Schlow Digital Library Brochure (eBooks and More)

Schlow Digital Library Brochure (eBooks and More)
(Nook Continued)
A box will open to ask if you want to save or
open. Choose Open (with Adobe Digital Editions). Connect your Nook to your computer
through USB. Click and drag your book to
where it says NOOK in the menu bar on the left
side of the screen. Books can be returned early
through Adobe Digital Editions.
Full Instructions at
Click “Getting Started”
icon and then “eBook Readers.” Choose your
specific Nook device from the list that appears.
There are two ways to read a book on the
computer, Adobe Digital Editions and
OverDrive Read.
Adobe Digital Editions
Follow the instructions for Nook, but rather
than transferring the book, open it inside Adobe
Digital Editions by clicking on the book. You
can read it right there.
OverDrive Read
This feature allows you
to checkout a book and open it in your browser
without using any other software. Go to and click on “eBOOKS &
MORE” then choose OverDrive. Once you
find a book, look at the available formats. If
OverDrive Read is listed, click the Borrow
button to checkout the book then go to your
Bookshelf. You will see a button next to it that
says OverDrive Read. Click on that to open the
book in your browser.
Full Instructions Here:
Using the OverDrive Website
Through your OverDrive app or browser you
will be directed to a website to find digital
items. Once there, use these instructions.
To access your account click this icon,
select your library and enter your library
card number.
Set your item lending period to 7,14, or 21
days by clicking on this this icon. Items
expire automatically so there are no late
fees and they can be renewed starting three days
before the expiration date.
Download Free eBooks
and eAudiobooks!
On Smartphones, Tablets,
Kindles, Nooks, and other
Search for a book by clicking this icon. In
your search results you can click the box
that says Show only titles with copies
available to see titles currently available for
The Bookshelf is where checked
out books are.
The Holds shelf is where your
items on request are.
Book and Audiobook Icons:
Powered By:
When looking at the cover of the books, a dark
colored open book/headphone icon in the right
top corner means it is available. When greyed
out, it is unavailable and you can request it.
Checkout: When you find a book hover over
the cover and click Borrow. Or click ‘more’ for
the full details of the book. Click Borrow on
that screen when you are ready. It is now on
your account. Click Place a Hold if the item is
checked out and you want to reserve it.
For full instructions on checkout and using
your account, watch the video titled “Digital
library website” at:
View Full Instructions at:
For Help:
Schlow’s Digital Library
You can access eBooks and eAudiobooks through
OverDrive on a computer, smart phone, or tablet
with internet. You must have a valid library card.
How you access, read, and return books depends
on which device you use. Read on for basic
instructions, plus links to full tutorials.
as shown
on iPad:
Your Kindle book should show up on your
Kindle once it is connected to a wireless
network. Kindle books are returned early by
signing in to your Amazon account, going to
Manage Your Content and Devices, and
choosing Return in the
‘Actions’ dropdown menu.
Smart Phones and Tablets
You can access our digital books using
the free OverDrive app, which is
available in most app stores. Once the
app is downloaded and installed open it and follow
these instructions. You will need to stay
connected to a wireless or cellular data network.
1. Follow the prompts to create an OverDrive
Account or sign up using Facebook. You can
download and sync books across devices with
this account. Users under 13 may choose to
sign in anonymously, but will not have an
OverDrive account or the features included.
Parents and guardians can make accounts for
those under 13.
2. Once the account is created swipe left or tap
the Menu button (circled in yellow) to access
the Add A Library option. Search for your
library and select it. Tap the star next to
‘Central PA Libraries’ to remember it. Click
the back arrow at the top left of the screen to
return to the menu. Central PA Libraries will
now be listed under My Libraries in the
menu bar.
Read about the next steps inside the app!
Open the app menu, tap on Help, and scroll
down to read the instructions titled “Borrowing
and Downloading Books.” Note: you can skip the
Add a Library step as it was completed in step 2
For Kindles that are not tablets, like the Paperwhite,
you check materials out online using a computer and
transfer them to your Kindle, either wirelessly or by
USB cable . You can also use a Kindle Reading App.
1. Go to and
click “eBOOKS & MORE”
in the menu bar at the top of the page. Choose
OverDrive from the list. Find a book by searching
or browsing. After finding a book, click Borrow.
This adds the book to your account. Click the
account icon or the “Go To Bookshelf” option to
download the book for offline reading. Next click
the Download button beside the book cover and
choose Kindle Book. Click Confirm &
Download. Note: You may request a title if it is
unavailable and you’ll receive an email when the
title is available.
2. Confirming the download will take you to your
Amazon account. If you are signed in to, choose where to have the book
delivered in the dropdown menu then click on Get
Library Book (circled in orange). If not signed in,
click Get Library Book, sign in, and then choose
Full Instructions at
Click “Getting Started” icon and then “Kindle.”
Choose your specific device from the list that
Nooks that are not tablets require users to
download software to a computer that will open
the book and move it to the Nook. If your
Nook is a tablet (Color, HD) use the Smart
Phone and Tablet instructions.
1. On a computer go to and follow
the Install software instructions to get set
2. Then go to and click
“eBOOKS & MORE” in the menu bar at
the top of the page. Choose
OverDrive from the list.
3. Once at the OverDrive website find a book to read and click Borrow.
This adds the book to your account. Click
the account icon or the “Go To Bookshelf”
option to download the book for offline
reading. Next click the Download button
beside the book cover choose EPUB. Then
click confirm and download.
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