009-1094-00 HTX-SLN501 Tech Spec

009-1094-00 HTX-SLN501 Tech Spec
SmartLink HDBaseT™ Transmitter Box: HTX-SLN501-00
Designed using HDBaseT™ Alliance® specifications, the
HTX-SLN501 transmits HD source and control signals
up to 328 feet (100 meters). Audio, Video, IR, RS-232,
and Ethernet are all sent digitally via a single Cat 5e/
6/7 cable to the HRX-SLN501 Receiver Box or any
HDBaseT compliant device.
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Feature Summary
HDMI/DVI Interface
The HDMI 1.4 interface supports video resolutions up
to 1080p, graphics resolutions up to WUXGA, and all
HDMI audio formats. DVI signals are also supported
with the use of an appropriate DVI to HDMI adapter.
• Advanced HDMI® over HDBaseT transmitter for
residential and commercial markets
Integrated Control
The HTX-SLN501 includes a 10/100 Ethernet, IR inputs
and outputs, and RS-232 for simple integration with
Savant or third party controllers.
• Supports HDMI, HDCP, and 3D TV pass-through
When paired with the HRX-SLN501 receiver, the HTXSLN501 transmitter delivers convenient, cost-effective
A/V, and control distribution via a single cable.
• Front panel status Indicator
• Extend HD source signals up to 328 feet (100 meters) up
to 1080p60
• Digitally transmits Audio, Video, IR, RS-232, and Ethernet
over single Cat 5e/6/7 cable
• Dolby® TrueHD™ and DTS-HD Master Audio™ passthrough
• Supports Power over HDBaseT (PoH)
• Integrated control and Ethernet ports for local devices
Power over HDBaseT
Power for the HRX-SLN501 Receiver Box is supplied
by the transmitter over the same Cat 5e/6/7 cable as
the A/V and control signals. This eliminates the need
for a second power supply at the endpoint.
Front View
Rear View
HTX-SLN501-00 | 009-1094-00 | 140505
Savant Confidential and Proprietary
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SmartLink HDBaseT™ Transmitter Box: HTX-SLN501-00
Included Items
SmartLink (HTX-SLN501)
Power Supply 12V 18 watt wall wart with multiple blades (025-0132-xx)
M3 x 4mm Screws (039-0302-xx)
Mounting Bracket (017-0872-xx)
4-Pin Screw Down Plug in Connector (028-9395-xx)
Quick Reference Guide
Optional Accessories
Model Number
Savant Smart or Pro Host
SmartLink HDBaseT Receiver
Serial Adapter Kit
RJ-45 Serial Adapters Flow Null (10-pack)
RJ-45 Serial Adapters Flow No Null (10-pack)
DB9 Mini Gender Changer (10 pack)
RJ-45 Serial Adapters No Flow Null (10-pack)
RJ-45 Serial Adapters No Flow No Null (10-pack)
Mini Gender Changer (10-pack)
Infrared (IR) Emitter Single Pack
Infrared (IR) Emitter 10 Pack
HTX-SLN501-00 | 009-1094-00 | 140505
Savant Confidential and Proprietary
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SmartLink HDBaseT™ Transmitter Box: HTX-SLN501-00
32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
10% to 90% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
25 cubic feet per minute (CFM) recommended.
Maximum BTUs
7 BTUs per hour
Dimensions and Weight
0.94 in (2.39 cm)
4.56 in (11.58 cm)
3.18 in (8.07 cm)
Shipping: 1.35 lb (0.61 kg)
External Power
AC Input - 120V-230V AC 50Hz - 60Hz
Maximum DC output 12V at 1.5 Amps
DC Input Power
1 Amp typical (1.5 A maximum) at 12V
Maximum Power Draw
6 Watts (18 Watts when powering remote receiver)
Operational Parameters
Audio Signals
Passes up to Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio
Video Signals
Up to 1080p@60Hz, 1920x1200
Supported Video Formats
Compliant: Supports 3D formats
HDCP 1.3
High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)—supports encryption and decryption of
audio and video content.
480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p at 50/60Hz, 1080p at 24HzdB
640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 960, 1920 x 1080, 1920 x 1200 —all at 60Hz
3D Formats Supported
1080p at 24Hz
Frame Packed/Top and bottom
720p at 50/60Hz
Frame Packed/Top and bottom
1080i at 50/60Hz
Side by side
Supported Audio Output Formats
Supports Dolby® TrueHD™, DTS-HD® Master Audio, Dolby, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, and Stereo PCM digital audio formats.
Safety and Emissions
FCC Part 15 | CE Mark | C-Tick
Metal enclosure with Savant’s Design Signature, black
Minimum Supported Release
Savant OS
HTX-SLN501-00 | 009-1094-00 | 140505
da Vinci 6.0.1
Savant Confidential and Proprietary
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SmartLink HDBaseT™ Transmitter Box: HTX-SLN501-00
Front Panel
12V DC
Provides 12V DC, 120-230V AC, 50/60 Hz
Link Status LED
Green - indicates the SmartLink connection is established.
Red - indicates power is present and the the SmartLink connection is not established.
Ground Connector (optional)
Connect this terminal to a suitable ground surface.
8-pin RJ-45 female shielded
HTX-SLN501-00 | 009-1094-00 | 140505
HDBaseT compliant - Connect to SmartLink inputs of SmartLink receivers
or to HDBaseT devices via single Cat 5e/6/7 cable
Extends video and bidirectional RS-232, IR, and audio signals through a
single category cable
Savant Confidential and Proprietary
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SmartLink HDBaseT™ Transmitter Box: HTX-SLN501-00
Rear Panel
IR In/Out
4-Pin Screw Down Plug in Connector (3.81 mm).
IR IN receives IR Signals from a Savant or third party controller to be transmitted to an
HDBaseT receiver at the endpoint to control devices.
IR Out sends IR signals transmitted from an HDBaseT receiver at the endpoint to control
devices located near the transmitter. This port can connect directly to a devices IR IN or
an IR Flasher.
NOTE: IR IN and OUT ports are 5V tolerant only.
19-pin type A HDMI female
Digital video/audio inputs
Signal types HDMI and DVI (DVI/D Compatible)
DVI requires DVI to HDMI adapter (not included)
Link Activity LED
Green indicates an Ethernet link has been established.
Green flashing indicates Ethernet activity.
Off indicates an Ethernet link has not been established.
RJ-45 10/100 Base-T, auto-negotiating port with Link/Activity LEDs.
Link Speed LED
Green indicates an Ethernet speed of 100 Mb.
RJ-45 female-connector ports used to transmit and receive serial binary data.
HTX-SLN501-00 | 009-1094-00 | 140505
Savant Confidential and Proprietary
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SmartLink HDBaseT™ Transmitter Box: HTX-SLN501-00
Bottom Panel
The HTX-SLN501 can power a compatible HDBaseT receiver such as an HRX-SLN501 via the same Cat 5e / 6 / 7
wire that transmits the HDBaseT signal. This feature is turned On or Off via dip switch 2 located on the bottom of the
HTX-SLN501 and is turned on by default.
Dip Switch Location
Dip Switch Settings
Switch 2 controls the state of Power Over HDBaseT.
Power over HDBaseT Enabled
Set switch 2 to the Off (Down) position to power the receiver via
HTX-SLN501-00 | 009-1094-00 | 140505
Power Over HDBaseT Disabled
Set switch 2 to the On (UP) position to power the receiver via a
separate power supply.
Savant Confidential and Proprietary
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SmartLink HDBaseT™ Transmitter Box: HTX-SLN501-00
Network Requirements
Savant requires the use of business class/commercial grade network equipment throughout the network to ensure the
reliability of communication between devices. These higher quality components also allow for more accurate
troubleshooting when needed.
Connect all Savant devices to the same local area network (LAN), virtual local area network (VLAN), or subnet as the
host. Savant recommends not implementing any type of traffic or packet shaping in your network topology for the
Savant devices as this may interfere with performance.
Wiring Requirements
RS-232 Wiring
The RS-232 port on the HTX-SLN501 is wired in reverse of the Savant standard where pin 5 is TXD (Transmit), pin 6
is RXD (Receive), and pin 4 is GND (Ground). The diagram below shows the wiring for the Savant side, the opposite
side pins will vary based on the device being connected to.
RJ-45 todB9 Adapters
Savant uses RJ-45 connectors for RS-232/422/485, other manufacturers control systems may use the standard DB9.
To make connection easy, Savant offers RJ-45 to DB9 adapters in a variety of configurations that can be used to
connect to SmartAudio for RS-232/422/485 control. Be sure and choose the adapter that provides a proper
connection to the control systems RS-232/422/485 port. Refer to the manufacturers support for the control systems
For more information on Savant RJ-45 to DB9 adapters, see RS-232 Conversion to DB9 and RS-422/485 Pinout application
note located on the Savant Portal.
IMPORTANT! If you are using RJ-45 to DB9 adapters not supplied by Savant:
Ensure that any wires required for communication/control are terminated within the adapter.
Ensure that all wires NOT required for communication/control are NOT terminated in the connecter.
Ensure that the unused wires in the connector are cut to prevent them shorting out, as they are still terminated in
the RJ-45 connector on the controller side
IR Wiring
HTX-SLN501-00 | 009-1094-00 | 140505
Savant Confidential and Proprietary
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SmartLink HDBaseT™ Transmitter Box: HTX-SLN501-00
Copyright © 2014 Savant Systems, LLC. SAVANT and RacePoint Blueprint are trademarks of Savant Systems, LLC.
All brand names, product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Savant Systems, LLC reserves the right to change product specifications without notice.
HTX-SLN501-00 | 009-1094-00 | 140505
Savant Confidential and Proprietary
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