Deploying TRITON AP-ENDPOINT DLP on Citrix

Deploying TRITON AP-ENDPOINT DLP on Citrix
on Citrix XenApp clients
Forcepoint Endpoint Solutions | 22-Aug-2016
Applies to:
TRITON AP-ENDPOINT DLP can be deployed on Citrix XenApp servers to provide
data loss and data theft prevention on client machines.
Operating system support
Version 8.2.5 of TRITON AP-ENDPOINT DLP supports the following versions of
Citrix XenApp:
Citrix XenApp v6.5
Citrix XenApp v7.6
Citrix XenApp v7.7
In the XenApp environment, TRITON AP-ENDPOINT DLP supports the following
destination channels:
HTTP/S - analyzes data being posted to the Web via Internet Explorer, Edge,
Chrome, or Firefox browsers.
Email - analyzes email messages sent from endpoint users, even if they send them
to external Web mail services such as Yahoo.
Print - monitors data being sent from an endpoint machine to a local or network
printer. The system supports drivers that print to a physical device, not those that
print to file or PDF.
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Application file access - monitors access to files in supported applications. Cloud
is supported if accessed through Firefox.
The following endpoint destination channels are not supported in XenApp
Removable media
CD/DVD writers
Application controls (cut/copy/paste)
Print screen
Likewise, the actions Permit, Block, and Confirm are supported, but Encrypt with user
password and Encrypt with profile key are not.
Deployment and Installation
Building the package
The first step in your deployment is to generate endpoint client software using a
package builder utility provided by Forcepoint. The package you create will be
installed on your endpoint clients.
For instructions on generating a package, refer to the Forcepoint Endpoint Solutions
Installation Guide.
On the Installation Platform and Security screen, select Windows 64-bit for your
XenApp clients.
Deploying/installing the package
Follow the steps in the Forcepoint Endpoint Solutions Installation Guide for
deploying and installing Windows endpoints.
Instead of deploying the software to each endpoint client, deploy it to a network
Configuring the package
Improving resource usage
In non-virtual environments, endpoint software serves one person working on a
desktop/laptop. Citrix XenApp, on the other hand, connects many users to the same
server and serves all users with one endpoint.
To support XenApp hardware resources, the endpoint must be configured to support
additional threads and improve memory usage.
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This change needs to be made on each XenApp server running TRITON APENDPOINT DLP.
To customize the configuration, do the following:
1. Open the file, AlternateResource.config.xml.
2. In a text editor and do the following:
a. Set <numOfThreads>, the number of threads per processor, to at least twice
the number of cores on the Terminal Services server. For example, if you have
4 cores on the Terminal Services server, set <numOfThreads>8</
b. Change all resource ID's in the document to reflect the number of threads you
wish to use.
c. Increase <MemoryInfo> to optimize endpoint memory usage. To do so,
multiply the number of supported sessions * 50M * .125. For example, if
there are 8 supported sessions, multiply 8 * 50 * .125 = 50
Round up the result to the nearest integer in multiples of 50M not less than
100M. Set <MaxRamSpace> to this value. In the example, set
<MaxRamSpace> to 100.
3. Save and copy the AlternateResource.config.xml file to C:\Program
Files\Websense\Websense Endpoint. To do so:
a. Using CMD, navigate to C:\Program Files\Websense\Websense Endpoint.
b. Run the following command:
WDEUtil.exe -set disableantitampering=true
c. Copy AlternateResource.config.xml file to the directory.
4. In Windows Task Manager, restart the EndpointClassifier service.
5. From the ..\Websense\Websense Endpoint folder, use CMD to run following
WDEUtil.exe -stop wsdlp
WDEUtil.exe -start wsdlp
Sample File
Deploying Endpoint DLP on Citrix XenApp  3
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