PAS 100 Portable Wireless Speaker

PAS 100 Portable Wireless Speaker
PAS 100
The PAS 100 is a completely wireless indoor/outdoor portable speaker which is simple to set up and
operate in record time. Characterized as being clear,
natural and strong the PAS 100 brings K+H audio
quality to fitness instructors, educators, hotels,
local gatherings and small performance areas
It features two option slots for choosing Sennheiser
wireless microphones or a built in CD/MP3 player as
well as external inputs for a microphone and music
playback. The conveniently integrated pouch holds
microphones and accessories nearby while the optional rain cover keeps everything dry.
Application ideas
Hotels and resorts can move the PAS 100 wireless
speaker and microphone system around wherever
needed for welcome receptions, corporate meetings,
poolside events, evening stage entertainment, weddings anywhere on the grounds, aerobic instruction
or background music for a special event in the garden.
The rugged wooden housing and
durable rain cover make the PAS
100 suitable for outdoor training
Aerobic, fitness and sports instructors can use the PAS 100 indoors
or outdoors. It may be easily set up
and taken down with each use.
Rental companies working with
con­vention centers and hotels can
save labor time on system cabling
and maintenance by using the
PAS 100.
Wireless Speaker
Fast and simple connection and operation
2 universal option slots
• Up to two Sennheiser wireless microphone
receivers built-in
• Optional anti-shock CD/MP3 player built-in
Dynamic mic input
Music playback input
Clear and natural sound with factory electronic
Rugged design
Integrated pole mount adaptor
Integrated storage pouch
Included light and quick rain poncho
Durable nylon rain cover and carry bag option
Up to 8 hours battery life, rechargeable
Clear battery bar graph indicator
Use and charge and the same time
High, mid and low tone controls
Advanced professional horn design
118 dB sound level
Bi-amplified 50 Watt woofer and 20 Watt tweeter
Up to 4 total inputs:
• 2 universal option slots
• 1 cabled dynamic mic input
• 1 cabled music playback input
PAS 100 – Rear and front view
Power amplifier (cont./max.)
Max. SPL in 1 m Directivity
Frequency response
Input mixing channels
Power supply
50 W (Woofer), 20 W (Horn)
118 dB/SPL
90° (H) x 40° (V) above 2500 Hz
appr. 40/70 feet, audience up to 400
75 - 18 000 Hz
3 kHz / 24 dB/Oct
1. MIC: electr. balanced, - 40 dBu, XLR or 1/4" Jack
2. AUX, RCA 6 -10dBV unbalanced
3. 2 x Internal Sennheiser wireless receiver / CD/MP3-Player
± 6 dB (200 Hz), ± 6 dB (2000 Hz), ± 6 dB (8 000 Hz)
REC OUT Cinch, unbalanced
1. 100-230 V, 50-60 Hz AC
2. Integrated maintenance-free rechargeable battery 12 V/7,2 Ah,
Quick-/Trickle-Charge circuitry integrated
Mechanical Specs
Caninet Surface
Baffle cover
Mounting points
Height x width x depth
Weight (without receivers)
Birch multiplex plywood, integrated handle
Black surface (RAL 9005)
Front grill with acoustic foam cover
1 x 8" cone driver, 1 x 1" dome-tweeter with horn
Integrated pole mount socket
45,1 x 26,6 x 32,3 cm (17 3/4 x 10 15/32 x 12 23/32")
Approx. 12 kg (26,5 lb)
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