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SMK-Link VersaPoint RF Wireless Keyboard
Full Function Keyboard
WIRELESS Built-in Mouse E)
KEYBOARD Cordless Freedom
e RF omnidirectional wireless technology - up to
100-foot range
e Hot-pluggable USB connection
e Large mouse button for intuitive 360° cursor
navigation and proportional speed control
e Upto 8 separate address pairs for keyboard and
receiver to eliminate interference
e Sleek and elegant profile complements any
conference room
VERSAPOINT" Model No. VP6210
» PC Compatible Computer
WIRELESS * USB port enabled
* Windows 98, 2000 and ME
KEYBOARD = Mac G3 with USB; two button mouse
: , : E I В operation (see our website)
Continuing Interlink's tradition of delivering
thousands of award winning wireless keyboards,
the VersaPointRF Wireless Keyboard combines mouse Power 4- AA batieries (6VDC)
pr . . . . ‘ included
pointing with touch typing, all in a convenient wireless Bee eo
package. It's perfect for video conferencing, Noofkeys: 88
collaborative meetings, Internet browsing, multimedia Mining Tochaology
applications, and everyday computing. Interface: Broadbeam RE
Addresses: Up to 8 set via DIP switches
in battery compartment
Sleek Design Compact, yet versatile— Range: Up to 100 feet
you get all the functions of a full Angle: Omnidirectional
size bed I. Quiet Dimensions: 15.3"Lx 7.0"Wx 1.7"H
A Weight wbatteries: 1.5 Ib,
have tactile feedback Temperature: Operating:
for effortless touch == +50 F e +12? F
typing. (+10°C to +50°C)
-13%F to +158°F
(-25"C to +70" C)
Warranty: One year
Interface: Omnidirectional RE
Power: SVDC via USB port
Simple Connections Address: Up to 8 set via DIP switches
Installation is a snap! Just Cable length: 6 Tee
plug the omnidirectional Connector type: USB
Broadbeam RF Technology RF receiver into your PC Dimensions: 3.0" x 3.0" x 1.0"
fries Large Mouse Broadbeam RF signals are so and go. No special (76.2 x 76.2 x £3.4mm)
EOS Button powerful there is no need to drivers needed. Antenna: 3.9" (99.06mm)
The same easy aim directly at the receiver. articulating
=== 360° navigation Point it almost anywhere. And,
as the new, award with the ability to set 3 different
winning RemotePointRF addresses, you can use several AUTHOBIZED DEALER:
they're completely keyboards simultaneously
compatible! without interference.
Y Additional Left-Click Buttons
A second, auxiliary, set of lefl-click
buttons are comfortably positioned at INTERLINK 880
the front of the VersaPointRF where ELECTRONICS ODO
your fingers naturally gnp the keyboard Corporate Office: Japan Office:
Ш / 546 Flynn Road Ryukakusan Bldg. 2F
Eo Camarillo, CA 1-10-7 Higashi-Kanda
93012 USA Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan 101-0031
Tel: (805) 484-1331 Tel: 81-3-3863-6493
Fax: (505) 454-5980 Fax: 51-3-3563-6442
A Lap Shaped Contours
Contours on the bottom of the keyboard a ene ma er ryt tu rcs En FE menor
make it just as comfortable on your lap Mimbo LL Pre pr MET PRO
as it is on your desk or held in your hand. er LE rd mada pe pg. Po 578302 Rr A
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