Model 363 - Red Rapids
Channel Express RX2 14/400
Red Rapids
Model 363
FPGA Configurable
Dual Channel Receiver
The Channel Express product family provides the ideal
platform to rapidly field application specific signal acquisition
and generation functions minus the expense of custom
hardware development. All of the products share a common
FPGA processing architecture and code base with different
interface options tailored to a variety of market needs.
The Model 363 is designed around the Texas Instruments
ADS5474 14-bit ADC. The 400 MHz sample clock is supplied
by either an on-board frequency synthesizer or an external
source. The frequency synthesizer can be phase locked to
the local 10 MHz TCXO or an external reference can be used
to achieve system-wide phase coherence.
The analog ADC inputs can be either AC or DC coupled to
the external environment. The AC coupled configuration
supports direct IF sampling (bandpass sampling) beyond the
first Nyquist zone. The DC coupled option allows operating
frequencies to approach zero without attenuation.
Available in XMC and PCIe form factors
Dual 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
50 to 400 MHz sample clock frequency
AC or DC coupled analog inputs
Xilinx Virtex-5 LXT or SXT FPGA
32 Mbytes SRAM / 128 Mbytes SDRAM
The Model 363 includes up to 32 Mbytes of QDR SRAM and
128 Mbytes of DDR SDRAM. The QDR SRAM interfaces
to the FPGA through separate 16-bit read and write ports
to achieve a combined 8 Gbytes/sec data transfer rate.
This allows high-speed signal acquisition or generation
independent of PCIe bus throughput. A 32-bit DDR SDRAM is
available to meet lower rate, high-capacity storage needs.
On-board fixed frequency synthesizer
FPGA core library for data interfaces
PCI Express (PCIe) eight lane (x8) bus
Bus master with scatter-gather DMA
The Model 363 is available as a PCI Express mezzanine
card (XMC.3) or half length PCI Express adapter card. Both
form factors offer eight lane (x8) bus operation and support
Windows, Linux, VxWorks drivers & API
Reference design with source code
Ext Ref
or Clock
Clock Select
Xilinx PCI Express Endpoint
AC/DC Coupler
User Cofigurable Logic
Input B
Xilinx Virtex-5 LXT/SXT
External I/O Interface
AC/DC Coupler
Input A
Configuration PROM
The FPGA is selected from the Xilinx Virtex-5 high performance
logic (LXT) or signal processing (SXT) platforms. A variety
of size and speed grade options are offered to optimize the
price/performance ratio over a wide range of applications.
The FPGA communicates with the host processor through
an integrated endpoint block for PCI Express, leaving the
majority of logic uncommitted for customer applications.
4M x 16
4M x 16
4M x 16
4M x 16
32M x 32
PCI Express Bus (x8)
User Bus (Serial & Parallel)
Channel Express RX2 14/400
Red Rapids
Model 363
down-shifting to four lanes (x4). Both cards also include up to eight
additional user defined serial links that can be configured in the FPGA.
An optional user defined parallel bus is offered for compatibility with
legacy hardware.
An optional 50 ohm trigger input is available on the front of the Model
363 to synchronize data processing to an external event. It can also
be used to synchronize an on-board time-of-day clock with an external
GPS or IRIG timing source. Additional bidirectional general purpose
I/O links are available for digital control signals.
The Virtex-5 FPGA is supported by a robust set of development tools
from Xilinx. Creation of user configuration code follows the standard
design flow using a pin assignment file supplied with the product. Cores
are provided in VHDL source code for interfaces to the ADC, DAC,
SRAM, DRAM, utility functions, and PCI Express Endpoint block.
Source code is also provided to the DMA FPGA core that manages data
transfers between the Model 363 and host memory. The DMA engine
allows the transceiver to automatically initiate a PCI burst transaction
when data needs to be transferred. DMA chaining and scatter-gather
techniques are supported by both the hardware and software to optimize
data transfer efficiency using up to 2048 buffers in host memory.
The FPGA configuration PROM can be programmed from software over
the PCIe host connection. A JTAG port is also available to load the
PROM directly or debug application logic using Xilinx ChipScope.
DMA Engine
Local Bus Interface
A/D Interface
The Model 363 ships with diagnostic firmware preloaded in the PROM
to quickly verify hardware and software integrity when it is installed on
the host computer. The diagnostic software performs a snapshot signal
capture on all receiver channels simultaneously. The data from each
channel is stored in a separate disk file for analysis. A verification utility
is also provided to analyze the data and report the characteristics of
the signal that was captured.
FPGA Diagnostic Function (Dual Channel Signal Acquisition)
Typical Applications
Multi-channel data acquisition
Multi-channel software defined radio receiver
Signal intelligence (SIGINT) collection
Receiver algorithm prototyping
Beamforming / TDOA
Signal recorder
Receiver Performance
Measured characteristics*:
3 dB passband (AC): 0.1 to 1300 MHz
3 dB passband (DC): TBD
SNR (AC): 70 dB (20/70/125 MHz)
SFDR (AC):86/84/84 dB (20/70/125 MHz)
Channel isolation: 85 dB (250 MHz)
Phase noise: -100 dBc/Hz (10 kHz offset)
Internal reference: 10 MHz +/- 1.5 ppm
*Consult the Hardware Reference Manual for details.
Form factor: XMC.3 or half-length PCIe
PCIe Lanes: x8 or x4 (down-shift)
Optional external reference or sample clock
External trigger input (50 ohms)
Serial User bus: Up to 8 transceiver lanes
Parallel User bus: 62-bit LVTTL or LVDS
Power dissipation: 10 to 22 Watts
Airflow: 250 LFM at 35 degrees C
Fedora Linux kernel 2.4 or 2.6
Windows 2000, XP, or Server
VxWorks v6 (Kontron CP6012 target)
Build Options
Virtex-5 FPGA:
LX50T-2/-3, LX85T-2/-3, LX110T-2/-3
LX155T-2/3, SX50T-2/-3, SX95T-2
Synthesizer frequency:
400 MHz (Maximum ADC specification)
213 MHz (160 MHz IF sampling)
Depopulate memory for cost/power benefit
Conformal coat for harsh environments
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Red Rapids reserves the right to alter product specifications or discontinue any product without notice. All products are sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale supplied at the time of order acknowledgement. This product is not designed, authorized, or warranted for use in a life-support system or
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