Watertight sealing solutions for antenna poles

Watertight sealing solutions for antenna poles
Watertight sealing solutions for antenna poles
Report from mobile telecom network extension in Moscow, Russia
Moscow is speaking – a lot. Mobile
operators have to put extensive
efforts into making their networks
cover the vast 15 million people
capital, but land is expensive and
there is hardly any space available
for base stations. The solution is
400 smartly designed antenna poles
equipped with Roxtec cable seals.
The seals protect cables from
damage, poles from rust and
equipment from rain and snow.
The antenna poles melt into
the Moscow city landscape.
why roxtec?
“The customer needed a
special sealing solution
that would not damage the
cables, but be a reliable
water barrier. We provided
a design solution for area
efficiency, water-tightness
and future needs.”
Evgeny Ovsiannikov,
Managing Director, Roxtec RU.
Rain water leaking in through an
opening for cables in an antenna
mast may cause severe corrosion. If
water enters and freezes to ice, the
pole can break down and literally
cause the fall of the entire system.
The two leading Russian mobile
phone operators, MegaFon and
MTS, are sharing base stations and
antennas to keep their networks
running with a reasonable number
of sites. The combined light and
antenna pole from Elektrosetstroy,
with Roxtec cable entry solutions,
helps both operators cover densely
built-up districts. They do not have
to occupy more space than what is
required for street lights.
“Roxtec keeps
out rain, snow
and ice”
Sealing and protecting
Each antenna pole has two or four
Roxtec entry seals for multiple
cables. The seals protect the cables
entering the pole from the sharp
metal edges of the cut openings,
while they efficiently keep out dust,
pollution and humidity from the
pole interior. No dirty particles may
enter the pole, because of the risk
of damage to sensitive equipment.
And it must be dry inside to avoid
corrosion or the ice-breaker effect.
Maximizing uptime
The system with antenna poles is a
very cost-efficient and discrete way
of integrating telecom networks into
the city landscape. The electronic
equipment connected to the pole
is often installed underground,
close to the metro tunnels. It is still
important to seal poles in order to
avoid downtime due to humidity.
Ready for upgrades
In addition, Roxtec entry seals are
adaptable to cables of different
sizes. The system provides optional
built-in spare capacity, which
means a possibility for service and
maintenance teams to open up the
seals and change or add cables
whenever there is a need to connect
new equipment to the base station.
Roxtec seals provide smooth,
yet firm cable retention.
Low cost, huge benefits
Thanks to the design cooperation
between Elektrosetstroy and
Roxtec, the telecom operators were
able to protect their cables, secure
their equipment and prepare their
systems for upcoming challenges.
The result is that Moscow can go on
communicating. Let us say that it is
once more proven that quality talks.
Roxtec sealing system
Roxtec cable and pipe
seals ensure safety,
efficiency and operational
reliability. They are adapt­
able to cables and pipes
of different sizes thanks to
Multidiameter™, a solution
based on modules with
Reliable seals ensure uptime in
mobile telecom networks.
Project type
Roll-out and extension of mobile telecom networks
Involved MegaFon and MTS – mobile operators
companiesElektrosetstroy – antenna pole provider
Applications Cable sealing in antenna poles and base stations
Sealing requirements Watertight and cable-friendly
Roxtec Wedges
Roxtec sealing modules
Roxtec telecom references
AT&T/Cingular, Bharti, China Mobile, Delta, Eltek, Ericsson,
FMHC, Huawei, MTL, Nokia Siemens Networks, Orascom,
Reliance, Sprint Nextel, Telefónica, Vodafone.
Roxtec International AB
Box 540, 371 23 Karlskrona, SWEDEN
PHONE +46 455 36 67 00, FAX +46 455 820 12
EMAIL info@roxtec.com, www.roxtec.com
Roxtec ® and Multidiameter ® are registered trademarks of Roxtec in Sweden and/or other countries.
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