Spirent TestCenter PPPoX Base Package

Spirent TestCenter PPPoX Base Package
Spirent TestCenter™
PPPoX Base Package
Convergence is creating a
new generation of integrated
network devices and services
that are much more complex
than ever before. The resulting
increased complexity, scarcity
of testing skills and architectural
shortcomings in current test
systems are hurting the ability of
manufacturers to ship products
on time at escalating quality
levels and slowing service
providers’ ability to deploy
networks that get Quality of
Experience (QoE) right the first
Increase productivity: Get there faster with Spirent
ƒƒ Create traffic patterns to test Triple Play
ƒƒ Set VLAN and QoS settings for
ƒƒ Simulate up to 32K subscribers per port
ƒƒ Powerful command sequencer enables
realistic scenarios and session flapping
ƒƒ Analyze and chart detailed results in real
time, or export to HTML or PDF
ƒƒ PPPoX server mode to test access
concentrators and relay agents
ƒƒ Use IP multicast for enhanced realism
ƒƒ IPCPv4 and IPCPv6 simultaneous on same
ƒƒ Auto retry failed or disconnected sessions
ƒƒ Create and customize options with the
PPPoX option editor
Spirent can help you address this challenge with Spirent TestCenter with its innovative Inspire
Architecture™. Now you can create and execute more complex test cases in less time with the
same resources—and scale tests higher while debugging problems faster. The results: lower
CAPEX and OPEX, faster time to market, greater market share and higher profitability.
The PPPoX Base Package enables service providers and network equipment manufacturers to
quickly validate subscriber scalability. This integrated Spirent TestCenter component simplifies
large-scale test configurations to identify issues involving equipment selection, setting competitive
service level agreements and planning growth with confidence. Service providers use the PPPoX
Base Package to determine the correct amount of equipment necessary for their customers’
needs— avoiding over- and under-deployment.
PPPoX is the most widely deployed authentication protocol for broadband subscriber authentication.
Stability and performance of PPPoX is critical to many service providers’ IPTV and data services.
The Spirent TestCenter PPPoX Base Package helps service providers and network equipment
manufacturers validate performance and functionality of access servers and relay agents.
Emulated Subscribers
Emulated Servers
Device Under
Spirent TestCenter™
PPPoX Base Package
Key features
ƒƒ 32K subscribers per port with up
to 12 ports per test module
ƒƒ 4.7 million subscribers per
ƒƒ PPPoX server and client mode
ƒƒ Supports PPPoE on Ethernet
modules and PPPoEoA and
PPPoA on ATM modules
ƒƒ Detailed analysis: upstream,
downstream and peer-to-peer
analysis per subscriber or port
ƒƒ Interactive feature allows
functional and negative
testing including connecting
and disconnecting groups of
ƒƒ Integrated protocol counters
allows user to track protocol
ƒƒ Real-time results and charting
ƒƒ Easily create large-scale tests
with features such as duplicate
and copy/paste
ƒƒ A command sequencer provides
integrated control plane connect
and disconnect and data plane
Spirent TestCenter customers use the PPPoX Base Package to emulate thousands of subscribers
using different services across multiple ports. The package helps them to determine QoS per
subscriber at different subscriber capacities and to determine capacity at a set QoS bandwidth. It
can simulate typical or extreme subscriber traffic load conditions for minutes, hours or days, and
evaluate key performance parameters of PPPoX aggregation devices under controlled conditions.
Customers can use the package with DHCP to simulate IP address assignment for multimedia
gateways while using PPPoX for Internet. It can be used with IGMP to simulate IPTV (set-top
boxes), in PPPoX server mode to test Layer 2 DSLAM type devices, or to emulate and terminate
PPPoX subscribers through a DSLAM or other Layer 2 PPP device. This base package combined
with the L2TPv2 base package is key to testing L2TPv2 LAC or LNS functions.
ƒƒ Increased testing capacity: With the highest port density and subscriber per port emulation,
the PPPoX base package can accomplish more in less lab space
ƒƒ Reduced test time: The Command Sequencer sets up flapping tests quickly and easily to
validate system performance in realistic unstable environments rather than an environment
optimized for pure performance. Many device faults, such as memory leaks in control
processors and poor login time, will only be visible under dynamic testing conditions.
ƒƒ Detailed analysis: Data plane analysis down to the subscriber, service and stream. This is
essential in quickly identifying and resolving intermittent performance issues that occur in only
a small number of subscribers when supporting thousands of subscribers.
Test results
The PPPoX Base Package provides both real-time and end-of-test results using spreadsheets
and graphical formats. These results can be exported in Adobe PDF file format or HTML for
spreadsheet or browser-based analysis and reporting.
events, allowing users to view
Select from several methods for tracking data plane traffic. Tracking options include PPP session
the result of a control plane event
ID, VLAN and QoS value. Display real time results per port with session counters, message
graphically in real time
counters, failed sessions and rates.
ƒƒ Integrated capture feature allows
users to capture and decode
control plane and data plane
traffic, enabling deep functional
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Technical specifications
Configurable options include
ƒƒ Session quantity
ƒƒ Start and step MAC address
ƒƒ Service name
ƒƒ ACCM value
ƒƒ Mode: server/client
ƒƒ Authentication—auto, CHAP,
PAP or none
ƒƒ Relay agent (RFC 2516 or DSL
ƒƒ Configure request and timeout
ƒƒ Unique login, domain and
ƒƒ Wild cards for remote/session
ƒƒ Sends and Responds to keepalives
ƒƒ Wild cards for login and
ƒƒ Magic number
ƒƒ IPv4-CP or IPv6 CP
ƒƒ Session attempt rate
ƒƒ Session disconnect rate
ƒƒ Outstanding Sessions
ƒƒ Sessions per VLAN/VCC
ƒƒ Terminate request and timeout
ƒƒ MRU size
Command Sequencer PPPoX events include
ƒƒ Abort
ƒƒ Connect
ƒƒ Pause
ƒƒ Clear Stats
ƒƒ Disconnect
ƒƒ Retry
ƒƒ Connect
ƒƒ Pause
ƒƒ Retry
ƒƒ Disconnect
ƒƒ Resume
ƒƒ Abort
ƒƒ Session Info
Interactive actions include
ƒƒ Start server mode
Data plane configuration
ƒƒ Duration: seconds, packet burst, or continuous
ƒƒ Frame size: individually set, fixed, random, step, custom step list
ƒƒ Load options: % bandwidth of port, frames per second, Mbps, Kbps,
ƒƒ Load: individually set, fixed, random, step, custom step list
Related standards and drafts
ƒƒ RFC 1332 IP CP
ƒƒ RFC 1661 PPP
ƒƒ RFC 2472 IPv6 over PPP
ƒƒ RFC 1334 PAP Authentication
ƒƒ RFC 1662 PPP in HDLC
(information on ACCM)
ƒƒ RFC 2516 PPP over Ethernet
ƒƒ IEEE 802.1 (.p/.q) VLAN
ƒƒ RFC 2364 PPP Over AAL5
ƒƒ DSL Forum TR-101
ƒƒ RFC 1570 LCP Extensions
ƒƒ RFC 1994 CHAP
Supported modules
2000 series modules provide higher performance than 1000 series
modules; contact your Spirent representative for details.
BPK-1007A/B supports all Spirent TestCenter test modules and
personality cards.
BPK-1007B should be used with Series 2000 test modules.
ƒƒ Pentium® or greater PC running Windows® XP Professional SP2 with
mouse/color monitor required for GUI operation. See Minimum PC
Requirements section.
ƒƒ One Ethernet cable and one 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet card
installed in the PC
ƒƒ A SPT-2000A Spirent 2U Chassis and Controller, SPT-5000A Spirent
5U Chassis and Controller or SPT-9000A Spirent 9U Chassis and
ƒƒ Operating system languages supported: English, French, German,
Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (traditional and simplified)
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Spirent TestCenter™
PPPoX Base Package
Spirent Services
Spirent Global Services provides
a variety of professional services,
support services and education
services—all focused on helping
customers meet their complex testing
and service assurance requirements.
For more information, visit the
Global Services website at
www.spirent.com or contact your
Spirent sales representative.
Minimum PC requirements
ƒƒ Small port system: 1-25 ports
‚‚ 2.4GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent with 512MB of free RAM and 10GB of free disk
ƒƒ Medium port system: 26-75 ports
‚‚ 3GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent with 2GB of RAM and 15GB of free disk space
ƒƒ Large port (75+ ports)
‚‚ E6400 Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or equivalent with 3GB of RAM and 100GB of free disk space
Ordering information
Part numbers ending in “A” indicate the standard performance version; those ending in “B”
indicate the high performance version.
Ordering information
Part number
PPPoX Base Package A
PPPoX Base Package B
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