Technical Description and Operating Instructions

Technical Description and Operating Instructions
Technical Description and
Operating Instructions
Satellite speakers
L 520 FCR
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General notes and information
Proper use
Original packaging
Only use the speakers as described in these operating instructions. Any other use will be deemed as not in accordance with
the instructions and may lead to damage of property or even
persons. The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage
caused by use not in accordance with the instructions. The
speakers are intended for private use.
If you wish to exercise your eight-week right of return, we ask
that you be absolutely sure to hold onto the packaging. We can
only accept the return of a device WITH THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING. Empty boxes are not available!
Before operating the speakers please read the safety
notes and operating instructions carefully. This is the
only way to use all functions safely and reliably. Keep
the operating instructions safe and pass them on to anyone
who may own the unit after you.
In case of a complaint we implicitly need your invoice number
and the serial or lot number for processing. The serial number
can be found on the back side of the device.
Many thanks for your support!
The information in this document may change without prior
notice and in no way constitutes any liability on the part of
Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH. No part of these instructions may
be reproduced in any form or be broadcasted in any way electronically, mechanically, by photocopy or recording without the
written permission of Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH.
For questions, suggestions or criticism please contact our
customer service department:
Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH
Gewerbehof Buelowbogen
Buelowstrasse 66
10783 Berlin (Germany)
Phone 00800 - 200 300 40 (free of charge)
Fax: +49 (0)30 / 300 930 930
Technical data
Dimensions (WxHxD)
160 x 460 x 140 mm
8.3 kg
Nominal impedance
4–8 ohm
This product conforms with Council of the European
Union guidelines 2004/108/EC and 2006/95/EC
Technical changes reserved!
You can find further technical data on our website.
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Safety notes
Caution icons
You will find the following caution icons in these instructions:
High risk! Failure to observe the warning may result
in severe personal injury or death.
Moderate risk! Failure to observe the warning may
result in property damage.
Minor risk! Points which should be observed when
handling the unit.
Danger to hearing
Loud noise may lead to hearing loss.
Particularly when the subwoofer has been set
to maximum volume and the unit is activated, very high
noise pressure may suddenly be produced. This may have
psychological consequences and also cause physical injury.
Children and pets are particularly at risk.
• Set your signal source unit volume control to a low setting.
• When the volume is set high, always keep a certain distance from the unit and never place your ear directly on
the speaker.
• To avoid damage to health, avoid extended listening at
high volume.
Danger Danger to children!
Children can become trapped in the packing film
when playing and suffocate.
• Do not allow children to play with the unit or the packing
film. Danger of suffocation.
• Ensure that children do not remove small parts from the
unit or take them off of the unit (e.g. control knobs or plug
adapters). They could swallow the parts and choke.
Never allow children to operate electrical devices unsupervised.
Danger Danger of injury/damage!
Incorrect location may result in damage.
• Never use the unit unmounted in vehicles, in unstable
locations, on wobbly stands or furniture, on underdimensioned brackets etc. The speakers could tip or fall
down and cause injury to persons or be damaged.
• Place the speakers in such a way that they cannot be
knocked over unseen and make sure that the cables do
not pose a trip hazard.
• Carefully follow the installation instructions.
• If mounting the speakers on the wall, make sure that the
job is carried out by a professional.
• Only use suitable wall holders to mount the speakers.
Verify the carrying capacity of the walls.
• Do not place the unit near sources of heat (e.g. heaters,
ovens, other heat generating equipment such as amplifiers etc.).
Attention Fire hazard!
Improper use may lead to damage or fire.
• Do not place open flames such as burning candles or
similar on the unit.
• Ensure sufficient ventilation.
• Do not place the unit in direct sunlight.
• Only use the unit in indoor areas.
• Do not operate the unit in moist areas and protect it from
drops of water and splash water.
Also take care not to stand vases or other containers filled
with liquid on or near the unit in order to avoid liquid getting into the housing.
Product contents
햲 2 x satellite speaker L 520 FCR
Check to be sure
Check that all items have been delivered and that
nothing is damaged.
If the delivery is incomplete or you find damage sustained in
transit, do not operate the device; instead contact our service
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23.01.12 15:02
Setup and connection
Our website contains comprehensive notes for correct setup.
• Select a stable, level base.
• Make sure that the environment is clean and free from dust.
• Avoid placing the unit close to sources of heat or in direct
• Arrange the connector cables so that they do not pose a trip
• Do not place any heavy objects on the cables or the speakers.
Wall mounting
Danger Risk of damage!
Improper assembly may result in damage.
• If mounting the speakers on the wall, make sure that the
installation is carried out expertly.
• Before drilling the holes, make sure that no pipes are
located within the drilling area using a metal detector.
• Only use suitable screws and dowels to mount the speakers. Verify the carrying capacity of the walls.
• Hang the satellite speakers up
on the wall using the keyhole
openings on the speaker back
side and the screws you previously
• You can also use these openings for mounting a wall holder
or speaker stand. You can find
suitable products for this in our
web shop.
Danger Danger of injury/damage!
Arrange the cables so that they do not pose a
trip hazard.
• Pull the power plug of your AV receiver or multi-channel active subwoofer out of the socket.
• Lay the speaker cables from your AV receiver or multichannel active subwoofer to each speaker. These cables
should be high-quality double-wire speaker cable with marked
strands. The cross section should amount to 1.5 to 4 mm2.
• A connector comprising two terminals is located on the
back side of each speaker, to which you have to connect the
speaker cables.
• The terminal clips are each marked red (+) and black (-).
Make sure the polarity is correct!
Connect the like coloured terminals. Otherwise the
sound quality will suffer.
The speaker connections of your AV receiver or multi-channel
active subwoofer should be marked similarly. The strands
of the speaker cables are marked with different colours or
1. Split the single wire down to approx. 30 mm on both ends
and strip approx. 10 mm of insulation off of each cord.
2. Twist the stripped single wire ends together so that no wire
protrudes. Tin coating is not necessary.
3. Turn the connector terminal counterclockwise until loose.
Run the stripped cable end into the now visible hole. Close
the terminal by turning it counterclockwise. The cable has
now been clamped in place.
4. Connect the cables to the other speaker in the same way.
5. Connect the speaker cables to your AV receiver or multichannel active subwoofer. The operating instructions of the
appliance should contain notes on this.
Crossover frequency
The ideal separation frequency on the AV amplifier or multichannel active subwoofer for the satellite speaker L 520 FCR is
100 Hz.
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Cleaning and care
Clean the speakers regularly with a soft, damp microfibre cloth.
Please be absolutely sure to observe the following notes in the
• If possible, only use plain water without any additives. In
case of stubborn marks, a mild soap solution may be used.
• Make sure that no liquid penetrates the unit.
Attention Risk of damage!
Using the wrong cleaning materials may damage
the delicate surface of the case.
If possible, only use plain water without any additives. In
case of stubborn marks, a mild soap solution may be used.
In no circumstances should caustic cleaning products, white
spirit, thinners, petrol or similar be used for cleaning.
The following notes and further detailed information on our website should help you to rectify malfunctions. If this does not lead
to success, please contact our hotline 00800 - 200 300 40 (free of charge). Please also observe the warranty notes.
Playback is noisy.
The sound seems dull.
Possible cause
In general, the speakers are very low-noise.
In most cases, the speaker system with
exceptional resolution in the high range
area can expose the poor quality of a signal
source (e.g. from MP3 files).
The speakers have been connected with the
wrong poles.
Ensure that the source is sending a clear signal.
Verify the correct connection of the cables for all speakers.
Protecting the environment
Disposal of the unit
Used units must not be disposed of with
household waste.
If the unit is no longer operational, every consumer
is required by law to dispose of used devices
separately from household waste, e.g. at a collection point run by the communal authority borough. In this way
Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH
Gewerbehof Buelowbogen - Aufgang D1
Buelowstr. 66, 10783 Berlin (Germany)
92012 S GB 20120123.indd 4
it is ensured, that used devices are properly recycled and that
negative consequences on the environment are avoided. For
this reason, electrical equipment is labelled with the displayed
Phone: 00800 - 200 300 40
(free of charge)
Fax: +49 (0)30 / 300 930 930
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No responsibility is assumed for the correctness of this information. Technical changes, typographical errors and other errors reserved. Instruction No. 92012 S GB 20120123 / HC-HAM
23.01.12 15:02
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