Axon Body 2 Quick Start Guide

Axon Body 2 Quick Start Guide
Axon Body 2 Quick Start Guide
Quick Reference
Function LED
Operation LED
Top View
Bottom View
Data Transfer & Recharging
through PC or Axon Dock
Axon Body 2
Upload Status LED
Power Switch
Red = On/Buffering
Camera Lens
Axon Body 2 USB Cable
Function Button
Mute or add marker
EVENT Button
Double Tap = Start Record
Hold 3 Sec = Stop Record
Battery LED
Green = 41% - 100%
Yellow = 20% - 40%
Red = Less Than 20%
Battery Status Button
Push to Show Status of
Axon Body 2 Wall Charger (not shown)
Read, understand, and follow all current instructions, warnings, and relevant Axon training materials before using any Axon system. The most up-to-date
warnings and instructions are available at
Before using an Axon Body 2 camera, ensure it is fully charged, and connect it to via the Axon Dock or Evidence Sync software to ensure it is
properly configured. See Battery LED and Recharging the Battery and Uploading Data for more information. If the battery is removed or its charge is ever
depleted, recharge and reconnect the camera again.
To record, quickly double-press the EVENT button.
• The camera now records audio as well as video.
The Axon Body 2 camera has 2 operating modes. The default mode, or BUFFERING
mode, provides pre-event buffering to capture activities that occur before you activate
the EVENT (recording) mode.
• The camera will beep twice to let you know that recording has started. The
two beeps will repeat every 2 minutes (audio notifications can be deactivated
if necessary).
• The operation LED will blink red.
Turn the system on. Move the ON/OFF switch to the ON position.
Solid Red
Blinking Green
Boot Up Mode
Blinking Red - EVENT Mode
EVENT Button
• The camera takes a few seconds to boot up and be ready to record (the red area
under the switch will be exposed with the switch moved to the ON position).
• The operation LED will be solid red and then transition to blinking green when
the system goes into BUFFERING mode.
• The Axon Body 2 camera will go into BUFFERING mode after the boot up
sequence. With default settings, the BUFFERING mode holds the previous
30 seconds of video (NO AUDIO) leading up to the beginning of a recording.
Camera Operation LED
The Axon Body 2 camera’s operation LED displays the system’s current operating
Operating Mode
Operation LED
Recovering interrupted video*
Blinking red
Blinking green
Booting up/powering down
Error state**
Solid red
*When the Function LED also is blinking red.
**When the Function LED also is solid red.
To add a marker to the video, quickly press and release the Function button.
To stop audio recording (mute), press and hold the Function button for three
5 To stop all recording and return to BUFFERING mode, press and hold the EVENT
button for at least 3 seconds until there is a long, audible beep.
With default settings, the system does not capture audio in BUFFERING mode, so
anything recorded in that mode will be video-only. BUFFERING mode starts only
after the camera is turned on. The system does not record when the Axon Body 2
camera is turned off.
Camera Function LED
The Axon Body 2 camera’s function LED displays when certain functions are enabled.
Function Enabled
Function LED
Blinking blue
Camera error ***
Solid red
Bluetooth feature is booting up
Solid blue
***Use the power switch to turn the camera off and on.
Battery LED
The camera’s battery LED displays the battery’s remaining capacity, when the device
is being used or when charging.
Battery Status
Battery LED
Battery capacity is 41–100%
Battery capacity is 20–40%
Battery capacity is less than 20%
Red during operation; flashing red and
yellow during charging
Battery critically low
Blinking red and yellow
The camera emits beeping sounds called audio prompts to notify you of the system
status. These audio prompts usually occur after you perform an action with the camera.
For some actions, the camera also vibrates while making an audio prompt.
Operating Mode
Powering on or off
One beep
Recording an event
Two beeps (every 2
Twice (every 2
Press the battery button while the
camera is recording
Two beeps
The device is ending an event and
returning to BUFFERING mode
One long beep
Once, long duration
The battery is at 20% capacity or
Four quick beeps
(every 5 minutes)
Four times, quickly
(every 5 minutes)
Camera memory is full (the
camera will not record)
Three beeps
Three times
Camera internal clock is not set
Five quick beeps
(every 20 seconds )
Five times, quickly
(every 20 seconds)
Recharging the Battery and Uploading Data
If you do not have an Axon Dock, upload video with a Windows compatible computer
using Evidence Sync:
Ensure the Axon Body 2 camera is off. Insert the
camera into the Axon Dock as shown. The dock
automatically uploads data to services,
deletes videos from the camera, and charges the
camera. (The camera must be registered to your account.)
At the beginning of the next shift, ensure that your
camera (if one has been assigned to you) displays
with a green upload status LED before removing it
from the dock.
Axon Dock Upload Status LED
When you plug your camera into the Axon Dock, the upload status LED on the bottom of the camera displays the system’s status
System Status
LED Indication
Initial connection (momentary)
Solid red (for 20 seconds or fewer)
In queue awaiting upload
Solid yellow
Device ready (all videos uploaded successfully) and fully charged
Solid green
Device not assigned, agency mismatch, camera set in the offline mode, or device error
Blinking red
Uploading data
Blinking yellow
Firmware update, internal battery charging, extremely low battery, or memory full
Blinking red and yellow – DO NOT remove the camera from the Axon Dock
Transfer error, device re-trying to transfer
Blinking green and yellow
Network error
Blinking red, yellow, and then green (cycling all colors)
Axon Dock has no communication with the camera
LED off
Using Axon View
The Axon View application enables you to replay video and add metadata (GPS, title,
case ID, and category) to your videos using a smart phone or multimedia player.
Pairing the Axon Body 2 Camera with a Smart Device
Turn on the Axon Body 2 camera.
Wait until the Function LED is not lit anymore.
Hold down the Function and EVENT buttons for 5 seconds.
Wait until you hear four beeps. The Function LED will blink green.
On your smart device, follow the onscreen instructions.
Using your smart device, download the Axon View application
from the Google Play store or the iTunes App Store. Search
Axon View.
On your smart device, open the Axon View application and
follow the onscreen instructions.
1. Turn on the Axon Body 2 camera.
Note: All data is stored on the Axon camera. No videos are
stored on your smart device.
2. Hold down the Function and EVENT buttons for 5 seconds.
3. The Function LED will blink green;
you will hear 4 beeps.
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