3G-SDI / HD-SDI to USB Video Capture Card Model

3G-SDI / HD-SDI to USB Video Capture Card Model
Product Information
3G-SDI / HD-SDI to USB Video Capture Card
Model: SDI2USB-BroadCast
1. Using a PC for BroadCast Applications
2. Using an Android Smartphone for BroadCast Applications
3. Question / Answer for issues
1. Using a PC for BroadCasting Applications
1. 3G-SDI / HD-SDI for Full HD / HD Video capture and Live Stream Broad Cast.
2. Home surveillance & DIY video system equipment through USB 2.0 or USB 3.0
3. Compact size perfect for travel and portable use
Plug & Play HD Video Capture Card, No need to install any software!
Video Source
1920 x 1080p
1366 x 768
1280 x 720p
720 x 480
USB 2.0
Note: if you are using 1920 x 1080i or 720i as a video source,
We recommend you switch to a 1080P or 720P video source
Compatible OS:
• Apple MAC OS
• Window OS: Wins 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
• Linux
Product Features
This is an installation free Device. It is compatible to any OS including Mac OS, Windows OS: Wins 8 / 7 / Vista / XP,
Linux, and more.
Compatible for Directshow, and many web video live stream for MAC / WINDOWS including: skype, line, google
hangouts, Livehouse in, ustream, livestream, vidyo, adobe meeting,FUZE meeting, sportcode, Wirecast, etc.
Compatible with live video calls with Youtube for any OS type MSN messenger, SPYPE,
Compact size perfect for travel and portable use
SDII input with Play & Plug for any device with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 (read Note 1)
Compatible to both 3G-SDI and HD-SDI video input and video resolution will scale up /down into single one 1280x720p
with 30fps video output (default). (read Note 2, and Note 3)
Note 1: This capture card does not support HDCP
Note 2: This device can be upgraded from 720P to 1080P (1920x1080p), however the frame rate will become 15 fps
Note 3: This video capture card output is 720P, if you need a 1080p Full HD video, we would recommend you upgrade your
PC to USB 3.0 first, and contact us for buying a 1080p video output capture card
Compatible to many
Web live stream software
I. Product Specifications
Voltage: 5V
Current: 300~330 mA
Dimension(mm): 100 x 30 x 16 mm
II. Compatible OS, and Software:
Compatible Software
Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Portplayer / KM player
SKYPE (old version) / QQ / MSN / ustream /
• Google + Hangouts
• Webcamxp
QuickTime player, Photo Booth
Adobe Video Stream (Youtube ustream and etc.)
Final cut Pro
VJ (Avenue, Modul8, istopMotion, and etc.)
Google+ Hangouts
Note: We recommend you use the widely used OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) with this capture card for getting
the trouble-free high-quality 720P video broadcasting. Free Software download site: https://obsproject.com/
III. Compatible input Video Resolution and Frame rate:
3G-Sdi or HD-SDI video Input
1920x1080p 60fps/ 50 fps /30 fps / 24 fps
1366x768 60fps/50fps
1280 x720p 60fps / 50 fps
720 x 480 30fps
USB 2. 0 output to PC
MJPEG 1280 x 720 up to 30 fps
(full screen)
Note: if you are using 1920 x 1080i as a video source, We recommend you switch to 1080P or 720P video source
Easy Operating Procedures:
Plug the SDI card into USB 2.0 PC / notebook
Plug in the HDMI Video source into the HDMI Card, and check the LED light indications as followings for the detected
input video resolution.
Both lights flashing: SDII input error (that means the video input signal is not detectable)
Blue light on: SDI input source is 1920x1080P
Red light on: SDI input source is 1280x720P
Both lights on together: SDI input source is 1366x768P
Red light on, means video source is 720p (1280x720)
Blue light on, means video source is 1080p (19200x1080p)
Open the software AP (quicktime, amcap…), select and setup the input / output video information.
Note: The highest resolution from the video output from the capture card is 720P 30 fps
2. Using an Android Smartphone for BroadCasting Applications
Using Android Phone to Broadcasting your event on YouTube / Facebook/ USTREAM
You can invite your club members, family and friends to watch your live streaming video. Live streamed videos are saved
automatically and you can also set broadcast privacy settings to watch the video only by yourself.
1. Download software to your Smartphone
( Note: the software works for Android phone only, not working for an iOS phone)
Android Version requirements: Version 4.3 above:
*** Go to “Google Play”, search and download “CameraFi Live”
2. Setup Steps: (we show a HDMI video capture card as an example as for the SDI capture card in this setup photos)
a.) Connect “Camera or Video Source with HDMI output” to HDMI-USB2.0-BroadCast Card.
b.) Connect HDMI-USB2.0-BroadCast Card to OTG Cable for Smartphone BroadCast
c.) .) Open CamerFi Live app software program in your smartphone
d.) Connect the Cable for Smartphone BroadCast to your Android Smartphone, and check if the LED lights on
OTG cable
Note: if the red light does not turn ON, you may have find a correct OTG cable match your Android phone that can power on the capture
Following the set up Steps for using the CameraFi Live program
Example for using the capture card with an Android phone for Live Stream Broadcasting
3. Question / Answer for issues
Possible happened issues in SDI2USB-BroadCast Video Capture Card
Note: This capture card does not support HDCP, however you may use a bypass HDCP HDMI splitter to bypass.
1. No sound:
Ans: The capture card can be set as select audio>UAC> HD TV CAM
For example using AMCAP software, you click Devices / Microphone and then select (HD-TV Cam), and then please remember
go to PC’s Control Panel to set up the sound / record to HD-TV Cam. An AMCAP software is included in our firmware download
link, http://www.ia-tecs.com/download/USB_BroadCast_Card_Software.rar
2. The Frame rate is only about 12fps, how can I get 30fps?
Ans: If you get 10 Frames per second, your video may locked to display YUV format, you have to force the USB capture to play
MJPEG for 30 fps. There are two method to get 30fps
a.) to choice the mjpeg in uvc stream
b.) if you can not get the mjpeg uvc stream, you can change firmware., please download the firmware using following download
link: http://www.ia-tecs.com/download/USB_BroadCast_Card_Software.rar
to find out the folder of " change firmware tool“, please change the firmware " 1280x720p-mjpg-only.bin"
3. I tried to do testing with Adobe Media Encoder and Debut but the video encoding is jerky, noisy and out of sync
Ans: Because some "Adobe Media Encoder and Debut" software version is already a low-end software, it is not capable to take
720P video. You may either change the firmware to a 640by480-only.bin for using your old version Adobe Media Encoder, or
using a widely used free OBS software (open broadcaster software) for the HD 720P video. Software download site https://obsproject.com/download#mp
We recommend you use the free OBS software, and enjoying the 720P video / audio quality. Please also check following
requirements for OBS setting
4. I set up my SDI camera with the capture card, and plug the video output to an Android phone through an OTG
cable, however there is no light to turn on for the video capture card.
a.) There are many different Android phones in the market, and many phone makers made the micro USB with different pin out
assignment for the voltage out. If the capture card does not power on with your own OTG cable, we would recommend buy an
OTG card similar to our OTG card as shown in our example. Our OTG cable has an additional power input port to power on
the capture card, and supply power to smartphone to prolong the operating time.
b.) .) Please turn on the “CameraFiLive” app software first, and then plug the HDMI video card to smartphone
If you plug the HDMI capture card with the OTG cable to your phone before you turn on CameraFiLive app software, the
software won't be able to detect the capture card so there is no power to turn on the capture card.
5. Why audio does not sync with video?
Ans: It is due to your PC processing priority. Many video software do not offering the sync process. If the software you using
does not have the sync processing function, then it will not sync. For OBS (we recommend free broadcasting software), it
does have the sync process. However, please make sure your PC is not overload with many tasks. OBS does the sync
process when the CPU loading is below 40%.
6. Why the video have flicker?
Ans: For some cases, we found if the video source is 1920x1080i 60 field/ 50 field (interllace) causing video flickering. Please
switch your video source to 1920x1080p or 1280x720p.
7. Why there is no video shown after I plug the camera?
Ans: Some consumer camera does no have live video output. Its output is just for previewing the recorded video file.
For example: Panasonic GF series (GF3, GF6)
8. Why it does not have the video shown on PC when I plug the SONY PS3?
Ans: Some video source outputs have HDCP protection. For example, SONY PS3, BlueRay, Chromecast, etc. In that case
you can add a HDCP disable box in between the video source and the capture card.
9. Hi, the capture card woks for my PC, and other two other Android phones, but it does not work for one of my
Android smartphone. Do you know the reason?
Ans: There are many different brand android phones in the market, and few Android smartphone does not allow you do the
OTG directly. You may have to change the smartphone’s setting to “ Media Transfer Protocol” for the USB connection
For any additional questions, please email us ia-tecs@hotmail.com
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