Speech Computer Voices Word Completion Dictation Dictionary

Speech Computer Voices Word Completion Dictation Dictionary
Reading and Writing Support on a Mac
Did you know that the Mac Operating System 'OS X' has a range of built-in
tools to support reading and writing? Accessibility (in System Preferences)
includes tools such as Speech, Word Completion and Dictation, that can
help learners with literacy difficulties such as dyslexia.
With Speech (text-to-speech) you can select text and hear it read aloud.
To start Speech go to: System Preferences > Accessibility and select
‘Speech’ from the left panel.
Find out more on Speech: bit.ly/CALL-Text-to-Speech
Free Mac compatible text reader - NaturalReader:
Tip 1
Tip 1: Tick ‘Speak selected text when the key is pressed’ and create a shortcut key to read selected text.
Tip 2
Tip 2: Tick ‘Show Accessibility status in menu bar’ for quick access to all the accessibility tools.
Computer Voices
“Alex” is the default voice but many other high quality voices are available from Apple.
Click on the System Voice, then Customise to see what’s available. If you prefer
another computer voice, the Scottish Voices (Heather, Stuart and Ceitidh) are designed
specifically for Scottish schools, and are available from: bit.ly/The-Scottish-Voice
Word Completion
To help with vocabulary and word-building skills, OS X provides Word
Completion which works in Apps such as Pages, TextEdit and Keynote. To use Word Completion: open a word processor app such as Pages or
Keynote. Start typing a word. Press the F5 key to bring up a list of words.
Choose the word you want and press the Escape key to close the list (use
Speech to check you have chosen the correct word).
Dictation lets you talk to your Mac instead of typing.
If you are unsure about the meaning of a word you
can look it up using the Mac’s Dictionary. Highlight the
word you want to check and select ‘Look Up’ from the
drop down menu. Dictionary includes a Thesaurus.
Tip 3: Use ‘Open in Dictionary’
and choose ‘Speech’ to hear
the definition read aloud.
You can find
in: System
Preferences >
Select Dictation
from the left
panel (or press
the Function Key
Screen colour
The Mac OS X is limited if you need to change the background
colour of the desktop e.g. if you experience visual stress.
Screen Tint is a utility to help you change or tint the
background with seven colours to choose from.
Download Screen Tint from: bit.ly/screen-tint (£2.99).
Download this poster (and others) from: www.callscotland.org.uk/downloads/posters-and-leaflets/
Version 1, March 2017 CALL Scotland, The University of Edinburgh.
CALL Scotland is part funded by Scottish Government.
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