Using The Triad® Denture Reline Fixture

Using The Triad® Denture Reline Fixture
Using The Triad Denture Reline Fixture
For Hands-On Control From Design To Delivery
The Reline Fixture allows visible light penetration for optimum curing of light cured reline materials in a TRIAD® Curing Unit*.
In addition, varying casts may be mounted with gypsum or TRIAD® TranSheet® Translucent Sheet Material as the indexing
or luting agent.
Use customary disinfection and handling
procedures for an indirect denture reline; pour,
bead, box, and index cast as usual.
Position cast with denture and impression still
on it in the Reline Fixture to determine best
configuration for posts. The outermost holes of the
two clear Lexan® Discs do not allow the Curing Unit
Table to be raised as high as the innermost.
Whenever possible, use inner series of holes; this
will accommodate most casts and allow maximum
table adjustment and light exposure for curing.
Lightly lubricate bottom disc with TRIAD ® Model
Release Agent (MRA). Place enough modeling
compound in holes to fill them. Adapt a sheet of
TRIAD TranSheet onto the disc and firmly pat in
place pushing it partly into holes (displacing some
modeling compound).
2. Lubricate occlusal surfaces of the teeth and any
other areas which might touch TRIAD material with
MRA. Place denture-impression/cast onto the soft
TranSheet to create a uniform index. Cure for two
(2) minutes in a TRIAD unit*.
3. Moisten stone cast and apply stone for mounting.
Place upper disc over posts and tighten down
washers with wing nuts. Fill holes with stone and
create small buttons of stone for retention; set.
*or the Enterra® VLC unit.
Open fixture by removing wing nuts and washers.
The denture with the impression inside should
come off with the upper disc, and the TranSheet
index should remain on the lower disc.
2. Remove denture from cast with care. Eliminate
impression material and grind approximately 1 mm
from all tissue contact areas. Reduce peripheral
border areas as desired. It is advisable to extend a
chamfer or ‘bead’ onto the buccal flange to provide
a definite finish line for easy material adaptation.
3. Apply MRA to cast and prime ground areas of
denture with bonding agent or Lucitone® Heat-Cure
Liquid. If TRIAD® VLC Bonding Agent is used, allow
for one (1) minute bench set and then place in unit
for one (1) minute. If Lucitone Liquid is used, adapt
TRIAD VLC Reline Material or TRIAD® VLC Denture
Base Material to the prepared denture while it is
damp from the monomer. Be certain to ensure
intimate contact of material with denture base.
CAUTION: Do not cover puddles or very wet
monomer surfaces with TRIAD material and cure.
4. Place filled dentures into the TranSheet occlusal
index. Work the upper member with cast into the
reline material while guiding posts into the
appropriate holes. Replace washers and wing nuts,
tightening them slowly to place. Remove excess (or
add if necessary). Blend material to finish line
carefully. Care and effort during this step will
minimize the finishing and polishing necessary
after curing.
Insert TRIAD Fixture assemblage into the curing
unit. Be certain the door closes fully and check the
turntable for clearance. Adjust position of denture
so that the reline material is as even with the sight
line as possible. Cure for two (2) minutes.
6. Remove assemblage; apply ABC to reline material.
Re-insert assemblage into unit with cast side
down. Adjust turntable to maximum height without
fixture touching lamps while turning. Cure for six
(6) minutes.
8. Remove assemblage, disassemble out of index,
and carefully remove cast from relined denture.
Paint tissue area of reline with ABC and cure tissue
side up for two (2) minutes.
9. Remove all traces of ABC with soap and warm water.
10. Finishing should be minimal using usual denture
polishing techniques.
NOTE: Material may be added at any time; however,
after curing and finishing has been performed, or if ABC
has been used, bonding agent is required.
NOTE: See Enterra® VLC unit Reference Guide for Triad
materials with correct processing times, which is
located in the Enterra User Manual.
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