Pocket NC Large Stand Alone HDMI Kit Tutorial

Pocket NC Large Stand Alone HDMI Kit Tutorial
Pocket NC
Large Stand Alone HDMI Kit Tutorial
Table of Contents
1) What is in the kit?
2) How does it plug together?
3) Standard Startup Procedures
4) How to open Machine Kit
5) Opening a file off of a memory stick?
6) How to improve the machine response time (When jogging the machine)
7) How to “Edit tool table”
8) What to do if the screen won’t turn on
10 ​What to do is the screen will turn on but doesn’t show the machine image
11) ​Troubleshooting table
12) ​Contact information
1) What is in the kit?
1) HDMI Screen
3) Mouse
2) Keyboard
4) USB Hub
2) How does it plug together?
To connect up the kit you will first hook up the USB hub to the machine via the USB port on the front of the
machine. The USB port will then have the memory stick you use to run files on the machine and keyboard
dongle attached into the hub. When a USB device is active on this hub it will have a blue number appear
beside the device to show that it is active. Next hook up the main power for the USB hub and HDMI screen and
plug them into a 120/240V wall outlet. Lastly the HDMI cord will need to be connected from the front of the
machine to the back of the HDMI monitor. At this point you are fully connected and ready to go.
3) Standard Startup Procedures
Make sure the machine power switch is in the off positions then plug in all connections.
Turn on PocketNC main power (front of machine) and wait 10 to 20 seconds.
Turn on HDMI Screen power (right side of screen on the bottom edge).
Wait until the Linux desktop fully loads on the screen (about 1 minute).
Machine is now be ready to use.
4) How to open AXIS(machine control interface)
1) In the lower left hand corner of the screen select the start Icon
2) Then go to the top tab “Accessories” then select “LXTerminal”
3) Type “PocketNC” into the terminal (Case sensitive)
4) AXIS will then open
5) Opening a file off of a memory stick?
1) With Machine kit open go to “File” → “Open”
2) Go to the “/” file location
3) Select “Media”. Within this file location you
will find all USB memory sticks
connected to the machine
4) If a file doesn’t show up inside
of a folder you may have to change the “Files of Type” tab to the “All Files …” tab
6) How to improve the machine response time (When jogging the machine)
-If you are having a large amount of lag between a user input and the machine response try changing your
“Preview” window to the “DRO” window. This will minimize the computer power needed for the Machine
interface and should improve the machine response dramatically
7) How to “Edit tool table” ​-There are two ways to edit
the “Tool Table Offsets”.
1) Open up machine kit and go to “File” → “Edit tool
2) If this screen (below) appears continue to step 4
3) If this screen doesn’t appear you are likely having an issue where the Tool Table being off the screen and
you need to bring the window up onto the screen. This can be done by right clicking on the “[tool edit: tool.tbl]
tab at the bottom of the screen. Then click on “Maximize”.
4) With the tool table open edit the tool number, program, z offset, diameter, and notes for a tool as desired.
Remember to calculate your tool offset according to your spindle design when inputting this data.
9) What to do if the screen won’t turn on
If the screen is not turning on check the following things:
1) Is the screen connected to a power source that is 100/240 V and 50/60 Amp?
2) Is the screen power switch turned on? This switch is on the right hand side of the screen. The power
icon will glow white when the screen is on.
3) If these are all working and the screen will not turn on continue to check for a power supply issue.
4) If the screen turns blue but doesn’t show a picture continue to the next description.
10) What to do is the screen will turn on but doesn’t show the machine image
If this screen turns on but only stays blue follow these steps:
1) Make sure the HDMI cable is properly connected to the machine and screen.
2) Look at the machine wire connections area. By the USB port you should see a blue light flickering on
and off inside of the machine. If this is not happening check to see if the machine is powered on. If it is
not powered on begin to look for why the machine is not getting power or turn the power switch on the
3) Has the machine been on for at least a minute? If not wait a minute. The machine computer takes a
minute to boot up before it will begin sending an HDMI signal.
4) Power off the machine and unplug the power cord and USB cord. Wait 1 minute and then turn the
machine back on and wait 1 minute.
5) If the screen still isn’t working check to make sure you have the blue flickering light in the usb port area
on the machine. If you do have this flickering light try a different HDMI cord or contact us for further
6) If the machine doesn’t have a blue flickering light try powering off everything and plug the machine into
a computer only using a USB cord to connect the two. Then wait 1 minute and see if the machine
computer begins to have the blue light. If you do have the blue light go back to step 3 and see if you
can get the machine to display now. If this still doesn’t work contact us for further solutions.
11) Troubleshooting table
Can’t find USB memory stick files
1)Go to the “Opening a file off of a memory stick” section of this
2) Check to see that the memory stick is inserted far enough into the
machine. If your memory stick has a light on it, is the light on?
3)Try reopening the file manager and see if the file shows up now.
Machine responding sluggishly
The Tool table doesn’t show up
1) Go to the “How to improve the machine response time” section of
this document
2) Check to see that the input device (keyboard/mouse) is working
properly. This can be done by plugging the item into another
3) Check to make sure the input device’s batteries are charged
4) Check and see if all axis are acting the same or if one axis is
acting sluggish. If one axis is acting sluggish and all the other
axis are fine please contact us (see contact page at end of
Go to the “How to Edit tool table” section of this document
The screen won’t turn on
Go to the “what to do if the screen won’t turn on” section of this
The screen won’t show the
machine picture
Go to the “What to do is the screen will turn on but doesn’t show the
machine image” section of this document
12) Contact Information
At our website, the help tab has links to other resources, our forum and a way to contact us directly
Our forum is a great resource to find other people with similar questions and creative answers. It can be found
at ​https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pocket-nc​ or under the help tab at our website ​www.pocketnc.com
Email us at ​Info@pocketnc.com
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