Grid Player by Sensory Software - Zygo-USA
Grid Player by Sensory Software
Play your grids on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Grid Player is a new App that enables you to use resources from The Grid 2 on other devices – iPad, iPhone, iPod
Touch and on other portable communication aids. The Grid Player App is free to download from the Apple App
store. The Grid 2 for PC is available from ZYGO-USA for $735.
Users will require The Grid 2 software to do any editing or to create resources for use on Grid Player. You create
and modify vocabulary pages on your Windows computer using The Grid 2, and save the pages in the cloud in a
free, on-line account used to synchronize with
your iOS device(s).
Online Grids
You can download Grid Player for iPad, iPhone
and iPod Touch via the App Store to the
device. Once they have downloaded the App,
users will need to create an account on the
Sensory Software Online Grids site in order to
upload/download resources.
Grid Player is dedicated communication
software so many of the commands from The
Grid 2 will not work. The Grid 2 has been
changed to include a ‘Compatibility Mode’
where only compatible commands will be
available to help you edit.
Grid Player includes both standard text and symbol prediction. It will learn words as they are used and more
commonly selected words will appear higher up in the list of prediction cells. As well as completing the word
currently being typed, Grid Player will also predict the next word in your sentence.
Which symbols can I use with Grid Player?
Grid Player currently supports the same symbol libraries as The Grid 2 - SymbolStix, Widgit, PCS, and the Sensory
Software Snaps photo library. If the symbol library requires a license then this must be entered when signed into
Online Grids.
Which voices are available?
High quality, natural sounding Acapela voices are included with The Grid 2 and Grid Player.
Grid Player comes with three complete grid sets – Symbol Talker Level A, Symbol Talker Level B, and Text Talker.
The symbol based grid sets are complete dynamic screen vocabularies, available in two different abilities. To make
changes to these grid sets, or use other grid sets with Grid Player, The Grid 2 for Windows PC is required.
All Grid Sets will work with Grid Player but only the following commands are included in version 1.0:
Jump to
Jump back
Jump home
Self-closing grids (pop-ups)
Auto-content word list
More auto-content
Copy to clipboard
Type (letter, word or sentence)
The Grid 2, Acapela, SymbolStix, Widgit Literacy Symbols
Grid Player for iOS devices
ZyBox X for iOS 7 “Switch Control” switch adapter
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Toll Free: (800) 234-6006
Tel: (510) 493-0997
Fax: (510) 770-4930
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