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HP 3PAR | IT case study - CNET Content Solutions
Case study
Sudarshan refreshes storage
to handle growth
3PAR system is efficient and easy to manage
Refresh ageing storage to cope with
business growth
Reviewed storage products available in the
market from major vendors
IT matters
•Increased performance, for example running
an SAP report 30 per cent quicker
•Simplified management of storage, so the
company’s IT team can handle tasks without
requiring external help
•Improved storage efficiency due to the 3PAR
thin provisioning capabilities
•Boosted business continuity with
active/active controllers
Business matters
•Handled migration to new system smoothly,
with zero downtime for the business on its
SAP system
•Accelerated the response to requests from
the business, due to easier management
“I’m happy with the service of HP and the performance
of the product – we are in a win-win situation with the
IT benefits of 3PAR.”
– Uday Hardikar, senior manager – Information Technology, Sudarshan Chemical Industries
Chemicals firm runs SAP system on 3PAR storage
Indian chemicals company Sudarshan needed to update its
storage to cope with growth, and to consolidate two systems
into one. It chose HP 3PAR for its ease of management and
its thin provisioning features, and because HP could deliver
a migration with zero downtime. The new storage has
improved performance, ensured business continuity,
and provided scalability for future projects.
Case study | Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd
Expansion drives storage needs
Sudarshan Chemical Industries is a chemicals
company that specialises in colours and
pigments. It is the largest pigment supplier
in India, as well as the fourth largest in
the world, and is expanding rapidly into
international markets.
This expansion put increasing demands on
the company’s storage, and future growth
plans meant that more space was needed.
Sudarshan also wanted to consolidate two
existing systems into one, in order to
simplify management.
“Our existing HP EVA storage was ageing and
going out of warranty coverage, and we did
not have enough capacity available as the
amount of data grew,” says Uday A Hardikar,
senior manager – Information Technology at
Sudarshan Chemical Industries. “When we
drafted a three-year roadmap, it was one
of the areas that needed looking at.”
Zero downtime migration
Sudarshan evaluated the available storage
products in the market from major vendors,
before choosing a solution based around
the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 Storage System.
It decided to keep its existing HP servers and
tape backup, and HP provides 24x7 support
under a three-year Proactive Care contract.
“From an IT perspective, there were two key
features of 3PAR that were important to me
in choosing HP: thin provisioning, and the
ease of administration,” says Hardikar.
“Another factor was that HP could provide
seamless migration from our previous
storage to the new solution.”
Sudarshan uses the HP storage to run
its SAP ERP system, including both the
production and test environments.
The system has around 230 users, who are
all based at one site. With the SAP software
being used to manage the company’s live
operations, it was vital that Sudarshan could
minimise disruption when it migrated its
data from the previous EVA system to the
new 3PAR storage.
“Downtime is always critical for any business,”
says Hardikar. “However, when other vendors
came to us with solutions, they would all
require some work doing on the data,
and would have involved eight to ten
hours shutdown.
“With HP, we did the migration with
absolutely zero downtime, and without
the users even knowing their data had been
moved,” says Hardikar. “HP team came here
and prepared in the first week, and then
handled the migration with our people the
week after.”
Case study | Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd
Faster performance
“With multiple applications being consolidated
on to a single storage platform, performance is
important to Sudarshan. End-users would
notice any slowdowns in poor response
times, and processes would take longer to
complete, impeding the business’s ability
to function effectively.
The 3PAR storage provides the speed
that is needed by the company, with its
ASIC-based architecture maximising
performance. The ASICs are custom chips
that support workloads, so that the 3PAR
controllers are left free to handle input/
output requests – ensuring throughput is
kept as high as possible.
“Due to the new storage, performance is
faster for the SAP system,” says Hardikar.
“Reports can be run faster – for example,
one activity that used to take five hours
is now completed in three and half hours,
a saving of 30 per cent.”
Easier management
Using the 3PAR system, it is simple for
Sudarshan’s IT team to manage the storage
efficiently across multiple applications.
“Due to the easy administration of 3PAR,
we are not dependent on HP experts for
management and support,” says Hardikar.
“My system administrators can handle
activity requests on their own, which means
they can respond faster to the demands of
the business.”
“With 3PAR, HP has come up with a graphical
user interface (GUI) which is very simple
and menu-driven,” says Hardikar. “The GUI
enables us to see clearly what is happening
and to make changes.”
Advanced features
Due to the 3PAR thin provisioning capability,
Sudarshan can maximise the efficiency
of the 3PAR storage, and get the maximum
usable space out of the system. Disk capacity
is dedicated and configured when required
as the data is written, and the 3PAR thin
provisioning software manages one pool of
resources. To increase efficiency, 3PAR uses
a small 16 KB allocation unit.
“Our system administrators can manage
the thin provisioning on our own,
without technical help from HP, to allocate
or remove space whenever we want,”
says Hardikar.
“3PAR thin provisioning provides
capabilities that were not available in
competitors’ products.”
Sudarshan uses the 3PAR symmetric
active/active controllers to manage
workloads across the storage’s two nodes,
and to improve business continuity. As the
load increases on one controller, it can pass
workloads to the other node, to avoid any
short-term overloading. Additionally,
one node can take over from the other if
required in the case of a hardware failure.
Case study | Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd
Customer solution
at a glance
•HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 Storage System
•HP Integrity rx2600 Servers
•HP StoreEver MSL4048 Tape Libraries
HP services
•Data migration services
•Proactive Care 24x7 support
The new storage uses less power than the
previous system, and Hardikar has calculated
that energy consumption has now reduced by
around USD$29k per year. This also means
that less heat is generated in the data
centre, reducing the load on the air
conditioning systems.
Good understanding
“HP have a good understanding of customer
requirements, and their planning is good,”
says Hardikar. “We work closely together.
“HP differentiates itself in how the sales
team stays involved at the end of the project,
which was very good,” continues Hardikar.
“Normally, sales people leave and we deal
with the delivery team – but at HP, sales and
delivery go hand in hand, which is better
for us.”
“From an IT perspective,
there were two key features
of 3PAR that were important
to me in choosing HP:
thin provisioning, and the
ease of administration.”
Sudarshan is planning to move other
applications onto the 3PAR storage,
including its customer relationship
management (CRM) system, and to refresh
its servers. Within the company’s next
financial year, it also plans to take
advantage of the 3PAR system’s scalability
to help support virtualisation.
Hardikar comments, “We are ready for
any new projects that might come up,
or acquisitions in the future – the storage
has the performance and capacity to cope.
“I’m happy with the service of HP and the
performance of the product - we are in a
win-win situation with the IT benefits of
3PAR,” concludes Hardikar. “I look forward to
working with HP on other migration projects
in the future.”
Learn more at
– Uday Hardikar, senior manager – Information
Technology, Sudarshan Chemical Industries
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