Ingham County Equalization/Tax Mapping Viewer Tutorial

Ingham County Equalization/Tax Mapping Viewer Tutorial
Ingham County Equalization/Tax Mapping Viewer Tutorial
All data layers listed here can be displayed on the map. To display a layer, make
sure that the box is checked (by default parcel and city layers are displayed,
uncheck to turn these layers off). The parcel layer has a tag icon to the right of
the layer name. This indicates that there are labels for the features in that layer. To
enable labels, make sure that there is not a red circle covering the label. This is
done by left-clicking on the tag.
Layers and labels may only be displayed at certain zoom levels. For example, when
you first open the application you will notice that both the Cities and Parcels layers
are active, but the City’s boundaries are visible and the Parcel’s boundaries are not.
Ingham County Equalization/Tax Mapping Viewer Tutorial
This is because the map is zoomed out too far to display the Parcels data. To view
the Parcels boundaries, zoom in to an area until the boundaries appear.
To view the Parcels labels, continue to zoom in. Eventually you will reach a zoom
level where each parcel is labeled. For best performance leave the Parcels labels
turned off unless you need to view the Parcel PIN and/or Parcel dimensions for all
labels within the current map.
Ingham County Equalization/Tax Mapping Viewer Tutorial
Select Parcel:
This tool allows you to select a parcel by clicking on it on the map. You can
select additional parcels by continuing to click on parcels in the map.
When you have a parcel selected, you can get detailed information about the
Assessing Data by clicking on the link icon (circled in red above) next to the
parcel ID. This will link you to the BS&A website, displaying detailed parcel
*You may have to turn off any pop-up blockers enabled in your browser to open
the BS&A website.
Ingham County Equalization/Tax Mapping Viewer Tutorial
This site will also allow you to link back to the map…
Clear Selection:
This tool will deselect all of the parcels that you currently have selected.
Parcel Search:
The parcel search tool will bring up a dialog box where you can search by:
Parcel Number
Owner Last Name
Street Number and Street Name
Ingham County Equalization/Tax Mapping Viewer Tutorial
If there are multiple parcels meeting your search criteria, you can generate a
mailing list from the results.
The Notifications tool gives you the ability to generate Notifications (also called
mailing labels) for all parcels within a specified distance of a certain parcel. To
use the tool 1 parcel must be selected. The Buffer Distance is measured from the
outer edge of the selected parcel. After entering a valid distance in the Buffer
Distance textbox, click the Buffer Selected Parcel button to select adjacent
parcels within the specified Buffer Distance and mailing labels will be generated.
Ingham County Equalization/Tax Mapping Viewer Tutorial
To export the mailing addresses of the selected parcels, simply click the Export
Mailing Labels button.
Parcel Info:
To get information about a particular parcel without adding it to your selection,
use the Parcel Info tool. Similar to the Select Parcel tool, simply select this tool
and click on a parcel in the map to view information about that parcel. This can
be useful if you are trying to select a particular parcel, but are not sure if you
have identified the correct parcel.
When the information for the parcel appears, there is a link to the BS&A
Assessing Data. Following this link will open a new window with detailed
information about the parcel.
The navigation tools along the left side of the application allow you to zoom in and
out (plus and minus buttons) and pan around the map (four directional arrows in the
upper left corner). These are the default Bing mapping tools.
You can also toggle the background of the map between a roads layer and aerial
imagery using the Roads and Aerial buttons along the top left of the application.
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