FAQ: Baby Audio Monitor
FAQ: Baby Audio Monitor
1. Why is there no connection between the parent and baby units?
A. Move the parent unit closer to the baby unit and set the channel selection switches to the same
2. The parent and baby units are on same channel and there’s still no connection?
A. Parent and baby units may be too far from each other and due to interference transmission
distance might need to be reduced. Move parent unit closer to the baby unit and change the
channel on both units. Make sure both units are set to the same channel position (either A or B).
3. Why is there weak or no sound coming from the parent unit?
A. The volume on the parent unit is set to too low or is on mute. Increase the volume on the parent
4. Why does the parent unit make loud noises?
A. Parent and baby units may be too close together and volume dial on the parent unit may be set
too high. Move the parent unit away from baby unit(at least 1meter away) and turn down the
volume on the parent unit.
5. Why is the power light flashing?
A. Power light flashing indicates low batteries and/or poor power adaptor connection. Ensure the
power connection is correctly attached and/or replace the batteries.
6. Power indicator light is not working?
A. Turn the units on, make sure the units are connected to the power supply and ensure there’s
power at the premises. If the units are powered by batteries, then replace the batteries.
7. What does the red power LED indicator mean?
A. Red power LED indicates that the unit is turned off while powered by the external power
adaptor. A Red LED also indicates low battery.
8. What does green power LED indicate?
A. Green power LED indicates unit is turned on.
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