Fuck 0-days We Wil Pwn You with HW, mofos!

Fuck 0-days We Wil Pwn You with HW, mofos!
Fuck 0-days,
we will pwn u with
hardware mofos
MC & Yaniv Miron
Security 1337s in Fcon²Labs @ FortConsult
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Page 1
/ About MC
• Intercontinental man of mystery and
security consultant
• Performs security testing and
assessments on most continents
• Works in Fcon²Labs at FortConsult in
Copenhagen, Denmark
• From Peahi, Maui
• Used to rock the house on the ones and
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Page 2
/ About Yaniv Miron
• Yaniv Miron aka Lament
• Security Researcher and Consultant @
Fcon²Labs @ FortConsult @ Copenhagen,
• Found security vulnerabilities in IBM,
Oracle, Microsoft and Apache products as
in other products
• CISO Certified from the Technion (Israel
Institute of Technology)
• Certified Locksmith
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Page 3
/ About FortConsult
• Founded in 2002 by Ulf Munkedal
• Located @ Copenhagen, Denmark
• Fcon²Labs << doing cool stuff for real
• Go ahead - challenge us
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Page 4
• WTF?! is hardware hacking (dude, it’s
not moding…come on)
• Hardware hacking today
• Our hardware hacking tools
• Build your own hardware hacking toolkit
• 5 for real hardware hacking DEMOs – we
know Confidence does not like theoretical
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Page 5
Things to Know Ahead
• 0-day – well…
• pwn – check in the dictionary
• mofos – check in the dictionary
• 1+1=3 for high values of 1
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Page 6
Pimpin’ aint easy
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Page 7
Hacking ? Use Hardware
• OWASP Top 10? When was the last time
you have pwned something with it?
• Fast – go go go
• Unexpected and unchecked
• When was the last time somebody
bought a hacking test with hardware?
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Page 8
Hacking – Long Tail
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Props to ReL1k at trustedsec.com for the diagram
Page 9
How to Build Your Kit
•You need some $$$ - not much but…
•You need us to tell you what to buy
•You need a shipping address
•You need some learning time
•You need a lab to practice
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Page 10
• Apple's name for the IEEE 1394 High
Speed Serial Bus
• FireWire supports multiple hosts per bus,
plug and play and hot swapping
• FireWire versions >> 400 and 800
• Supports Direct-Memory-Access (DMA)
• FireWire can have communication in both
directions at the same time
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Page 11
FireWire – Security
• In SBP-2 (Serial Bus Protocol 2) used by
FireWire the controlling device sends a
request by remotely writing a command to
specified area of the target's FireWire
address space
• Mapping between FireWire "Physical
Memory Space" and device physical
memory is done in hardware
• No operating system intervention
• What could possibly go wrong ; )?
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Page 12
FireWire – Hardware
• FireWire / Thunderbolt / ExpressCard /
PCMCIA / interface on attack and victim
machine >> servers PCIe etc
• No native FireWire plug? >> add adapter
to expand PCIe bus and hotplug it
• Firewire cable to connect interfaces
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Page 13
FireWire – History
•Dornseif et al 2004 at various cons
•Metlstorm’s Winlockpwn – Ruxcon 2006,
Kiwicon 2008
• Unofficial tweaks and updates
• Linux Kernel 2.6.22 new Juju FireWire
• FTWAutopwn now called Inception
Phat props to @metlstorm (Adam Boileau) and @breaknenter (Carsten Maartmann-Moe)
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Page 14
FireWire – Software
• Inception tool
• Requires Linux with JuJu IEEE FireWire
stack e.g. Ubuntu 11 and later
• Python 3
• Libforensics1394
• Pwns WinXP SP2-3, Win7 SP0-1, Vista
SP0 SP2, Win 8 SP0, Mac OSX Snow
Leopard Lion Mountain Lion, Ubuntu 11.04
11.10 12.04 x86 and x64
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Page 15
FireWire – Pwnage
• Inception tool
• Patch victim memory to bypass password
• Dump victim memory (4Gb limit due to
FW 32-bit limitation)
• Pick pocket mode >> auto dump from
victims that connect to FireWire or
Thunderbolt daisychain
• This means typical corporate laptop with
Win7 Bitlocker full disk crypto is often
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Page 16
FireWire – Pwnage (cont.)
• Search pwned memory dump or hard
drive for credentials, keys, hashes etc
• Use volatility tool to carve valuable data
from memory dump to plan and execute
other attacks
• Use obtained data loot to penetrate other
systems e.g. move laterally into
organization and pwn systems the victim
had access
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Page 17
FireWire – Pwnage (cont.)
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Page 18
FireWire – Demo
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Page 19
FireWire – Recipe
• HW: FireWire PCMCIA / PCExpress card,
eBay or Amazon
• HW: Firewire cable (400/800) with
4/6/9 pole connector to connect attack
laptop to victim, eBay or Amazon
• SW: Linux with IEEE1394 Juju Stack
• SW: libforensics driver, Python 3
• SW: Inception
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Page 20
FireWire – Recipe (cont.)
• Find victim laptop and insert FW card
(PCMCIA/PCExpress) if there is no FW
• Connect Linux attack machine to victim
over FW and run inception to bypass login
• Rape and pillage hard drive >> login
credentials, emails, budgets, contracts etc
• If there is a pre-boot auth password wait
until the machine is booted and locked
with screen saver before attacking
• If login bypass fails, then dump memory
and rinse and repeat as above
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Page 21
• The Teensy is a complete USB-based
microcontroller development system, in a
implementing many types of projects. All
programming is done via the USB port. No
special programmer is needed, only a
standard "Mini-B" USB cable and a PC or
Macintosh with a USB port.
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Page 22
Teensy – What Is It ?
• A very fast keyboard in our case
• A cool hardware hacking device
• Our little friend when somebody turns
around for a sec…
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Page 23
Teensy – Software
• So we need the Teensy App
• And the Arduino 1.0.1
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Page 24
Teensy – Coding
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Page 25
Teensy – Coding (cont.)
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Taken from illwill @ http://www.nesit.org board
Page 26
Teensy – Coding (cont. 2)
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Page 27
Teensy – Coding (cont. 3)
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Page 28
Teensy – XP vs 7
• cmd vs rcmd
• This is like a human
keyboard…don’t do TYPOS
• But you know… Teensy will pwn them
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Page 29
Teensy – Hardware
• There are different teensy
• We are using Teensy 2.0
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Page 30
Teensy – Demo
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Page 31
Teensy – Recipe
• Buy it here:
• Install the loader application:
• (remember that the orange light should
blink at first use)
• Download the Arduino Software
• Code some cool stuff and upload it
• Attack!
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Page 32
• Many business use proximity cards to
control physical access
• Many such implementations use cards
that can be cloned
• If the implementation is not secure then
cloned cards can be used to gain physical
• Companies may have shiny expensive
prox card equipment but the security
features may be misconfigured or not
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Page 33
RFID (cont.)
• Most prox card use proprietary encoding
and data formats
• This talk >> Limited to Low Frequency
125KHz cards using Frequency Shift
Keying (FSK) technology
• Numerous vendors e.g. HID, Honeywell,
Keyscan and others offer such solutions
• These solutions are popular and often
implemented in corporate environments
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Page 34
RFID (cont. 2)
• Systems consists of tags, readers and a
backend control system
• Tags contain an antenna and a chip and
are usually passive
• Passive cards require the reader to
provide power for communication
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Page 35
RFID (cont. 3)
• One of the most popular commercial
solutions is HID ProxCard
• Still used despite security weaknesses
• Card stores a 44-bit value sent to the
backend via a reader to grant or deny
• Only 26-bits are used for authentication
• What could possibly go wrong ; ) ?
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Page 36
RFID – Pwn Time
• Reading a victim's prox card means the
attacker knows the 26-bits
• Roll your own or buy a reader
• Add battery pack to power reader for
• Maximize read range for maximum
• Most readers requires card to be within
3-4 inches >> GTFO, pedro!
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Page 37
RFID – Pwn Time
• HID Maxiprox 5375 long-range reader
• Reads ProxCards II at ~24 inches
powered with 12V
• Data is output through Wiegand interface
Props to Carl at proxclone.com for this awesome idea
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Page 38
RFID – Protocols
• Wiegand interface connects readers
(RFID and magstripe) to physical security
control backend control systems
• Wiegand has two data wires (Data0 and
Data1) and ground
• No data sent >> Data0 and Data1 is
pulled up to high voltage +5V
• Data sent >> one line is pulled to low
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Page 39
RFID – Protocols (cont.)
• Wiegand data format is 26 bits
• Facility code is 8 bits
• Card number (user ID) is 16 bits
• Parity bit leading and trailing
• Proprietary preamble bits (HID)
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Page 40
RFID – Mod Time
• Add Pro Micro 16Mhz 5V for decoding
Wiegand output from reader
• Add battery pack and SD card module to
save read prox card loot
• Upload code to Pro Micro to read
Wiegand output, decode to binary and
save to SD card
to colligomentis.com for Arduino code bits
Page 41
RFID - FrankenClone
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Page 42
RFID - Demo
• Our friends at airport security do not love
and cherish Frankenclone ...
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Page 43
RFID – Cloning
• FrankenClone read victim cards and the
26-bits required to authenticate to the
• We g0tz an SD card with facility and user
• T55x7 cards to the rescue
• Emulation of most 125Khz RFID tags
possible with T55x7 cards
• 100K+ rewrites after initial programming
•HID preamble bits can be added
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Page 44
RFID – Card Cloning
• Programming T55x7 cards with facility
and user IDs requires a writer
• Roll own or buy one
• Russian options include Keymaster Pro 4
and Proxy Key T5
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Page 45
RFID – Emulation
• Proxmark3 can emulate T55x7 cards
• More phun though is the possibility to
emulate cards and brute force code
• If a facility and user IDs is known then
trying nearby numbers is useful since
employees may have different physical
access rights.
Props to brad antoniewicz at foundstone for proxbrute
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Page 46
RFID – Recipe
• HW: HID Maxiprox, eBay
• HW: Pro Micro 5V 16Mhz,
• HW: SD card module,
• HW: Battery holder, eBay
• HW: Micro USB male connector, eBay
• HW: Wires, eBay
• HW: Rechargeable AA batteries, eBay
• SW: Base Arduino code – tweak it!,
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Page 47
RFID – Recipe (cont.)
• HW: Keymaster Pro RF 4, Google Russia
or Ukraine
• HW: Prox Key T5, Google Russia or
• HW: Proxmark3 eBay or
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Page 48
RFID – Recipe (cont. 2)
• Turn on FrankenClone and throw it in a
• Goto to a lunch area or elevator where
targets hangout and sweep for prox cards
• Use gathered facility and site codes to
clone prox cards with prox card writer and
T55x7 cards
• Take cloned cards and enter facility
• Alternatively use Proxmark3 to emulate
cards and bruteforce ranges to gain access
to additional areas
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Page 49
• What is a KeyLogger?
• Keystroke logging (more often called
keylogging or "keyloggers") is the
action of tracking (or logging) the
keys struck on a keyboard, typically
in a covert manner so that the person
using the keyboard is unaware that
their actions are being monitored.
There are numerous keylogging
methods, ranging from hardware and
-Thanks wikipedia
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Page 50
KeyLoggers - Past
• You need physical access
• You need to plug it to the keyboard
• Usually PS2 or USB
• Sometime the logs are hard to read
• You can’t see the mouse
• You can’t see virtual keyboard
• Software keyloggers
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Page 51
KeyLoggers - Future
• Instead of reading logs, I’ll just see what
you are doing
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Page 52
KeyLoggers - Screens
• Almost any screen could be monitored
• Very simple and easy
• We just need to plug the video and USB
connector and we are ready
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Page 53
KeyLoggers - InSide
• Anyone open their keyboard lately?
• Small things, but still we need space for
• Not that fast installation
• Without
• With
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Page 54
KeyLoggers – InSide
• We need some tools:
• Crimp Connector Housing: 0.1 inch
pitch 1x4
• Female Crimp Pins for 0.1" Housings
• Crimping Tool: 0.1-1.0 mm² Capacity,
16-28 AWG SN-28B
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Page 55
KeyLoggers – InSide
(cont. 2)
• This is an open keyboard with the
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Page 56
KeyLoggers - Serial
• Yes, there are also serial keyloggers
• Printers keyloggers
• Payment devices keyloggers
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Page 57
KeyLoggers - Demo
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Page 58
KeyLoggers - Recipe
• VideoGhost:
• https://www.keelog.com/hardware_
• Plug it between the screen and the
• Plug the USB from the cable to the
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Page 59
KeyLoggers - Recipe
• Keyboard – just a simple one with
enough space
• Open the keyboard
• User guide:
•B K S – the magic letters (change them!)
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Page 60
• Cracking WEP or WPA key >> boring
• Inverse war driving more fun
• Let victims connect and MITM them
• Works well, most people are cheapskates
and love free wifi
• Target rich areas are airports, hotels,
coffee shops and so on
• Also corporate environments that do not
offer wifi for private or guest use
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Page 61
PineApple – History
• 2004 Karma tool Shane Macaulay & Dino
Dai Zovi
• 2008 Karmetasploit HD Moore
• 2008 Jasager on OpenWRT Fon 2100
Robin Wood and Hak5
• Since then many upgrades, tweaks and
• Netbooks with Atheros or Prism54
chipset, Pineapple, Pwnphone etc
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Page 62
PineApple – History
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Page 63
PineApple Laptop Tools
• Laptop with Linux e.g. Ubuntu
• Wifi interface supporting monitor mode
and injection e.g. Atheros
• Aircrack-NG
• DHCP server
• Metasploit framework
• Database backend
• EEE900 with built-in Atheros and Linux
installed one option
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Page 64
PineApple – Standalone
• Alfa AP121U running OpenWRT flashed
with Pineapple mk4 firmware
• Nokia 900 with injection driver and
manually installed tools or Pwnphone
• Legacy – Fonera 2100 with Jasager
• Legacy – Alfa AP51 flashed with
Pineapple mk3
• Roll own using TPLink WR703N
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Page 65
PineApple – UnBricking
• Bricked routers or with no OpenWRT
need to be reflashed
• Always check the MD5 before flashing
• Acquire USB/serial to UART cable for low
level serial firmware flashing
• PL2303 or Silicon Labs CP210x chipset
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Page 66
PineApple – UnBricking
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Page 67
PineApple – UnBricking
(cont. 2)
• Disconnect power on router
• Remove two front rubber feet on bottom
of the router
• Remove two screws and open case
• Connect RX, TX and GND pins on router
to adapter (some cheapskate adapters
may have TX and RX labels flipped)
• Do not connect VDD use the router power
Pic from wifipineapple.com
• Follow steps described at
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Page 68
PineApple – Web Gui
Powerpoint Templates
Page 69
PineApple – Weaponized
Powerpoint Templates
Page 70
PineApple – Luvz Hak5
NOT !!!
• Haha Shannon, haha
Powerpoint Templates
Page 71
PineApple - Demo
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Page 72
PineApple - Recipe
• HW: Alfa Hornet AP121U w/ OpenWRT
• HW: USB to UART TTL adapter PL2303 or
CP210x chipset on eBay e.g.
• HW: Rechargable battery pack 12V e.g.
Astro3 Anker 10000mAh on Amazon
• SW: Wifipineapple.com
Powerpoint Templates
Page 73
PineApple – Recipe
• HW+SW: Alternatively get small
notebook with Atheros chipset e.g. Asus
EEE900 on eBay
• HW+SW: Alternatively get Nokia N900 on
eBay and load PwnPhone community
ity-downloads or install tools manually
with package manager
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Page 74
PineApple – Recipe
(cont. 2)
• Attach Pineapple to battery pack, add
USB storage and swap space
• Enable Karma mode, connect Pineapple
to Linux machine with Internet access
(wifi or 3G) and share it with Pineapple
• Run SSLstrip or make a nice phishing
page tailored for your main target or code
evil java script injection payload
• Goto an airport, hotel or coffee shop
where your targets hangout and free wifi
is scarce
• Rape and pillage target with MITM
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Page 75
To Wrap It All Up
• Hardware hacking is phun
• You don’t need to have tons of $$$ to use
• It gets simpler and simpler
• Build hardware tools and pwn stuff
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Page 76
# E [0] F #
Yaniv Miron aka Lament
ymt [at] fortconsult.net (work)
lament [at] ilhack.org (private)
mc [at] fortconsult.net (work)
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