Keypad - Securefast

Keypad - Securefast
APX-16 Waterproof IP65 Rated Keypad
The range supports pin only, card only or a
combination of pin and card operation with two
relay outputs, lock and alarm. The keypad accepts
a 125KHZ EM proximity card and uses two zones.
Zone 1 offers up to 1100 Pin & Card holders and
Zone 2 allows up to 100 Pin & Card holders.
The APX-16 design has a lock output of up to 2
amps and an alarm output of 20 amps, both relays
are normally open and closed settable. The
keypads accept both 12-24v ac and dc power
The unit is IP65 rated which means it can be
installed in the most extreme of environments as
the wiring has total protection against the ingress
of dust and the unit is protected against jets of
water. The strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated case also
offers a reasonable amount of protection against
The keys are back lit for easy visibility in low lit
areas such as porches, under canopies and in areas
with little or no street lighting.
The slim line keypad is just 58mm wide enabling it
to be fitted to most architraves and comes with a
two year warranty.
Features & Benefits
Two relays operation, lock and alarm
Pulse mode, Toggle mode
Zone 1: up to 1100 Pin & Card holders
Zone 2: up to 100 Pin & Card holders
Standalone keypad card reader
Pin length: 4-6 digits
Card type: 125KHZ EM card
Block enrolment, can enrol 1500 consecutive
cards within 10 seconds
Waterproof, conforms to IP65
Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case
1200 uses, supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN
Backlight keypad
12-24V AC/DC power input
58 mm
The APX-16 is a new generation multiple
input keypad offering a standard 4-6 digit
pin code with the option to include a
proximity reader for up to 1200 users with
the APX-16/PROX.
Issue 8 - 15/07/2015
APX-16 Waterproof IP65 Rated Keypad
Technical Information
Operating Voltage
12 – 24v AC/DC
User Capacity
1200 (1100 for Zone 1, 100 for Zone 2)
12 Keys, 2 x 6 digit
Card Type
EM 125 KHZ card
Card Reading Distance
3 – 6 cm
Active Current / Idle Current
<60mA / 25 ± 5mA
Lock Output Load
Max. 2A
Alarm Output Load
Max. 20A
Operating Temperature
-15ᵒ to 60ᵒC
Operating Humidity
5% to 95% RH
Conforms to IP65
Adjustable Door Relay Time
0 – 99 seconds
Adjustable Alarm Time
0 – 3 minutes
2 relays, NO, NC, COM
Wiring Connections
Electric Lock, Exit Button, DOTL, External Alarm
L135 x W58 x D25 mm
Net Weight
For further information contact:
Securefast plc
Unit 6 & 7
The Cedars Business Centre
Avon Road, Cannock
WS11 1QJ
Call> +44 (0) 1704 502801
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Issue 8 - 15/07/2015
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