OverDrive Audiobooks - Connetquot Public Library

OverDrive Audiobooks - Connetquot Public Library
OverDrive Audiobooks
Step 2: Checking out an audiobook
(Windows/Mac users, iPods, and other MP3 players)
On your computer, visit Connetquot
Library’s webpage:
www.connetquotlibrary.org/digital and click
the link for Audiobooks
Cick the link for OverDrive
Click Account
Choose Connetquot Public Library from the
drop down list and then enter the number
from the back of your library card and click
Sign In. You may also wish to save your login
You will be logged into your
account. Click Settings.
Next, you will need to adjust
your preferences for the loan
period on your audiobooks.
Choose either 7 days or 14
August 2013  1
Next, you will search for a title to
check out.
Click the Menu button to see a list of
categories, or type in a title or author
into the search box at the top of the
When you find a title to check
out, click Borrow to begin the
checkout process.
Click Go to Bookshelf
Click the dropdown next to the
Download button and choose your
audiobook format. Then click
Confirm & Download.
If prompted, choose to Open the file —
make sure you have already installed the
OverDrive Medica Console software on
your computer.
August 2013  2
A small window will pop up which
begins the download process and
acquires the license to your title.
Click OK to continue
If you receive this
message, click Yes
to create a folder on
your computer that
will house this
downloaded audiobook.
You can choose to download as
many parts of the audiobook as
you wish. Leave all parts
checked to download the entire
The green status bar at the bottom
of the OverDrive Media Console will
keep you informed of the downloading process.
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When your book has finished downloading, you can play it on your computer using the OverDrive Media
The OverDrive Media Console has several other options you can use with audiobooks.
Play on your
Transfer to a
Burn to a
blank CD
(if allowed)
parts of the
Delete from your
plug your
iPod or MP3 player into the USB port in the front of your computer.
You can also transfer to a device such as an iPod or MP3 player. To transfer to a device,
iPod users will first need to set your devices to Manually Manage Music.
Plug your iPod into your computer and open iTunes.
In iTunes, locate your device in the left hand side panel and click the device.
The Summary screen is displayed.
Place a checkmark next to option 'Manually manage music…'.
Click the Apply button.
August 2013  4
Click Transfer on
the OverDrive Media
Console toolbar
The transfer wizard will begin.
Click Next
OverDrive Media Console will begin to
search for the device you plugged into the USB
port in the front of your computer.
After your device is detected, you
can choose how many parts you want to
If you have only downloaded one
part of the audiobook to your computer
(as in the example to the right), you can
only transfer one part. Click Next.
August 2013  5
The parts of the audiobook will
begin to transfer to your device.
When the parts have transferred
to your device, you will receive this
message. Click Finish.
You can disconnect your device
from your computer to enjoy your
titles on the go.
The titles you transfer to your device
will not expire and can be played until
you delete them from your device.
August 2013  6
Tips on Tranferring an Audiobook to Your Device
Transfer an Audiobook to a Device (for most devices)
Many audiobooks are available to transfer to a portable device such as an MP3 player or iPod. A title
you transfer to a device is yours forever; the license to play it does not expire.
For most devices:
Plug in your device in the USB port on the front or back of your computer
Open the OverDrive Media Console and click on the item you want to transfer
Click the Transfer button at the top of the window
If applicable, select the parts you wish to transfer and then, click Next
When prompted, you can unplug your device and enjoy your title while on the go
Transfer an Audiobook to an iPod:
Option 1: In iTunes, you must choose to Manually manage music and videos. Then, follow the transfer
instructions above using the OverDrive Media Console.
Option 2: You can also use iTunes to transfer audiobooks to your iPod. After you have checked out and
downloaded an audiobook, it will be saved in a folder found under My Documents — My Media — MP3
Audiobooks [or WMA Audiobooks]. You can choose to set iTunes to monitor this folder and import titles
Open iTunes
Click File, then Add Folder to Library
Browse to the folder My Documents — My Media —MP3 Audiobooks (or WMA Audiobooks)
Click Open. iTunes will now import audiobook titles which you can drag to your iPod.
Note: Your audiobooks may appear under the Music category in iTunes
Set your iPod to bookmark your audiobooks and remember where you stopped :
Open iTunes and click on your player on the left-hand side
Find the desired Audiobook title and right-click on the file
Click Get Info
Click the Options tab
Check off Remember playback position
For questions with downloading or transferring audiobooks/music/videos, call the library at 631-567-5079 or
email us at reference@connetquotlibrary.org.
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