USB to RS-232 Converter
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USB to RS-232 Converter
This quality USB to RS-232 converter
transparently connects serial devices to PC
applications via a USB port. It is perfect
for the user needing to connect to a serial
port-based peripheral from a laptop PC
with an available USB port but no serial
port. The adapter driver creates a virtual
serial port (using the next available COM
number). Applications connect to the
virtual COM port as if it were a standard
serial port. The USB-serial conversion is
completely transparent to the peripheral
•Flexible cable
•Premium quality
•Gold connectors
•Ergonomic molding for easy connection
•Foil and braid shielding to reduce EMI/RFI
•Designed for high-speed transmissions
•LED power and TX/RX indicators
•Mates with PC DB9 serial cables (such as our
D2-DSCBL PLC cable)
• 2 hex nuts included
•RS-232 standard
•Powered by the USB bus
•DB 9 male connector
•USB A male connector
•6ft (1.8) cable
•USB 2.0 compliant
•Plug and Play
Compatible with AutomationDirect’s:
• DirectLOGIC PLCs (DirectSOFT 3.0C build 80 and later versions)
•Optimate panels (OP-WINEDIT software)
•MDM-TEL industrial modem (Modem Wizard software)
Hardware Requirements:
•One available USB port
•If the RS232 port on your device is not a nine pin female, you will need
an additional adapter. USB-RS232 converter is a nine-pin male connector.
Operating Systems:
•Windows 10
•Windows 8.1–64-bit, 32-bit
•Windows 8–64-bit, 32-bit
•Windows 7–64-bit, 32-bit
•Windows XP
Note: If needed, drivers can be downloaded at
(choose USB-RS232 adapter driver)
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