The PIPS P362 camera system is a complete image

The PIPS P362 camera system is a complete image
C0 r11 plete image-capture
system designed for use
with Automatic License Plate
Recognition (ALPR)
Patented filter and flash
techniques provide excellent
suppression of headlights
and bright lights
Small size coupled with
high performance makes
it suitable for many
The PIPS P362 camera system is a complete image-capture solution designed for
use with Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems. Although primarUy
designed for mobile or portable applications, its small size coupled to high
performance makes it suitable for many other applications, such as parking, law
enforcement and access control.
Patented fUter and flash techniques provide excellent suppression of headlights,
bright sunlight, etc.
Field-by-field control of camera parameters enables the use of PIPS Technology's
patented TripleFlash," technique to reduce problems of plate-ta-plate variation.
As an option, the P362 system can be supplied with an integrated overview camera
(color or monochrome), set either to the same focal length as the IR camera, or for
a wider view. Thus, the P362 enables an ALPR system to always capture from the
monochrome camera and, when suitable lighting conditions are available, a color
overview image of the vehicle can be associated with the captured license plate image.
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The unit consists of a
monochrome CCD camera
with high infrared sensitivity,
surrounded by an illuminator
consisting of a ring of eyesafe, infrared light-emitting
diodes (LEDs)
The rugged metal housing is
completely waterproof and
the unit has nO moving parts
for high reliability
The bUilt-in controller,
12V operation, and single
connecting cable enable
easy mobile or fixed
system configuration and
The overview camera can
be a separate video feed or
the built-in multiplexer can
send two signals on a single
An integrated photocell
can automatically activate
separate night settings
for the overview camera
especially for high-speed
. ......
. ....•....
112mm (4.4 inches) long, 107mm (4.2 inches) diameter, excluding hood
<1.5 kg (3.31 pounds)
8.5-15V d.c..1210 20 Watts
Longitudinally-extruded finned case for excellent heat dissipation
. ...
Sealed end-caps provide totally-sealed enclosure. Casing nitrogen purged
Clear IR-transmissive front window
Integral band-pass filter (lR camera)
IntegrallR-cut filter (color camera)
25, 12, 8, 7, 6, 4.9, 4mm and 2.9mm lenses available
High-power IR pulsed !lIuminator. PIPS Technology TripleF/ash illumination (patented)
Flash table (an include a position for the color overview camera with LEOs turned off
The illuminator flash table runs locally and autonomously on power-up and can be set via an interactive PC graphical utility or via a
simple command-line text interface
Effective viewing range: up to 50 feet (15 meters)
Monochrome IR camera
Color camera (optional)
Hi-sensitivity IR CCD 752 x 582 (CClR) or 768 x 494 (EIA) lj.,-inch format
Exview-HADTM Color CCD 752x582 (PAL) or 768 x 494 (NTSC) lj.,-inch format
Separate day I night settings ( for high-speed applications) with changeover from built-in photo sensor
Video output
Separate 7S ohm standard video output for infrared monochrome and for color
Both cameras can be multiplexed to one output controlled by the flash table
External video sync input; otherwise crystal-controlled internal sync (both cameras locked together)
No external controller required; graphical or command-line interface control of:video-field table; flash (8 settings); gain (8 settings);
shutter (4 settings); camera selection (2 settings) under RS 232 control; table depth, up to 8 Manual/auto-table(On/Offj, plus
engineering-only access to camera DSP internal settings, e.g. horizontal and vertical aperture correction, Gamma, etc.
RS232 & RS485, Rx, Tx, Gnd, 19.2kB, 8 bits, no-parity, 1 stop-bit Flash-table index encoded in top left-hand corner of image
Twisted-pair with overall screen, standard length 16.4 feet (5 meters)
MetallP67-sealed connectors
Greater lengths achievable; including optional use of cable incorporating coaxial video
75 ohm standard video (infrared monochrome and color); power
(+vel-vel; RS 232/RS485 communications; camera and overall
screens; external sync, flash gnd and flash pulse
Integral 'T'-slo! with captive floating relainer tapped for %-inch UNC (standard tripod mount), or two M4 fixing holes for standard pan
Sun shield
The use of a sun shield is recommended where the unit is deployed externally. PIPS will supply a short sunshield
& tilt mounting
A long sunshild may be supplied as an alternatlve for permanent installations where it is required to keep contamination from the
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