Maxis BizVoice for iPhone

Maxis BizVoice for iPhone
Maxis BizVoice For iPhone
User Guide
Version 1.0
Maxis BizVoice for iPhone
With Maxis BizVoice for iPhone you can be reached via both your mobile number and fixed line extension!
Calls to your fixed line will be routed automatically to your mobile phone, so you’ll never miss another call
again. You can also use Maxis BizVoice to call your business partners, friends and family at the same
rate plan you’ve subscribed to. You don’t have to add new contacts - just call your existing saved contacts
on your phone using the Maxis BizVoice. With additional features such as three-way conferencing, instant
messaging, and integration with GoogleTalk, Facebook and other XMPP-based social media networks,
expand your connections and stay in touch with just one device - your iPhone.
The Maxis BizVoice for iPhone is available exclusively to all Maxis Business Voice Enhanced customers
and supports 8 languages, including English and Chinese (simplified and traditional).
This app is supported on the Apple OS4.1 operating system, on the following devices: iPhone 4s, 4, 3GS
and third-generation iPod touch (32GB and 64GB models from late 2009).
Maxis BizVoice for iPhone Features :
Full SIP Compliance
Multitasking capabilities – for use with the Apple iOS 4.1 operating system on the following
supported devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the third-generation iPod touch
(32GB and 64GB models from late 2009)
Call display and voicemail indicator
Speakerphone, Mute and Hold
Call history – list of received, missed and dialed calls
Call recording
Contact List and Contact Favorites – leveraging the iPhone Contacts
Ringtones and contact avatars
Video Call (The Video Call premium feature must be purchased)
Multiple Call Support
– Swap between two active calls
– Merge and Split calls (Three-way conferencing support)
– Call transfer (attended and unattended)
– Multiple audio codecs support, include G.711 and G.729 ready
Support IM & Presence via XMPP Protocol, which allow you to link to your GoogleTalk,
Facebook and other XMPP based social media, and chat with your contacts.
Maxis Business Services
Getting Ready
It is so easy to activate Maxis BizVoice For iPhone. All you need is subscribing to Business Voice
Enhanced and follow step-1, 2, 3 below.
Once you have successfully registered with Maxis as Business Voice Enhanced customer, Maxis will
email the voice acount credential information to you as below:
- Your Username, Password and Domain.
- Your auth name (Authorization name).
- Your voicemail number, if you have also subscribe Voicemail VAS.
Download your Maxis BizVoice from Apple Store website,
Launch your iTunes and Search for Maxis BizVoice for iPhone.
icon to download your Maxis BizVoice for iPhone to your desktop.
Once Maxis BizVoice installed in your device, you may create new voice profile using your credential
given. Then, you can use Maxis BizVoice immediately.
Once you have Maxis BizVoice, make sure you have set up Wi-fi& 3G correctly in your iPhone
Set up Wi-fi :
From the main iPhone screen, tap setting > Wi-fi. Turn on the Wi-fi field. The choose a Network
panel will be populated with list of access point. Tap to choose an access point and wait for the
item to show a checkmark (indicating that you are connected)
Set up 3G :
from the main iPhone screen, tap setting > General > Network. Turn on the enable 3G field.
To use Maxis BizVoice to make calls over 3G you will also need a data plan with a Mobile Network
Service Provider.
You may call 1800-82-1919 for product enquiry and request for subscription.
The Voice Quality of Maxis BizVoice is depending on Maxis Mobile Network Coverage and on best
effort basis. Please do consult your service provider for support if you subscribing to Non-Maxis
Mobile Service.
Maxis Business Services
Configuring BizVoice For iPhone
Tap to create new Add Account
Display as : [Provide by Maxis]
User ID : [Provide by Maxis]
Password : [Provide by Maxis]
Domain: []
Out. Proxy : []
Auth Name : [Provide by Maxis]
1. Tap the Maxis BizVoice icon on the iPhone
2. Complete the User Details section and Voicemail section (optional) with
the information provided by your service provider then tap Register
3. When you successfully registered, you will see
phone menu. You can try to place a call.
once you tap the
SIP Account Register Status
If your SIP account failed to
Re-check your Username /
Auth. Name & Password
Try to Ping :
Registering SIP Account
SIP Account Successfully
Failed to Register
Maxis Business Services
Using BizVoice for iPhone
Starting & Quitting Maxis BizVoice for iPhone
Start Maxis BizVoice : After few seconds, the message “ Phone Ready” appears. Maxis BizVoice is ready.
To quit the Maxis BizVoice application, tap the Home button on the iPhone.
This message appears if you did not
enable 3G.
Go to Setting > User Preferences.
Placing a Call
Using the Dial Pad
Maxis Business Services
Using BizVoice for iPhone
Handling Incoming Calls
When BizVoice in the Foreground
When BizVoice Is not in the Foreground
Handling Established Calls
Maxis Business Services
Using BizVoice for iPhone
Accessing Voicemail
If your VoIP service provider provides a voicemail service, then incoming calls go to voicemail if :
- Bria is not running
- When you have one calls established
Tap the voicemail icon, the
voicemail number appear in the
entry field.Place the call in the
the regular way.
Call History
Tap the History icon at the button of the screen
Tap to filter as desired
Maxis Business Services
Using BizVoice for iPhone
Recording Calls
Recording Indicator
Tap more, then tap Start
You can pause recording by stopping
recording and then starting again.
Both recording sessions are save in
one file.
Recording also stop automatically
when you en the call
Tap more, then tap Stop Recording
Listen to the recording on the History screen
Indicate this call was recorded
Tap the icon to play the recording file
Maxis Business Services
Using BizVoice for iPhone
Conference Call
When you have two calls established, you can merge the calls into a three-way conference call.
You know there are two calls established
because the Swap Call button is showing
Tap to Merge Call
If desire you can split the conference back
into two calls
Clicking End Call ends the conference and
hangs up on both calls
Blind Transfer
Search for and tap the
contact and tap the phone
Tap More
Tap Transfer
If necessary ,
tap Contacts
Tap Transfer
Maxis Business Services
Using BizVoice for iPhone
Call History
Tap the History icon at the button of the screen
Tap to filter,
as desire
Clearing the History
Tap the History icon at the button of the screen
Tap to clear current view. For
example, clear only outgoing call
Tap to confirm
Maxis Business Services
Using BizVoice for iPhone
Creating a Contact from History
You can create a contact from a history item
Maxis Business Services
Using BizVoice for iPhone
Presence and Instant Messaging
With Presence and Instant Messaging, you can share your online status (presence) and exchange instant message
with the contact who have a softphone number or an XMPP address.
XMPP Account Setting
Tap + to Add Facebook or
Google Talk Account
Maxis Business Services
Using BizVoice for iPhone
Sending an Instant Messaging
You can send an instant messaging to your buddy who is online.
Tap IM
Tap a conversation
Or tap to select a
Tap more to choose the
predefine messages
You also can call this
person if the person
provide a phone number.
SIP is use to make call.
Type a message
By selecting a Contact
Tap to send an IM
Tap Contact
Buddies &
Select a
Type a message
Tap send
An XMPP Account
Maxis Business Services
User Preferences
Maxis Business Services
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Web Help URL :
Maxis Business Services
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