Digital Cinema Product Guide
Digital Cinema Product Guide
Distribution & Ingestion of Digital Content
The digital cinema industry has standardized on CRU’s rugged and reliable drive carriers,
frames, and enclosures, with nearly 400,000 units deployed for the duplication, distribution
and ingestion of DCP.
Buyers of CRU digital cinema solutions generally belong to one of three categories: content
distributors, OEM server manufacturers and theatres/cinemas (or their VAR/system integrators)
who are upgrading or installing digital cinema equipment.
CRU DC Products
Digital Cinema/Digital Content Distributors
6601-7100-0500 (DX115 DC, Carrier Only, SATA 6.0Gbps, Black, RoHS).
6603-4701-0900 (DX115 MoveDock Carrier Adapter, USB3.0 w/ USB 2.0 Cable, Silver, RoHS).
*USB 3.0 Move Dock w/ USB 3.0 cable also avail. USB 3.0 Cable will not work with older USB 2.0 Move Docks.
*Move Dock Adapters with EU, UK and AUS power supplies are also available.
The DX115 DC Carrier integrates with any capacity SATA disk drive from any
manufacturer,such as those from Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, and so on. Example
drives include theWestern Digital 500GB WD5000AAKX or 1TB WD WD10EALX.
After duplication, the DX115 DC Carrier and USB3.0 MoveDock are integrated together
and shipped to theaters in a shock-resistant protective case such as the Pelican 1400. For
theDX115 Carrier only, use the Pelican 1150 case.
If the cinema has a DC server with a pre-installed CRU DX115 DC Frame or our 8-, 4-, or
2-bay DX115 DC SATA rackmount enclosures, then the MoveDock is not necessary.
DX115 DC Carrier
DX115 DC Frame
DX115 DC Carrier Only
USB 3.0 MoveDock Adapter
Digital Cinema OEM Server Manufacturers
6602-6500-0500 (DX115 DC, Frame Only, SATA 6.0Gbps, Auto Power + LED Feature, Black, RoHS).
• Our Digital Cinema OEM server manufacturers purchase the DX115 DC “Frame Only”,
which allows their servers to accept the DX115 DC Carriers. The DX115 DC Frame is
installed into any standard open 5.25” peripheral bay available within the server and is
connected via an internal SATA cable (not provided) to a 3GB/s or 6Gb/s SATA host.
DX115 DC Frame Only
Dolby DSS200 for example
Shown with 6602-6500-0500 Frame and 6601-7100-0500 Carrier
Theatre/Cinemas or VAR/System Integrators
• The CRU RAXDC 4U 8-bay, 2U 4-bay and 1U 2-bay systems are high quality and highly reliable
storage solutions designed specifically for digital cinema applications. They allow for up to
eight DX115 DC Carriers to be installed, ideal for multiple ingestion of DCPs.
External data connection choices include eSATA port multiplier, eSATA point-to-point, USB2.0,
USB3.0 or 8088 Mini SAS. All enclosures include the “Auto Power” feature, which allows CRU
DX115 DC Carriers to power up automatically after installation without having to push the on/
off button on each bay.
Recommendations for DCP Duplication Methods
• Purchase a bare disk drive replicator such as the King Hit XG1060 1:5 (1:59 Drive Linked), King
Hit Sumo 1:23 (1:47 Drive Linked), ICS Rapid Image 7020 (1:19), KanguruClone 14HD (1:14), ICS
IM 4000 (1:11), or OmniClone 10Xi (1:10). Connect the replicator to our eSATA point-to-point
DX115 DC RAX rackmount enclosures, choosing from the 8-, 4-, or 2 bay options, making sure
to use one cable per bay. (We can help determine whether additional SATA adapter cables are
Purchase a tower-based duplication system that has open 5.25” bays available for installation of
our DX115 DC Frames (CRU part number 6602-6500-0500) in each bay. Examples of these units
include the Addonics HD5NBHS (1:5 Drive) and Addonics HDUS11NB (1:11 Drive).
Purchase a dedicated DCP Management Appliance: e.g. CineCert’s Lihue.
Purchase a dedicated server to be used for duplication. This server should have external eSATA
or 8088 data connections allowing for access to our DX115 DC RAX rackmount enclosures.
Note that duplication software is not included with CRU systems and will have to be obtained or written.
Additionally, note that the replicator recommendations listed above have not been qualified by CRU. Some of
the recommendations are based on known existing customer configurations and provided for your convenience.
CRU will not offer advice or details on the actual process of DCP duplication nor are we to be held responsible for
the quality of the recommended replicators or any
issues that might arise with their products.
CRU Rackmount
Enclosures for DC
RAX845DC- 4U 8Bay
RAX425DC- 2U 4Bay
DCmini Cartridge and Adapter Solution
The CRU DCmini hard drive enclosure is designed specifically for the distribution of Digital Cinema
media on 2.5” drives.
The benefits of the DCmini Cartridge vs. DX115 DC Carrier and USB Move Dock include:
DCmini Cartridge is bus-powered via USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. No external power supply required.
Compatible with all existing CRU DX115 DC Frames, RTXDC & RAXDC 1, 2, 4 and 8 bay
enclosures (using adapter).
Offers a competitive option for those customers that are currently using 2.5” drives.
DCmini Cartridge accepts all 2.5”, 9.5mm SATA drives - any manufacture and capacity.
Weighs about 1 lb (Cartridge, Drive and Shipping Case) which drastically lowers shipping costs
to the cinemas.
RAX215DC - 1U 2Bay
RTX115-DC 3Q
Keith Schimmenti
DCmini Cartridge
DC Adapter
DCmini Cartridge + Adapter
in DX115 DC Frame
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