WL-5420CAM Wireless-G MPEG4 Camera

WL-5420CAM Wireless-G MPEG4 Camera
Wireless-G MPEG4 Camera
Full Feature 54Mbps Wireless Camera
Air Live Wireless Internet IP camera is designed for Home or
Enterprise customer users to enjoy the security and home
networking entertainment advantages. It is a very simple to use
with plug-n-play installation and wireless operation so you can
install the camera anywhere. The web based configuration
allow viewing the image from the Internet Live! and configure
various security function as such video recording to a remote
TFTP server. The 802.11g now allow the camera to operate at
30FPS(QQVGA) speed and up to 640x480(30fps) resolution, it
makes the video amazing life like for monitoring or archive
purpose. The 802.11g models adds WPA support for secure
data encryption.
MPEG4 Audio and Video Recording
The WL-5460CAM is an advanced wireless IP camera with MPEG4 capability.,The MPEG4 compression
offers much higher compression ratio that enable the camera to record both video and audio at the same
time. Now, you can watch and listen to the video.
Versatile Application
The camera is equipped with many advance functions for all type of application. The motion detection
function will trigger auto record function and send users email notification. It
can even attached up to 3 images in the email so users will know the situation
instantly without having to visit the site. For home users, you can monitor your
young children from remote to ensure their security. With 640x480 resolution,
you no longer have to second guess about the image on the screen.
Users can use the camera for video surveillance function. This Camera also
can supports TCP/IP networking, SMTP e-mail, HTTP and other Internet
related protocols. Other advanced feature for this camera is that it has
Powerful IPView application software for image capture and video recording
and can Support both ActiveX control and Java applet for Internet Explorer and
Netscape Navigator. It allow your PC to manage up to 16 video cameras* at
the same time with motion sensor, scheduled, or always recording.
· Add User
· Saturation: Yes
· Up and Down reversal: Yes
· Mirror: Yes
· Digital Zoom: Yes
64 users maximum
User name
User Password
Delete User
· 802.11g Wireless
compatible with 802.11b
Time Schedule
Sensor: Color CMOS Sensor
WPA and WEP support
Upload configuration:
· FTP Server
Manual Operation
Camera Specification:
· Sensor resolution: 640 x 480 pixel
Automatic Gain control (AGC): Yes
Automatic Exposure (AE) :Yes
Automatic White Balance :Yes
Signal/Noise ratio: 57dB
Lens: F2.8 f4.5mm Board Lens
· Internal Microphone (mono):
Sensitivity: 42 dB
Sampling Rate: 8kbps
LAN port
RJ45, 10/100M auto-sensed
Wireless LAN
Built-in 802.11b wireless LAN module
Communication protocol
· CPU : Infinenon-ADMtek 5120
· RAM : 32MB Byte
· Flash ROM : 4MB Byte
· OS: Linux
Power LED : Blue color
Operating temperature:
5 degree C~40 degree C
Storage temperature
-2 5 degree C ~ 50 degree C
Humidity 5% ~ 95% non-condensing
Contrast contro:l Yes
Ordering Information
AirLive WL-5420CAM
Activity LED: Orange color
Operating environment:
DC 5V,2.5A switching type power supply
Power consumption
6Watt (1200mA x 5V), Maximum
Image (Video Setting) :
· MPEG4 compression
Image frame rate
30fps@QQVGA, 30fps@QVGA,30fps@VGA
· Compression Rate selection
5 levels, very low, low, middle, high, very high
· Frame rate setting
5, 7, 10,15, 30
· Video resolution
160x112@30fps, 320 x 240@15fps,
640 x 480@10fps
· Brightness contro:l Yes
802.11g Wireless MPEG4 IP camera
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