high powered suppressing vibration and stable gimble structure to bring you
the aerial photo perspective in all direction and high-quality shooting.
It is easy to DIY with folding arm and change from 4-axis to 6-axis; 6-axis to 4-axis.
. Landing gear
2. Counterclockwise motor
Clockwise motor
4. Counterclockwise propeller
. Clockwise propeller
. Dropsafe
7. GPS
. Battery install position
. Receiving detecting light
10. Electrocircuit detecting light
11. Barometer detecting light
12. Compass detecting light
13. GPS detecting light
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
3.0 Get to know your DEVO F12E Radio (black version)
Integrated with 5.8G image transmitting system, it's convenient to receive aerial photos, and equipped with
swithes for GPS Hold Mode, Round Fly Mode, Hyper IOC Mode, One key Return To Home, control Dropsafe
/ Gimbal/ Landing gear functions, easy to operate.
(0) Manual Mode
(1) GPS-hold Mode
(2) Return TO Home
MIX Switch to “0”
MIX Switch to “1”
MIX Switch to “2”
Left stick THRO/RUDD stick
Mode 2 Right stick | ELEV/AILE stick
(Throttle stick | 9" $e se
on the left) Left trim THRO trim
Right trim ELEV trim
Left stick ELEV/RUDD stick
Mode 1 Right stick | THRO/AILE stick
(Throttle stick fer .
on the right) Left trim ELEV trim
Right trim THRO trim
1. 2.4G TX antenna
2. RUDD D/R - Drop Safe switch
GEAR - Landing Gear Retract Switch
and Deploy landing gear
4. ELEV DIR - IOC control switch Ц
Inteligent Orientation Control
5. AUX5 - Gimbal horizontal or
ROLL control
6. Left trim
Left stick
8. RUDD trim
9. UP key
10. DN key
11. EXT key
Warmth Warning:
12. 5.8G RX antenna
13. FMOD - Round flight mode
14. MIX(Control Mode Switch)
15. AILE D/R
16. AUX6 - Gimbal pitch control
17. Right stick
(1) The 2.4G TX antenna and 5.8G RX antenna must be installed.
(2) Please refer to DEVO F12E user manual.
18. Right trim
19. AILE trim
20. R key
21. L key
22. ENT key
23. Power switch
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
4.0 Aircraft specifications
Main Rotor Dia.: 17x5.5inch
| A
Symmetric motor wheel base: 900mm
Overall (Lx W x H): 983x853x687mm
© x
ol o
Weight: 6.95kg(Battery included) 3 =
Takeoff Weight: < 10kg
| | —Y
Transmitter: DEVO-F12E(black version)
Main Controller: FCS-RX705
Brushless Motor: WK-WS-60-001(KV350)
Brushless ESC: QR 900(R/B)
Battery: 22.2V 16000mAh 15C(6S) Li-Po
Flight Time: 12-14 minutes(load 3kg)
Working environment: --10 C- +40 C
5.0 Attention before flight
(1) This product is suitable for those adults who have model plane operating experience.
(2) Do not fly in bad weather, such as windy, snowy, foggy etc..
(3) Select the open, no-tall-buildings and mine area. Extensive use of steel buildings will affect the compass
Work, blocking the GPS signal, causing worse on the aircraft positioning or even not able to locate.
(4) Please keep away from highly spining parts(such as propellers and motors).
(5) Please keep away from obstacles, people, water and so on.
(6) Do not fly it in where there is high-voltage lines, communication base stations or radio towers, in order to
avoid signal interference.
(7) Don't fly in no-fly zone according to the local laws and regulations.
(8) Flight performance will be affected when flying it with altitude of 4500 meters,
as the battery and gravity system will be influenced.
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
6.0 Charge the battery
| 22.2V 16000mAh Li-Po
6 cells socket
feo Balance Char Balance Charger
ооо | ЛА —
— J
e For safety, please connect/disconnect the
power supply according to the guide.
When connect the power supply, please
connect the black plug first, then connect
the red plug; When Power cuts, please
= Il out th lug first, and then pull
=; pull out the red plug first, and then pu
= out the black plug.
Connect to
The operation instructions are as follow:
After connecting to Press Start / Enter to Press Inc., the screen
the power, the screen confirm, the screen will i i
will show main menu: =) | =) will show LiPo BALANCE
Program Select LiPo mew a 5.0A 22.2V(6S)
BATT 5.0A 22.2V(6S)
Press start / Enter button Press Start / Enter, to Press Start / Enter, getting
for 3 seconds, the screen get into voltage setting into current setting, then
will show R: 6SER S: 6SER <= <=
a and then press Dec. or press Dec. or Inc. to set
and will switch between
CANCEL(STOP) and es de Sal ue vel sie the current amount to 5.0A
CONFIRM(ENTER) amount to 22.2V(6S)
Press Start/ Enter Remarks: For more
details, PLZ check
the manual of ¡MAX
B6 charger.
to start charging =)
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
7.0 Assemble
7.1 Install landing gear
(1) Install the landing gear mounting pipe
to lower landing gear fixing block, and
tighten up M3x8/M3x20 screws
(2 Install the landing gear mounting pipe to upper |
landing gear fixing block, and tighten up M3x8 screws.
(3) Right and left landing gear install method are same
e Ensure the landing gear mounting pipes insert the upper
and lower landing gear mounting blocks.
7.2 Install aircraft arm
(1) Push the rotating part outwards and erect the GPS mounting pipe. y
©) Insert the arm into centre frame, adjust the position, Make the machine
arm screw mounting holes fit to the center frame screw holes, and tighten (1)
up the M4x30 screws(M1,M3,M4,M6 arm) and M4x45 screws(M2, M5 arm).
(4) Tighten knob screw of the center of the shelves.
e The machine arm M1 ~ M6 must be installed into the
corresponding position of the load center.
= A
= Du 0
U A 14
я 2
Y me а AN
“> Ts x У 6
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
7.3 Connect brushless motor line
(1D Unscrew four M2.5x6 screw from center plate cover,
remove the center plate cover.
(2) Brushless motor speed controller line insert according to lable.
@) Install the center plate cover again, tighten up four M2.5x6 screw.
7.4 Install the propeller
(1) Unscrew the screw M3x12, and
take off the propeller grips.
(2 Install the Propeller to the aircraft
arm according to the direction of
arrow, and tighten the propeller
and propeller with screw M3x12.
7.5 Install the dropsafe
(if equipped with this device)
(@ Install the dropsafe into the
hole of the center board, fixed
with screw M3x10.
(2) Put the dropsafe servo cable
into Drop safe channel of the
power box.
M5 M4
© Center plate cover
and arrow are same.
e M2/M4/M6 are clockwise direction, please
install the clockwise propeller (9) -
e Please make sure the direction of propeller
e M1/M3/M5 are counterclockwise direction, please
install counterclockwise propeller (§) -
Drop safe
¢ servo cable
0002 0000 00[00[22
OOo oooo on
OOo oooo on
Drop safe
AUX1 out
AUX2 out
AUX3 out
AUXS out
AUX6 out
AUX7 out
AUXS out
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
7.6 Install the battery
Put the lipo battery into aircraft, and adjust
centre-of-gravity positon of the aircraft until
the head and tail are keep balanced,then y Hn
fixed the battery with balt. E
Attention: In order to keep safely, |
when turn on the power, please
insert the black plug first, and then
insert the red plug.when cut down ?
the power, please pull out the red plug
first, and then pull out the black plug.
Lipo battery
install position
8.0 Ready for flight
Put the model plane to outdoor an open area, and the user face tail of it.
8.1 Binding of the QR X900
(M Put all the function switches to the 0 position, put all trims/knobs to the Middle position,
move the throttle to the lowest position, then turn on the radio.
fé 35
(2) Put the aircraft in the horizontal position, then connect the aircraft power (Insert the black cable to “-” pole first,
and then insert the red cable to “+” pole). Slide the power switch to “ON” position then press the power button
for about 3-5 seconds, until the green power indicator light up.
@ Within approx. 40 sec. the red LED light will stop flashing indicating that the code binding has finished.
E UU Power switch
=> IN В
7 | En
8.2 Compass Calibration
When come to a new flying ground or change the flying ground far away from original place, please
calibrate compass first.(the motor must be locked and red LED go out)
O Enter the calibration mode Do this by moving both
sticks DOWN and to the middle position at the same
time. The aircraft will start a blinking fast RED.
2) Tail of aircraft
towards If
© FORWARD rotation. Smoothly rotate the aircraft
forward in 90 degree increments, pausing for
1 second every 90 deg. (0 / 90 / 180 / 270 / 360)
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
CLOCKWISE rotation. Rotate the aircraft around the
roll axis smoothly in 90 deg increments. Pausing 1
second for each 90 deg. (0 / 90 / 180 / 270 / 360)
O) Tail of aircraft
towards yourself
O HORIZONTAL rotation. Rotate the aircraft around
the YAW axis smoothly in 90 deg increments. Pa-
using 1 second for each 90 deg.(0 / 90 / 180 / 270 / 360)
NOSE DOWN rotation. Rotate the aircraft facing
the nose down. rotate smoothly in 90 deg increm- (5)
ents. Pausing 1 second for each 90 deg.
(0 / 90 / 180 / 270 / 360)
| © the red LED light
to stop flashing
(6) Place the aircraft in normal position. The rapid RED
blinking will stop. This indicates that the calibration 4 в
is finished. Disconnect the battery to save the settings. Ground 3 | |.
e IMPORTANT: The first couple of flights, you may experience the aircraft drifting,
This is normal, please continue to fly the aircraft manually, while the system refines the calibration. After 5-10 minutes land,
lock the motors, to save the improved settings.
Notice: The slight drifting may continue for a couple of batteries, you will notice significant improvement in GPShold & stability after 4-5 batteries.
Notice: Always perform the calibration away from eletric fields and metal surfaces.
Trivia: Different brands have different calibration processes, the process is typically refered to as “the Calibration Dance”.
8.3 GPS indicator lights
GPS Satellites <6 6 7 8 9 10 1 12 13
The blue Blinking | Blinking Blinking
LED status 2 times | 3times | 4 times
IMPORTANT: For SAFE flight in GPS flight mode:
The BLUE indicator light should at least “double” blink, (two blinks at a time).
It is highly recommended that you wait for “triple blink” 8 statelites before starting the flight.
NEVER attempt to AUTO-START with less than “triple blinks”
8.4 Motor Unlock / Lock Mode1 (Throttle stick on the right) | Mode2 (Throttle stick on the left)
e Motor Unlock
After binding the DEVO F12E to the QR X900, Check that all trims 4
are neutral, the throttle stick is ALL the way Down with the display Rudder stick to stick Throttle / Rudder ioe EV stick
indicating 0% throttle. Check that ALL switches are in the UP position.
Note: that you can start the motors in the Manual Mode or the GPS-HOLD MODE.Gently push the throttle stick down and move
the rudder (YAW) stick to the left side. (on mode 2 radios throttle and rudder is the same stick)
You will see the RED indicator LED turn on, indicating that motors are unlocked.
Be very careful at this point, as pushing the thottle up will start the motors. You can test by pushing the stick up a little, the motors
should start. For your safety, the motors will dis-arm again after 10seconds.
e Motor Lock
Lock the motors by moving the throttle stick all the way down and the rudder (YAW) stick all the way to the right.
The RED LED light will go out when the motors are disarmed.
TEST: push the throttle stick up a little, the motors will not start when locked.
* The motors are LOCKED by default after successful binding.
* Motors can be unlocked or locked in GPS-hold mode.
if you land in GPS mode, move the “MIX” switch to position “0”
or position “1” before locking the motors, make sure you wait
until the QR X900 is safely on the ground before changing the = »
switch to “0” (manual) while changing, make sure to keep the Rudder stick Y © ELEV stick
throttle DOWN to prevent motors from starting. Throttle stick Throttle / Rudder stick
Mode1 (Throttle stick on the right) | Mode2 (Throttle stick on the left)
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
9.0 Operation Instruction
Aircraft posture( == the direction of head) Radio control instruction
+ Mode1 (Throttle stick on the right) Mode2 (Throttle stick on the left)
Left / right
ROLL (lean) t
> =
YAW (turn) + ar,
Left / right A N E
GPS hold mode
; ; 0
In this mode, maneuver by moving A
the controls, and simply let go of E у
the controls and the QR X900 will 2
hold its position.
DO NOT switch to manual before
landing. It is safer to land in GPS
hold mode, then swtich to manual
MIX switch Throttle stick AFTER landing to lock motors
Ground to “1” position return neutral
(1) NEVER use this mode with less than 8 satelites locked, you should see BLUE TRIPLE BLINK.
(2) Before switching mode, always put the throttle stick to middle position ( 50% ).
(3) IF the GPS signal degrades, the QR 900 will automatically enter “Altitude hold mode” note in this mode it will drift, but will hold its altitude.
After flying 50% of the battery, do NOT switch from GPS mode to Manual, this may cause a sudden drop / crash.
You can land in GPS mode, after landing, keep the throttle stick DOWN and switch to manual, then lock the motors.
(4) DEVO F12E setting: Model Menu =p Device Output = Gear = MIX SW =» Active
This mode is used for making À | 5
circles aroundan object of => =>
interest. RADIUS is set in the 2
F12E menu by adjusting ) (
Position 2 value for AUX3 f SN ВР” \ MIX switch Move FMOD switch to “2” Move FMOD switch to “0”
to “1” position The Round Fly will start The Round Fly will stop
(1) This mode require 8 satelites locked, you should see BLUE TRIPLE BLINK.
(2) Before activating the round-fly mode, you should be in “GPS hold mode” always put the throttle stick to middle position(50%)
(3) The default roundfly radius is 5 meters (15 feet), You can change the Round Fly radius by editing the AUX3 EPA (End
Point Adjustment) on the DEVO F12E transmitter, for details on editing EPA settings, see the “Servo Travel Adjust”.
After having changed the setting, you should turn FMOD switch to “0” position to save the data, then return to “2” position
to read the new Roundly radius.
(4) DEVO F12E setting: Model Menu => Device Output => AUX3 => FMOD SW =p Active
N do
<=» ©
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
— / 1% MIX
Height over HP >15m (=)
> Oi
J y
— № 2
Elevate to 15m Throttle stick MIX switch
15m neutral to “2” position
Height over HP<15m
Home Point ©
a. If the flight altitude is higher than 15m, the aircraft will keep the current altitude and return above the Home Point then descend vertically.
b. When the flight altitude is lower than 15m, the aircraft will elevate automatically to 15m then fly back above the Home Point and land vertically.
(1) The Return To Home mode, will only work when you have a solid GPS lock, it is recommend that you avoid flying
if GPS lock is missing.
(2) After engaging Return to Home mode, leave the throttle stick at 50% (centered) DO NOT touch any switches on
the DEVO F12E radio.
To REGAIN control of the QR X900, make sure the throttle is centered, then flip the MIX switch to position “1” . In
an emergency such as losing the control link between the F12E and the QR X900, the Failsafe system will automatically
start RTH. You may not be able to interupt an emergency RTH, simply let the aircraft continue until it lands.
(3) DEVO F12E setting: Model Menu => Device Output > GEAR => MIX SW => Active
Hyper IOC Mode
IOC or Intelligent Orientation Control mode means that the aircraft's flight direction is only relative to the
orignal take-off point (where you armed the motors). REGARDLESS of the actual aircraft headding, in this
mode you can fly past something and pan the aircraft to frame your shot, without having to worry what
direction the aircraft is facing.
, . | T | ELEV DIR
, \ = 2!
u ! \ ELEV D/R switch Mode2 (Throttle ELEV D/R switch
«>> | O «<>
“1” position: IOC ON stick on the left) “0” position: IOC OFF
“= =
(1) The IOC mode requires a strong GPS lock, you should have trible blinks on the blue GPS indicator light.
(2) 10C is inactive if the QR X900 is less than 10 meter (30 feet) from the original take-off position. (point where you armed the motors)
Fly the QR X900 manually beyond 10 meters using the GPS mode, then activate the IOC mode, the QR X900 will now fly
IOC until you change the mode, you can pan freely for video shots, when you push the stick right or left, the QR X900 will
move sideways relative to the original take-off position. Pushing the pitch stick up will push the QR X900 away from you,
pulling the stick back brings the QR X900 back to the starting point. When flying in IOC mode, you can make the QR Х900
return to the starting point simply by pulling the stick toward you.
WARNING: The IOC turns off when the aircraft gets closer than 10meters to the take off point. Be prepared for this, as the
system will switch back to GPS hold mode at that point. This switch can cause confusion if the pilot are not prepared.
(3) DEVO F12E setting: Model Menu = Device Output =p AUX2 =p ELEV D/R=p-Active
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
Landing gear Extended and retracted
! у
e GEAR 1
Retract landing gear
GEAR switch to “0” position: GEAR switch to “1” position:
Extend landing gear Retract landing gear
(1) Keep the Gear switch on “0”, then make sure the servo lines of left/right landing gear insert into
the GEAR channel and connect the aircraft power.
(2) Make sure the landing gear retracted (Gear switch on “1”) after the aircraft takes off.
(3) When the aircraft lands manually, extend the landing gear(Gear switch on “0”).
(4) In the “RETURN TO HOME” mode, the landing gear will extend automatically till the
flight end, no matter where is the GEAR switch.
(5) DEVO F12E setting: Model Menu = Device Output => AUX4 => GEAR SW => Active
Model Menu =- Device Output => AUX5 => GEAR SW == Active
Dropsafe control
Push the RUDD D/R switch two round turn or above within 3 seconds
then the dropsafe will open.
( one round turn: push the switch from“0” to“1”, then push back to“0”)
(1) Keep The RUDD D/R switch on “0”, then connect the servo line of the dropsafe with
the “Drop safe’channel and connect the aircraft power.
(2) During the flight, do not open the dropsafe.
(3) When the flying model inclines to 80 degree, the parachute will open automatically.
(4) After the dropsafe open, the aircraft power should be connected again to reopen the dropsafe.
(5) DEVO F12E setting: Model Menu =» Device Output = Flap =» RUDD D/R > Active
10.0 End flight
© Manual landing or back home function landing.
@ Turn off the aircraft power(turn the power switch to “OFF”), then turn off the power of the remote controller.
© Take the battery from the aircraft (pull the red cable out from the aircraft, then pull the black cable out.)
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
11.0 Additional remark
11.1 DEVO F12E (Black version) settings
e Boot Screen(Main interface)
Throttle percentage value
Timer display
[Transmission power display
у у у =
>01 > Model 01 0% 00:00 =; E+
Battery capacity display
Model name
Model type >
Model No.
Rudder trim display —— 0 0 0
Model 1(ELEV ne
Model 2(THRO trim)
Left trim display
0 0-— Aileron trim display
"Model 1(THRO trim)
— 2(ELEV trim)
Right trim display
e Model Select
Model Select <
_UPIDN _UP/DN P/DN 02 $ Model 02
04 $ Model 04
05 > Model 05
Press the UP or DN button to select the stored model number. For example 07 Model 07
“Model 01”, press EXT to return to the “Model Menu” after finished. 08 E Model 08
e Model Name e Type Select
| Model Menu Menu UPON, Model Name o | Model Menu Menu PON, | Type Select Select 1
Model Name Type Select
No. 01 Helicopter
Name y
QR X900
Press UP or DN button to select the characters which
need to be changed, Named model “QR X900".
Press EXT to return to the “Model Menu”.
Select the model type with the R or L
button, and ENT to confirm and return
to the "Model Menu".
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
e Wing Type
Wing Type v
Wing Type
Model Menu Wing Type | —— > V-Tail Inhibit
Dual Channels Inhibit
“ ” Mate Inhibit
Press R or L to select “Normal”, , nn
Trim Inhibit
then press EXT to return to the Twin Engine Inhibit
“Model Menu”. Trim Inhibit
e Device Output Device Output + Device Output oH
Gear AUX4
Active Active
Model Menu Device Output Active Active
Press EXT to return to the “Model Menu” Active Active
after finished. Active Active
e Sensor Setting Sensor Setting
UP/DN ENT No Signal "a
Model Menu | ——— | Sensor Setting| —— > eE MD
Sensor Submenu
к on Voltage
Press R or L to select “Active”.
GPS Setting
Press UP or DN to select Voltage on the Sensor Setting interface. Press ENT to enter the Voltage interface.
(1) Voltage Setting
Internal: VO Inhibit
External: V1 Active
External: V2 Inhibit
(2) GPS Receive Setting
Internal shows the Radio battery voltage.
External shows the aircraft battery voltage.
QR X900 default setting is 21.5V,
Fly the copter back ASAP if you get a warning!
Press UP or DN to select the GPS setting on the Sensor Setting interface, then press ENT to enter the GPS
Setting interface.
GPS Setting
Altitude Type
Speed Unit Km/h
Date Type DD-MM-YY
Time Zone UTC+08:00
(2.4) Time Zone:
(2.1) Altitude Type setting:
Press R or L to select Absolute or Relative.
(2.2) Speed Unit setting:
Press R or L to select Km/h or Knote.
(2.3) Date Type setting:
Press R or L to select DD-MM-YY\ MM-DD-YY\ YY-MM-DD.
Press R or L to select Time Zone, then press EXT to return to the “Main Menu”.
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
e Reverse Switch
Function Menu Menu
Reverse Reverse Switch Reverse Switch | ENT Factory default Settings interface.
Reverse Switch v Reverse Switch @
Elevator лоха Normal |
Aileron Normal AUXS Normal Press EXT to return back to the
Throttle Normal AUX6 Normal
Rudder Normal AUX7 Normal “Eunction Menu” after finished.
Gear Normal
Flap Normal
AUX2 Normal
AUX3 Normal
e Servo Travel Adjust
Travel Adjust v Travel Adjust 1 Y
Elevator U100.0% Gear +100.0%
D100.0% -100.0%
UP/DN . ENT ; о FI U100.0%
Throttle ~~ H100.0% AUX2 +100.0%
L100.0% -100.0%
Press UP or DN to select AUX3 channel, Rudder L100.0% AUX3 +5.0%
R100.0% -100.0%
press R or L to set +5.0%(5 means Roundfly
radius is 5 meters) and -100.0%. Travel Adjust 1
AUX4 +120.0%
Press UP or DN to select AUX4 and AUXS, press R or L to set the value AUX5 +120.0%
A -120.0%
as +120.0% and -120.0%, then according to the actual situation to decrease °
AUX6 +100.0%
or increase(Servo arm and linkage should be right touch to skid landing base), -100.0%
| | AUX7 +100.0%
after setting, press EXT to return function menu. -100.0%
e Video Setting
Video Setting
PDN System Menu | —— | Video Setting |->
NT Channel 1/32
Background Active
Status: Press R or L to select “Active”.
Channel: Press R or L to choose suitable receiving video channel.
Background: Press R or L to select Active, Real-time image will be set as background in Main Menu.
Press EXT to switch full screen or half screen to display image when in the main interface.
e Senser View
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
Battery volume
Sensor View ©
Timer ——00:53 22.2V 100m—— Horizontal
= = distance
UP/DN . ENT = =
Function Menu Senser View | + =
i iaht —— 5.0Km/h< Horizontal
Flight height >1 2 m flight speed
Longitude 1 04° 15.5123E 22° 06.0902N4 Latitude
Press R or L to select viewport display. When the image is set as the background, Information will be
displayed on the image.
® Timer Setting: select according to your needs
UPIDN | Mogel Menu |? | Stick Position Switch| ——“ +
Switch: Press R or L to select “SPS0 SW”.
Channel: Press R or L to select “Throttle”.
Position: Press L to set percentage(Suggested setting is L94%).
On setting: Press R or L to select “High” as rocker direction for on.
Move up and down of the throttle to check if the direction of the switch is set correctly.
Then press EXT to return to the “Main Menu”.
———» | Function Menu
Type: Press R or L to select stopwatch or countdown.
Switch: Press R or L to select “SPS0 SW”.
Press EXT to return back to the main interface when finished.
Stick Position Switch
Switch SPSO SW
Channel Throttle
Position L94%
On Higt
me EN
Switch SPSO SW
Usage: Toggle the throttle up to L94% to start the time, toggle the throttle down to L94% to stop the time,
press DN to reset.
01 » Model01 0% 00:00 =
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
11.2 Power board instruction
. the camera switch( the factory default state is on AUX7, do not touch)
. the remote controller switch (the factory default state is
on AUXS5, do not tough)
. Gimbal connecting port |
. DC 22V power output port
w N
| |
5 r
A =>
) )
2 L
o >
. M1 brushless motor and brushless ESC connection port
. M2 brushless motor and brushless ESC connection port
M3 brushless motor and brushless ESC connection port
. Bluetooth installation position
10. Main controller installation position
11. DC 12V power output port
12. M4 brushless motor and brushless ESC connection port
13. M5 brushless motor and brushless ESC connection port
MM т
14. M6 brushless motor and brushless ESC connection port Frount figure
11.3 FCS-RX705 Main Controller Guideline
ZZ =
Main Controller flex-
ible flat cable(FFC)
plug should be inserted upward = plug should be inserted downward to
The metal surface of flat cable Zw ЛЕ The metal surface of flexible flat cable
to main controller port properly. power board port properly.
Main controller upgrade port
USB port: used to USB upgrade °° port: used to connect GPS module
deVention UART Ant
FCS-RX705 |
‚ Main Controller FCS E —— LED light
2 ‚Switch Made in China Anten na
RX— BT | i RX Upgrade
“Eternal RX(ON es OFF) м
© o
1.External RX [| Receiver upgrade port
ON-—OFF (Factory default is “off”)
Clear fix ID button
hm Toggle switch to RX position: Remote cotroller control aircraft
I] Toggle switch to BT position: Remote cotroller and GCS(Ground station software)
both can control aircraft
QR X900 Quick Start Guide
11.4 Methods for transferring QR X900 from 6-axis to 4-axis (as needed)
O Dismount M2 and M5 arms in the reverse order of arm installation, and disconnect the brushless motor
and brushless speed controller connection wires of M2 and M5. (Please refer to page 6-7)
©) Dismount M3 and M4 arms in the reverse order of arm installation, and disconnect the brushless motor
and brushless speed controller connection wires of M3 and M4. (Please refer to page 6-7)
Then exchange the installation position and connection port and start the new installation.
(that is to say, match M3 at M4, match M4 at M3)
(3) Please download the main controller program for 4-axis on Walkera official website.
Connection method: use the USB cable to connect the computer and the USB port on the main controller.
me e
Dismount M5 arm M5 Sa M2 Dismount M2 arm
<= and brushless motor Car m] 3 EE and brushless motor )
and brushless speed © - and brushless speed
controller wire controller wire
es m= position for (am ¡O
хр M3 and M4 e
M4 M3
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