IH-06A Manual - Bravo View Technology

IH-06A Manual - Bravo View Technology
KID FRIENDLY Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
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The Bravo View KID FRIENDLY Bluetooth wireless headphones work with nearly all smartphones, tablets and
computers that have built-in Bluetooth. These headphones are designed to give your child the most comfortable and
entertaining experience possible. Their multi-color design will leave your kids begging to wear them, leaving you
with the peace and quite you deserve!
The KID FRIENDLY headphones have a built-in automatic power-off feature that helps preserve battery while not
in use. They run on a pair of AAA batteries, which are not included.
Two batteries (AAA) must be placed into the battery compartment of the headphone, and ensuring that the positive
and negative terminal of the batteries are inserted correctly.
Using the Bluetooth Headphone
1. POWER ON - press and hold the multifunction button about 3 seconds
2. POWER OFF - press and hold the multifunction button about 3 seconds
** The headphone indicator light will turn on for 2 seconds – blue when turning on,and red when turning off.
3. If the headphone is not paired with any audio device, it will be automatically power off after 5 minutes.
1. Power on the audio device you would like to connect to the headphones.
2. Ensure that the headphones are off. If it is on, switch it off.
3. Press and hold the multifunction button about 5 seconds and the LED indicator light flashes twice blue and then
alternately flashes blue and red.
4. Activate the Bluetooth feature on your audio device, set it to search for Bluetooth devices.
5. Select and connect to the headphone (BTS-03/04) from the list of found devices.
6. Pairing password “0000” if requested.
Adjust the volume with Volume Control key to desired listening level while listening to music.
(a) PLAY MUSIC - the headphones must be powered on and connected to an audio device, then press the multifunction button to play.
(b) PAUSE MUSIC - press the multifunction button to pause .
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