Outer Jacket Corrugated AL shield Binder 24 AWG component

Outer Jacket Corrugated AL shield Binder 24 AWG component
Product Specification Sheet
Catalog Number: 24-6P-PE89
Construction Detail
Product Illustration
24 AWG component
Corrugated AL shield
Outer Jacket
Physical Construction
Component 1:
Twisted pair
24 AWG 7/32 solid copper conductors
Skin foam polyolefin insulation: .010-inch nominal thickness
2 conductors twisted in varying lay lengths.
Outside voice and data filled foam skin QUALPETH cable for
duct and direct burial installations where protection against
water and moisture entry is a requirement.
Color Code
Pair 1: Blue & White
Pair 2: Orange & White
Pair 3: Green & White
Pair 4: Brown & White
Pair 5: Slate & White
Pair 6: Red & Blue
Electrical Specifications
Final assembly:
6 of component 1 twisted in a 4-inch lay
ETPR filling compound for water resistance
100% Non-hygroscopic dielectric tape binder
100% corrugated aluminum shield over the inner construct
PE jacket: .045-inch nominal thickness
Final construction: .400-inch nominal OD
Product Print Legend: GCC-010 (YYYY) PE 89 –AL -6/24
Sequential footmarks are applied in conjunction with the
print legend every two feet.
24 AWG:
DCR: 28.6 Ω per 1000 feet
Impedance: 100 Ω at 1 KHz
Voltage: 300 Volts RMS
Temperature: -20°C to 75°C
Regulatory Specifications
RUS(REA) 7 CFR 17555.890 (REA PE89)
Specification Control
Revision Date: 12/15/2004
Liberty Wire & Cable specifications are subject to change
without notice. Contact an account representative for
current product specifications. Liberty Wire & Cable
continuously strives to ensure product specifications are
accurate and complete. All physical specifications are
Product Information
Jacket Colors:
Packaging: Reels only, custom to order
Special Note: This is a proprietary General Cable product,
Part number 7525751. Please consult Genre
Form Revision Date: 04/15/2004
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