There are 3 ways to set wifi connection

There are 3 ways to set wifi connection
Trouble shooting about the camera is unable to connect to wifi?
1.Please add the Antenna to the camera if it comes with
2. The camera is only available to 2.4G WIFI instead of 5G wifi. Please check WIFI frequency of the WIFI
router, we suggest that you'd better select 6 channel.
3. Please check if the WIFI router is operating properly first, the confirm DHCP swhich of the router is on,
and set WPA2-PSK for security type for encryption.
4. Please check your WIFI name and password don't contain this two special characters ' and &, the
password shall not be longer than 31 characters.
5. Please try to shorten the distance the camera and the router:
For outdoor camera, the best distance for connection is within 30 meters through wall.
For indoor camera, the best distance for connection is within 15 meters through wall.
6.Please try to connect to other WIFI networks.
7. Please connect the camera to router by a network cable. Add the camera to mobile App, find "wifi
setting" in "camera setting", inquire the WIFI list, select your own wifi, and input your password for
8. Please try to reset the camera: press the “Rese" button for 15 seconds.
Wi-Fi Setting
There are 3 ways to set wifi connection, please select one of them to do wifi connection:
Way 1. Connect the RJ45 Network Cable to set Wi-Fi connection.
a) Wi-Fi Set Up Via Mobile App Advanced Settings
Download mobile App Wansview to your iPhone or Android phone.
Add the camera to mobile App and ensure the camera is online, click the icon “>” enter the Edit page.
Enter advanced Settings
Select Wi-Fi Setting
Automatically search for available Wi-Fi SSID
Select WiFi hot spots to connect to
Input the password, Click Done to complete WiFi set up.
b) Via camera’s web interface :
You need enter the camera’s web interface. Use the SearchPro attached in the CD, and search the camera
you connected, input user name and password, then you can log on to the interface. Find Set Up—Device
Configuration—Network—Wi-Fi—Search, then select your needed Wi-Fi and set your Wi-Fi
Password—Save (the blue light will flash faster)—Test. If the Wi-Fi set succeed, there will pop up a tip said
the Wi-Fi set successful---Then unplug the network cable.
Way 2. WPS/QSS( Don’t have to connect the camera to router by a network cable)
Firstly press the camera’s reset button for 3 seconds, then press router WPS button for 5 seconds(make sur
e your router has WPS function), and after that the camera will be connected to Wi-Fi automatically by WP
S protocol.
Way 3, Use Mobile App to set Wi-Fi connection, you can configure it quickly (Don’t have
to connect the camera to router by a network cable)
1) Make sure the mobile phone is in a WIFI connection state. Install the “Wansview” app at the Android
or iPhone mobile phone device.
2) Run the app and click
. The user can add IP cameras via the following three methods: (Directly
input the camera DID ; scan the QR code at the bottom of the camera; LAN search). Then, input the user
name and password.
Reminder: When using the camera for the first time, please use the default user name of the manufacturer:
admin, password 123456.
3) Click "More", select "Wi-Fi Config", fill in the Wi-Fi password and click "Configuration".
● Please complete configuration within 5min. after camera start-up (while the blue Wi-Fi indicator light is
slowly flashing). Otherwise, configuration cannot be completed and the power must be plugged in again.
● The mobile phone speaker should be close to microphone of camera. Then click "Configure".
● After successful configuration, the blue Wi-Fi indicator light of the camera will flash quickly several
times. And then two "beeps" will be heard. It will connect to the router automatically. Simultaneously, the
blue indicator light will remain on (The indicator light displays the status without plugging the network
cable in. After plugging the cable in, the blue indicator light will shut off). Click "Configuration" for 1 minute.
If no corresponding reaction of the camera is observed, continuously click "Configuration" for 5 minutes
until completion of the configuration.
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