inka mobile clip pen + stylus
With its sturdy stainless steel clip and quick clip S-Biner attachment, this
everyday pocket version of the popular Inka Pen + Stylus has writers,
note-takers, and presenters everywhere giving Nite Ize a hand.
Like its little cousin, the dual-function Inka Mobile Clip Pen + Stylus is
designed to go where you go and write where you need it to write. Made of
durable polycarbonate and carbon fiber that's tough, lightweight, and
corrosion-resistant, its cap is fitted with a replaceable 420-grade stainless
steel pocket clip that securely attaches to your shirt, jacket, purse, or
briefcase pocket. This easy-access, quick use pen quickly transforms into a full
size pen or stylus by simply snapping the cap onto the end of the pen when
The pen on one end and touch-screen stylus on the other are each capped in
translucent plastic, allowing you to see at a glance which is which. The
replaceable pressurized cartridge of blue waterproof ink writes smoothly and
consistently in extreme temperatures, upside-down, and at any altitude - even
underwater. Flip it over to access the touch-screen stylus - perfect for quick
notes, business presentations, and waterproof notebooks. With compact size,
durable construction, reliable performance, and a replaceable waterproof
pressurized blue ink cartridge, this is truly the every-man's (and woman's)
ultimate writing device.
- Available with smoke grey translucent caps to easily identify the pen side and
the stylus side with a quick glance
- Durable, lightweight carbon fiber and polycarbonate components
- Features a quick clip Stainless Steel #.5 S-Biner that attaches to the
stainless steel pen clip for on-the-go functionality
- Easy-access quick use pen that quickly transforms into a full size pen by
simply snapping the cap onto the end of the pen when writing
- Easy-access touch-screen capacitive stylus for convenient use with iPads,
iPhones, Android devices, and other touch screen devices
- Features a waterproof replaceable pressurized blue ink cartridge that gives
the Inka Mobile it's amazing ability to write in extreme conditions
- Engineered to write in all conditions - underwater, at any altitude, in
temperature extremes, and at any angle
- Stainless Steel clip is replaceable
- Dimensions: 109mm x 16.25mm x 11.43mm
- Weight: 0.42oz
Weight (g)
MSRP (incl. VAT)
NITE IZE - Innovative Accessories
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