AS Einzelprosp 28-18 E e 09 03

AS Einzelprosp 28-18 E e 09 03
...a class of its own!
...competence right from the beginning
After the very positive response to the ASW 28 many pilots requested an 18 meter version for greater flexibility and
increased performance. Our challenge was to transfer the superb handling of the original ASW 28 into the ASW 28-18
and further improve an already elegant appearance. Now the aircraft is in series production and there can be no doubt
that both objectives were fully met. Inner wing panels and interchangeable winglets are identical but different wingtips
(for either 15 or 18 meter configuration) have created a versatile glider which is pleasing to the eye on the ground
and sheer delight in the air.
With the ASW 27 / ASW 28 series we have proven that an award winning safety cockpit can provide excellent
visibility and first class pilot comfort at the same time. We strongly believe that pilots can only maintain peak
performance for any length of time if they are not confined to a narrow cockpit but have a bit of spare room in
every direction.
Typical for all Schleicher sailplanes the integrated instrument panel hinges upwards with the canopy and is neatly
enclosing the instruments. A "Roeger" canopy jettison system is neatly integrated into the canopy/fuselage
design. Ample cockpit ventilation is provided by adjustable air intakes through the aircraft’s nose, the clear
vision panel and an airliner style vent on the right cockpit wall. A speed trim integrated into the control column,
the comfortable seat cushions and the adjustable rudder pedals are only some of the many cockpit features
that Schleicher customers have come to expect. Solar panels neatly integrated into fuselage or engine bay
doors are available as optional extras.
A pneumatic tail wheel as well as dual releases for aerotow and winch launching are factory standard.
Generous rubber shock absorbers and the big 350x125 tire (with hydraulic disc brake) characterise the
retractable undercarriage. An overload weak link is incorporated for occupant protection in case of a very
heavy landing and the entire unit is installed in an airtight compartment to avoid drag creating air leakage
from the fuselage interior.
The efficient but at the same time low-drag airfoil of elevator and stabilizer was developed by the Delft
University of Technology. Hallmark of the modern wing are the highly refined aerodynamics with blowhole
technology for boundary layer control. (Best glide ratio is 48:1) The maximum all up weight of 575 kg
allows wing loadings of up to 48 kg/m2 and enables the ASW 28-18 pilot to take full advantage of a
truly remarkable high speed cruise.
Partly as a result of large ailerons ASW 28-18 pilots enjoy a very fast rate of roll, superb control
responsiveness and excellent control harmonization - all important pre-conditions for non-fatigue
flying. Best of all, the docile flight characteristics extend right down to the speed of stall and beyond.
Assembly is made quick and easy by automatic control connections and an automatic hook up of
ailerons on connection of the outer wing panels. In addition the wings of the ASW 28-18 are divided
at just over half span for reduced weight and ease of rigging.
The engine of the ASW 28-18 E
The lightweight 24hp SOLO 2350 2-cylinder engine powers the motorised "E" version. It comes
with a direct driven 1.0 m diameter 2-bladed propeller and is extended/retracted by an electrical
spindle drive. By doing away with the belt drive we have increased reliability, reduced weight
and eliminated future maintenance. However, the most significant advance is a single control
lever which makes engine management by far easier than any other system currently on the
market. It is integrated in the left cockpit console and hence allows the pilot to keep his right
hand on the control stick at all times. A mechanical propeller stop and a permanently installed
refuelling pump are provided as factory standard. The rate of climb is just over 2,3kt or 1,2m/s.
With the ASW 28-18 E we continue our tradition of building first class motorized sailplanes.
Top performance and superb handling are combined with a simple and most user friendly
power plant currently available. Have a test flight and treat yourself to something special.
Wingspan (incl. winglets)
15 m
Wing area
10.5 m2
Aspect ratio
Height of winglet
0.5 m
Span of tail plane
2.85 m
Length of fuselage
6.59 m
Empty mass with
minimum equipment *265 kg
Max. take off weight
525 kg
Max. wing loading
50 kg/m2
Min. wing loading
32 kg/m2
Max. water ballast
190 liters
Useful load, max.
159 kg
Max. pilot weight
115 kg
(49.2 ft)
(113 ft2)
Max. rough air speed
(108 kts)
(145 kts)
Min. speed
Min. sink
Best L/D (calculated)
Drive unit:
Climb rate:
200 km/h
270 km/h
18 m
11.88 m2
(59 ft)
(128 ft2)
(1.64 ft)
(9.35 ft)
(21.6 ft)
(584 lbs)
*280 kg
(1157 lbs)
575 kg
(10.24 lbs/ft2) 48.4 kg/m2
(6.55 lbs/ft )
29 kg/m2
(418 lbs)
(350 lbs)
(253 lbs)
(617 lbs)
(1267 lbs)
(9.91 lbs/ft2)
(5.93 lbs/ft2)
For 343 kg (756 lb) flight mass:
For 355 kg (783 lb) flight mass:
72 km/h (39 kts)
0.56 m/s
(110 ft/min)
45 (@ 100 km/h)
71 km/h (38 kts)
0.48 m/s
(94 ft/min)
48 (@ 90 km/h)
SOLO 2350 2-cyl. 2-stroke engine, 430 cc, 18 kW (24 hp)
2-bladed fixed propeller, direct driven, diameter 1.0 m
1.2 m/s (18m span, m = 420 kg, MSL in ISA)
* additional weight at powered version ≈ 45 kg (99 lbs)
Speed polar
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